a tired dog is a good dog

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

almose Wowdless Wheeley Wednesday

Gilbert and Myrna and the kids spent a lovely weekend at their house in the Burgh, there was lots of playing and kissing
The kids snuck into their parents bedroom in the morning and woke them and begged to get under the covers for a family cuddle session

the Kwoonsky -Kweit family all together

Myrna and Romy had to go see to things in Manhattan and there were tears at parting

It's always sad to have to say goodbye, even if it's for a little while

wheeley smoochies the Kroonsky-Kreit family


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Biwfday weekend

It seems like only yestewday that I moved to New Yawk

I had to get used to an apawtment in a bulding wif an elevatow instead of the Nowf Cawolina backyawd i had known

I leawned about bagging my fiwst fox, and what to do wif stuffies (I became a vewy good suwgeon in no time)

Since then my life has been beyond wondewful!

this yeaw , I tuwned thwee..the time has flown , and so much has happened in my life

the most
wondewful thing is that I have been pawt of dogs wif blogs and have made the most wondewful fwiends in the oonivewse

tweasoowe all of you and can't begin to explain how much it means to me to have you in my life

I weceived Pee mail, e cawds, moosical numbews, cawds in the mail, and boxes of giftses

This is a pawtial view of all the wondewful gifts i weceived

I'm ovewwhelmed by youw genewosity and love.

I thank you wif all my heawt.
You awe the best , and most loving ,genewous gwoup anyone could evew have.

I weceived so many incwedibly nice pwesents..toys and tweats.
Mommi says it's too much and will only give me a few (one at a time) and I think I will donate some of them to some doggies who awe in sheltews neaw me so they can enjoy all youw genewosity too.

So many of you also made me ex static wif donations to doggies who don't have the wawm homes and love that we have. I hope mommi wemembewed to thank you all individooally!!!!!!!!

Jake and Fewgi helped so much by dwawing attention to my wishes
Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!
You all make my heawt sing!!!!!!!

Hewe I am, age thwee, weawing my new Pawisian biwfday collaw fwom
Ewic my dawling fwiend ovew the big pee, and a necklace fwom Gussie that he designed and made himself ( I heawd that he may be contempalting a new caweew in design)

to continoo the celebwations aftew all my pawtying wif my fwinds, I got a vewy special visit

can you guess who's awm is giving me scwitchies?

hewe is a hint:
a twoo expawt in scwitchies wif yeaws of pwactice wif one of my favowite fwiendses, Miss Snickew's twoo love and evewyone's best pal.....GUSSSIE

YES, MUZZEW was hewe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fow a whole two days!!!!!

Muzzew knows how to tweat us..believe me, she's an expawt!

my Bwuvvew Duffy came ovew when he heawd she was in town..he bwought me steak fwites tweats fow my Biwfday and a donation to Fox tewwiew wescoo, so I decided he desewved a shawe in the tweats given by ouw guest

Muzzew twied to teach us how to take tweats fwom hew sweet lipses, but we wewe clooless
(I think Gussie and Teka awe much mowe talented)

latew when the hoomans thought I had depawted fow Ioway wif Butchy fow a mud westling pawty, they all went out fow dinnew, heheheh
Gussie and i suwe suwpwised them.
We non chalantly showed up at the westauwant, befowe heading out west, hehehehe

aftew dinnew, Gussie and I wewe picked up by Butchy and left fow a faboolous woll in the mud
Miss Snickers has not been feeling well at all, weacting howwibly to hew medication fow hew seezoowes..pleez stop and visit hew.

I found this pictoowe of Daddi, The Pwofessow, and Muzzew on mommi's camewa fwom aftew theiw dinnew..I hope they had as good a time, as I did wif my fwiends.
We loved meeting muzzew and meeting hew and having hew stay in ouw house.
Gussie is a lucky guy. she is a sweetie pie and so is his Dad (he ony got to come fow dinnew cause he's a big impawtant pwofessow and had to wowk in NewJoisey while we wewe having fun)

Thank you again and again fow making my biwfday pawfect!

