a tired dog is a good dog

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Keeping Jackson Entewtained

Ouw deaw Jackson is feeling bowed and sluggish, and he's not well yet,
he's not allowed to get up and wun awound and play..
we'we vewy concewned about him, and want to cheew him up...

Lacie and I got all dolled up..we figoowed ouw oonifowms wewe pwetty bowing..but nuwse Agatha did not think we wewe being pwopew.....sheeesh..she's taking things too sewiously

so we thought we would show one of all ouw favowite films fow Jackson..we know he loves Silent Witness (one of the Poirot episodes), stawwing Bob the fox tewwiew..but we couldn't get a hold of a good pwint..
of couwse we all love the Thin Man films..so that's what we chose,
and dweamt of being notty tewwiews (like ouw hewo Asta in the films)
we hope Jackson will be just as wambunctious soon again
Pleese keep cwossing youw paws fow him..
smoochie kisses
and now fow youw entewtianment pleasuwe..these awe what we saw, hehehe

Friday, August 29, 2008

a sad day

I'm vewy sad to say goodbye to pwecious little T-man, whose little heawt gave out aftew undewgoing suwgewy..my pwayews and condolences go to his family, who awe in shock ovew his sudden passing ovew the wainbow. You'll be missed my little fwiend! We'll meet again someday ovew the wainbow.
smoochie kisses a sad sad Asta
We still need to cwoss ouw paws fow Jackson ..

he's having a hawd time wif his wecovewy, he has to go fow mowe testses tuesday..cwoss youw paws pleez!..and wish on ouw dogstaw!!

and don't fowget about Gussie who is still convalescing aftew his suwgewy ..Pleez get well my fwiends!!!!
I love you so much!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

AireRuby 1 Year Cel-blogation - 08.27.2008

Hehehehe..don't wowwy.. the wheeleys awe taking pawt in Ruby's Cel-blogation..WOOT!!!!!!!
This is my good fwiend Ruby, who is celebwating one yeaw of Aiw Ruby..flying us thwoughout the wowld in comfowt and gweat style.(.thewe awe nooo cut backs ow measoowes to save money..only evewything to make ouw flights a delight) ..to pawties, adventoowes, and emewgency help fow fuwwfwiends ! THANK YOU AIR RUBY!!!!!!!! CONGWATULATIONS!!!

I was able to snap some pictoowes of the pawt of the celebwatowy wound the wowld flight

(pleez biggify the pictoowes by clicking on them to see evewyone)

Aiw Ruby awwiving in NYC , flying past the Chwyslew building..
still my family's favowite aftew all these yeaws

inside the plane the pawty was out of contwol, heheheheheh
on boawd in these pictoowes Appwoximately fwom top..left to wight in wows)

Stella, Jake and Just Harry, Lady Kaos, Bruin, Stanley of Gooberstan, babyStan
Lacie, Asta, Tia, Petey, Sitka ,Cornelia Marie, Eric, Snickers, Butchy, Moco, Happy, Petra
Flash, Cassidy, Simba, Harry, Scruffy, Gus the blue healer, Louis, Callie, Becket, Ike, AmberMae, and Peanut

fuwthew in the cabin, not to be outdone, the wheelies pawtied wif gweat abandon
those pwesent awe:Cyril ovewlooking his notty childwen Blossom and Gertie westling wif Digby, theiw Mom Roxy in hat, TripTrap, Tam and Nigel
above them fwom left to wight awe:
Myrna, her twin Max, hew lovepup Gilbert, Dr.Pierre and Josephine

Some of the pups got off the plane fow some sightseeing in NYC..and climbed up the Chwyslew Building to get a bettew view
on the left, fwom top to bottom:The Bawkalots Boyz,Jake and Just Harry , Stanley of Gooberstan, Petey, babyStan and Petra

on the wight top to bottom
:Snickers, Butchy, Asta Lacie, Ike and Cornelia Marie, Happy, Bruin, Peanut, Scruffy
some went to the obsewvation deck of the Empiwe State Building
Lacie,Jake andJust Harry(weawing theiw pawtastic Pawlimpics shiwts), babyStan, and Scruffy

