a tired dog is a good dog

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Some Gweat News

I wasn't going to post anything today,
Mommi was soopew busy wowking, and then she gots a howwible headaches, so we'we way behind and haven't visited any of you.
Fow that I apologize, but I just wead that Laska has been found..
I'm ovewjoyed aftew all the bad news of last week..it was wondewful to heaw something so Happy

SO........................ I asked Mommi to put up these pictoowes of a pawty they went to a few weeks ago acwoss the stweet at a fwiends house..

This is the cutie who lives thewe wif hew Mom

hew name is Leena
I see hew at my wun often..she's bootiful and I thought featoowing hew was appwopwiate today

some of my favowites (I wasn't thewe..but I got some anyway, heheheh)

hew apawtment is acwoss the stweet fwom me

she's always smiling
once you go inside, you feel like you'we in the Fwench countwieside
isn't she lovely?
she even has a backyawd
I think she knows she's lucky and is loved lots
Mommi scwitchied hew lots
This is the kind of life I wish fow Laska!
Thank dog the powewe of the Paw and ouw pawsitive vibes wowked

I'll twy to come wound to visit vewy soon
I love you all
smoochie kisses

Friday, June 26, 2009

Twying to be cheewful

Today , we ackshually had no wain..amazing, hehehe, so Daddi took me to the wun to help me cheew up

Hewe I am sticking out my tongue fow my fwiends the Wocky Cweek Scotties! They awe having a contest so make suwe you go visit them!

a little bit, then a lot, hehehehe

I played wif my spoomoni fwiend

and then gave kisses all awound

when I got home..my pawents told me I had to stay by myself cause they wewe joining fwiends fow a walk on the High Line again
(dwat that place..they don't allow doggies)

I gwabbed my twusty Owangutan

we westled ..he's a fewoshus opponent

he pinned me down uncewemoniously

eventooally, I got tiwed and felled asneep

The hoomans walked at sunset and hewe awe some mowe pictoowes of that place

Click to play this Smilebox photobook: High Line at sunset
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aftewawds, they all gathewed on ouw woof (again no doggies allowewd..GWWWWWWWW!)
and had a pizza and wally melon pawty till 1:00AM..one of ouw fwiends is moving out of the building..all the way to Queens..we'we going to miss them. (They have a dawling doggie named Seamus along wif thwee hooman pups..ouw building is getting way too expensive fow nowmal peoples.
We can stay only because we've been thewe so long and we awe stabilized.)

I had fun, but all my fwiends in need of pwayews and love and pawsitive thoughts wewe on my mind, and still awe.
I'm pwaying fow miwacles.

smoochie kisses

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sad days

I was going to do a diffewent post, but I'm too sad tonight.
Thewe awe too many of ouw fuwwfwiends and hoomans who awe huwting, ow lost .
We have to use all of ouw paw powew to help them.
At the vewy least, we can tell them we cawe and they awe in ouw thoughts.
Ouw bootiful fwiend Dakota had to leave us and cwoss the wainbow bwidge today,

and her family need your love and support now.

Bear is in dangew and needs to come home to his mommy, JB and Chester.

Laska is lost and needs to be found so that he can go home.

(ouw fwiend Deetz has a good (idea how to help missing doggies...go to his bloggie and see if you can do something to make it happen)

Huskee & Hershey's mom needs our paw power and support also. She is hospital and may again lose hew baby again.

This is just tewwible..they weally need ouw pwayews pleez! please send healing vibes to them.

thank you sweet fwiends
smoochie kisses

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Baby Wheeley Wescoo

It all stawted in a bootiful delivewy woom at Snitchybug hospital. A dastawdly Wheeleynapping.
It was only a few days ago, but it seems like fuwwevew to a wowwied Dad and a distwaught Mommi..theiwy baby boy was wheeleynapped befowe they even saw him and then came a fwightening note :

After that eerie ransom note, there is no doubt that this was a malicious act, and not a simple misguided stork delivery.

We awe extwemely fowtoonate that we have some of the bestest fwiends anyone could ask fow..the lettews of love and concewn wewe too noomewous to count, but hewe is a sampling and an update on what was being done:

"Sweetpea Astaroni! I am shocked and sad! I am at your service.

Whatever I can do to help,

Stella and I will do whatever we can. What's been done so far? Do we need to get Joe Stains, Private Eye, on the case? Have you ever seen the Mel Gibson movie, "Ransom?" I'm seriously thinking of doing what he did in that movie. Since he had all the money he needed he decided not to pay the ransom but to put a bounty on the heads of the kidnappers saying he'd pay anyone who brought them in dead or alive. He would only call of the bounty hunters if his son was returned to him unharmed within a certain period of time. What do you think? Should we be this bold and go this route? I'll trust your instincts on this (after you consult with Myrna and Gilbert). Just let me know. I'm going to help bankroll Joe Stains while he's on the case. I also offered to supply him steaming piles of poo if he needs any to send to different folks who are involved."

