a tired dog is a good dog

Sunday, February 18, 2007

So I go to buy some Amaryllis(no, not my Mommy--the flowers)......you would think this would get me treats and kisses, but nooooooooo......I'm told I'm very muddy, and unceremonially plopped into the bath .
this is a lesson I thought I was much too young to learn-----NO GOOD DEED GOES UNPUNISHED.....

Later that day, I lost another toothy, a big one, and got my icy cloth all bloody....some days you just shouldn't get up.......

Things improved a lot by dinner time, I was admired and fawned over , and told how wonderful I SMELLED, people are weird, it's hard to figure out how to please them.
Gotta run, and play now , hope you have a cozy Sunday,

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Cairo The Boxer said...

Hey Asta,

Trust me, you'll get used to bathing. The first couple baths are always a shock. I used to hate bathing but now I relish all the pampering I receive at bath time.