Tia, Peanut, Becket, Sitka, Louis,Cornelia Marie,Flash, and Gus

we left NY aftew dawk..the pawty continoos...the city spawkled undew us as we thwew some stweamews
the next time I was able to get pictoowes was when we winged ouw way to Malaysia

in Selangor, we went to look at some bootiful watewfalls..and stwetched ouw legs

at the watewfall:
Snickers, Flash, Butchy, Stanley, Sitka, Stella on the bwidge, Tia dwinking fwom a glass on the uppew wight, and Callie, Gus and Louis womping in the watew

posing awe
AmberMae, Harry, Eric, Cassidy, Petey, Lady Kaos, Butchy, Simba, Asta, Moco in fwont of Lady Kaos Scruffy, babyStan jumping in the watew, wif Lacie looking on wondewing weathew to join them ow not
sadly we left Bootiful Malaysia..again weleasing balloons , confetti and stweamews

I want to give this souveneew of the empiwe state building to all those who pawticipated

Thank you captain Ruby..may youw plane take us on many mowe adventoowes ovew the yeaws!!

smoochie kisses

Gussie's suwgewy to wemove Wodney


The west of the nuwsies awe commuting between England and Mayemphiss..do not wowwy
all patients awe getting excellent cawe!
Jackson is amboolatowy, and Gussie will be wetuwning home soon.

continoo to cwoss youw paws fow evewyone pleez!
smoochie kisses nuwse ASTA and team

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Conquewing the Hooge Ball

Hi Evewyone..hope you had a gweat weekend..I was vewy busy.....having fun, hehehehehe
I was also honowed again...............

Today My Sweet fwiend Lenny notified me that the judges awawded me anothew silvew medal in the DWB Pawlimpic Games...this time in the Stick categowy! I am honowed and gwateful and salute all my fellow pawlimpians!!

btw..if you haven't voted fow the people's choice awawds yet..it's getting to be the end..huwwy up!!!!!!
it was gweat to see all the competitows and all the faboolous achievements!!!!

I had a battle wif a giant ball at the wun this weekend
It was befowe the west of my fwiends got thewe...I was alone wif Daddi
I spotted this hooge Ball
Daddi said it was too big fow me and I wouldn't be able to get it in my mouf

heheheheh..that's all you have to say to a tewwiew..you can't do that???hehehehehehehehehehe

Wanna bet???...thewe awe ways (like punctoowe it and make it smallew)
then you pick it up

Friday, August 22, 2008


On Toosday( I know I'm behind), We wewe getting some vewy special visitows

Mommi twied to wait in a welaxed position , so she wouldn't have anothew hot flash, heheheh, and said she had to weaw hew sunglasses , cause she had such big bags undew hew eyes

I was vewy patient and good..I even had a baf fow the occasion

They finally got hewe...auntie Deb and Sloane..they belong to my good fwiends the Taylor Catsssss
Sloane is stawting at NYU..she is supew smawt and got a hooge scholawship(who knew young smawt hoomans could be this adowable and fun and sweet)
I was so happy to meet them, I was making the wounds kissing evewyone

auntie Deb played ball wif me

Sloane and I discussed life fow young ladies in the big city, hehehehe
then kissed some mowe
and got tickled, hehehehehehehehe

when Daddi came home, he took me to the wun, and meantime Mommi took Auntie Deb and Sloane fow a mini touw of ouw neighbowhood..this is acwoss the stweet fwom us..the Hudson wivew watewfwont

then we all met up again fow some mowe sightseeing in the meatpacking distwict next to my house

Mommi walked me

it was the most pawfectest weathew..sun, bweeze, about 72..faboolous

Daddi walked me
we posed fow pictoowes in the little piazza a block fwom my house
They invited us to dinnew and wanted to go to a place whewe I could be included...PASTIS natoowally..on such a pawfect night sitting out thewe is wondewful
Sloane got hew dawk chocolate cake on hew awm, hehehehe

may I lick it pleez???
awww it's just a tiny bit of chocolate...but theywouldn't give me any..I did howevew get some fwench fwies and faboolous bwead
waving bye to all my fans who came by while I was sitting outside to get kisses fwom me

time to say goodnight and go home..I was pwetty sneepy by then
and hewe's a pictoowe of the bootiful new NYC Giwl..we just loved hew and hew Mom..thank you so much fow visiting us!
smoochie kisses