All my Goober love & smooches to you, Myrna, Gilbert, Grandmommi & Grandaddi, Your Stanley

Detective Joe Stains immediately donned his twench coat and got busy investigating. I quote: "I am hard at work trying to find that wheely baby. "

Jake and Fewgie who awe on vacation wewe tewwowized by the sight of this biwd,

"We saw one of those dastardly birds (but no baby wheelie) on our walk tonight. We've got mug shots of him. A profile. And one in flight.That big scary bird that came flying out from under the bridge last night scared us. A lot. And then you said they are armed and dangerous. We're too afraid to walk over that bridge tonight, cuz we waited too long and it's dark now. You might want to tell H.C. Bird that he might get more information from the birds up in north Florida. He knows PCB, I think. That's where we saw the dastardly thing. We'll be glad when this is all over with and everyone is safe and not scared anymore. In the meantime, ice cream might help."

and my BFF Lacie who has done the ultimate to twy to find my Nephew "I've been busy under the covers with TMBTC...(too many birds to count)...honestly I had no idea I was allergic to feathers...and their choice of entrees at the best restaurants leaves loads to be desired...I just don't do raw fish and worms....this is truly a sacrifice...talk to ya soonest my sweet girlie..."
"Asta...I've so been sacrificing my body to find the baby.... I've been under the covers all weekend and finally plucked the feathers of the dismal creatures to see if they'd hidden Baby under them.... It's a thankless job...." Laciegirliebird

Jake and Just Hawwy
even spent pawt of theiw fathew's day looking

and theiw wheeley countewpawts

Professor Jacques Maigret and Inspector Justin Herkimer Clouseau awe currently off helping H.C. Bird look for the stolen wheelie baby). We've been getting reports from H.C. Bird. A Wondewful fwiend and in NO WAY involved in this dastawdly deed!
He has flown up to Central Florida to see if he can learn anything there around the lakes where some of the other long-legged water birds like to roost and gossip.

Penny ,Poppy and Patches
"We'll stay on the look-out in case that evil birdie flies over Georgia with Myrna's baby! If he drops the baby in our back yard, we will make sure he gets home safely!"

fwom New Zealand
i am searching the skys for you down here in the pacific...

The fouw Bs volunteewed theiw Jaspew Beetle biwd, who they say can be vewy cwanky and she could give those big biwds a bite that would make them cwy and welease the baby
Rocky, Tula,Khyra Mango the maltese kiddo,Lorenza, Koobuss, Hershey and Kaci who put Bosco on alewt to look fow Mywna's baby, the Rocky Cweek Scotties suggested contacting CCSI.
Mango welentlessly hooge said if he sees the baby dwopped in his yawd he's let me know. ( I guess he's not willing to move about too much, hehehehe)
Agatha and Awchie, Martha and Bailey , Bustew,Ms Pewsephone and Ms Blue have theiw shawp eyes peeled fow flying wheelies.
Gus Louie and Callie suggested we call the dog police..but that's just too dangewous
Pughy the bootiful kitty fwom acwoss the pond voluteewed as did Socks ,Scylla and Chawybdis and theiw woffie bwuvvew Fenris, Daisy the cuwly cat, all five of the Taylow catsssss, and all Tazo and all the fuwwy kids
Rosie Mawie my dawling puggie fwiend suggested we put out and Ambew Alewt

Well my Fwiends, I have faboolous NEWS

aftew all this wowk was compiled and coowdinated, theiw hideout was discovewed.. HC Biwd flew ovew it and dwew us a map

now this is in no way implicating all blue Hewons..these guys wewe two bad seeds.............
the Hewon and the Kingfishew fwom Butchy and Snickew's pond wewe the pawpetwatows

They've been angwy because Butchy and Snickers wewe doing such a tewwific job guawding the Koi, that they decided to kidnap Mywna's baby boy .

Joe Stains, made contact wif the dastawdly duo and awwanged to pay them the wansom.
( the pawpetwatows wanted a bag of Koi...)

instead they got a hooge bag of steaming poop and a piece of Stanley's mind on evew twying something like this again

while the biwds wewe busy wif the supposed wansom exchange, the wescooews wewe aweady closing in on the hideout

Butchy and Scwuffy wewe fiwst to weach the twee and see the baby

then Just Hawwy and Joey managed to get close enuff to gwab him

Awchie almost fainted as he cawwied the twembling baby boy wheeley to safety

Mywna and Gilbert have asked me to thank all of you fow youw help..we couldn't have done it wifout any of you.

The Kwoonsky-Kweit family awe snuggling togethew safely at home, and will send pictoowes soon.

Fow now, they would like a little time alone.

smoochie kisses

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Daddi Day

Happy Daddi Day
Personalized Glitter Graphics


I took him to ouw local "Gweesey Spoon" (it fit my budget , plus it's cool) fow Fwench Toast and Snausages

natoowally, I volunteewed to help taste evewything so I'd be suwe it was up to snuff, hehehehe

I thoughwoughly appwoved!

I checked to see if mommi had any food

yep.. bagel, cweem cheese, and pink fishes called lox (weiwd name huh???)

I'll be happy to help you too Mommi

honest, it's no pwoblem, I'm always happy to help.

THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

smoochie kisses