Pleez fowgive me if mommi 's fowgetfullness left any of you out in my thanks.

smoochie kisses fwom a big thwee yeaw old giwl

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Pawfect Biwfday..I'm Thwee

The Magic bus landed and my blindfold was taken off, and instead of a quiet aftewnoon wif my sissie Sassy, the whole gang was thewe

"Are you really going to be surprised! Who would have thought we would end up here.
There is always a method to our madness or a madness to our method." Karl

photo by Karl

Madness is wight, hehehehe I haven't seen times Squawe this cwazy since NewYeaw's Eve The naked cowboy sewenaded us while giant pictoowes couwtesy of Kawl sowwounded me on evewy billboawd in times Squawe fwom thewe we headed back to my apartment to change out of ouw togas.

photo by Karl
thewe wewe balloos and vintage champagne, and boxes of pwesents to be opened

photo by Karl

A cawwiage picked us up and took us all the way to Centwal Pawk..Karl somehow convinced the dwivew to let me wide the howsie..What fun!!!!

photo by Sassy
then, they had our carriage driver take us to Rockefeller Center for more surprises for me, a giant birthday cake with the love of my life jumping out of it.

photo by Sassy
My fwiends tweated me to a Bwoadway play and if that isn't enough, somehow Sassy awwanged fow me to join the cast , and be given the lead fow the pawfowmance
I was newvous ,but had the bestest time pwetending to be Wicked, heheheh
the whole gang watched ,told me they wewe pwoud of my pawfowmance and clapped theiw pawfect paws fow me.

photo by Sassy

After the days excitement and partying we headed to the pawk and watched as the sky writer, a present from Sassy, flew overhead. Then we all had a cat nap, doggies included.

and befowe my cat fwiends left,they left pawty favows fow evewyoe who comes to my biwfday

Please take one as a wemembewance of this tewwific day and wemembew to visit Karl and Sassy

photo by Karl

Was Asta dreaming????????
My gift fwom my fwiend Sassy and Karl wewe these faboolous photogwaphs of ouw magical time togethew
I can't thank you enough ..you wawm my heawt and make me feel so vewy lucky to have you in my life

I was totally pooped aftew all that and went home fow a nap, but befowe falling asneep, the phone wang and it was my sweet sweet sissie Fewgi on the phone

she was wishing me a Happy Biwfday and we had a looong wondewful talk about impawtant things in life (isn't she bootiful wif hew pink telephone?)
she wecowded the whole convewsation and you can see it on hew Bloggie (bwuvvew Jake slept thwough most of it..he was heawd mumbling .."giwls suwe talk a lot...."

When I awoke , guess who was waiting fow me wif yet anothew pawty
my BFF Lacie
she had a special owange Biwfday Cake made fow me(which appeawantly she couldn't wait to taste, hehehe..she'll nevew change, and i wouldn't want hew to)

photo by Lacie

My pawents took me to Pastis and I saw that the whole place had been wented out..I wanted Daddi to let me go in and join my fwiends

I weceived tewwificly gowgeous cawds and giftses fwom so many fwiends..
I want to tell you and show you all about it..pwobably sunday ow monday

meanwhile I'm flying to Butchy and Snickew's house wif Gussie while his Muzzew is hewe visiting Mommi and Daddi, so pleez be patient wif me if I don't come to visit ow answew you.

Last but not least,I would like to send my love and biwfday wishes to my twin Nicky in Nowf Cawolina..I love you twinny

I love you all and thank you fow being my fwiends
smoochie kisses

a Kidnapping (sowt of)

I've been having the best time pawtying wif my fwiends in Wome.
Celebwating Opus' Biwfday.

It was gweat to see some of my Doggie fwiends showing up too. Those that didn't come, missed out on some faboolous eatables and fun. It was a gweat pawty.

Mommi has been soopew busy and didn't have time to pan anything fow my upcoming biwfday,so my sissie Sassy cat said why don't we just have a quiet time togethew..just the two of us. I was touched by hew sweet offew and happily agweed

Mommi weceived this lettew fwom hew wif photogwaphs:
Dear Asta's mom this is for your eyes only. Do not let Asta see as this is a surprise. You see Asta thinks that I am taking her out for her birthday, just the two of us. Well I am taking her out but forgot to mention that there is no such thing as just the two of anything when involving the gang. The photos will explain all.

photo by Sassy

#1 photo - After Opus's party I approach Asta to take her out for her birthday. Unknown to her the MFV is awaiting with all ready to go to a secret location.
I was blidfolded by sassy and told she had a suwpwise fow me..hmmmmmm..wondew what's going on?
photo by Sassy

"Here is the one of us leaving Rome for the suprise destination to celebrate Asta's birthday.
We took one more fly over to glance down at the beautiful Coliseum. Poor Asta didn't realize that she was facing the wrong way as she is blind folded."

"Please make sure those vinos are well secured. We'll need them when we get to NY!!!"

so deaw Fwiends..I have no idea whewe I'll be fow my biwfday, whewevew it is I'm suwe I'll have fun cause I'll be wif fwiends

smoochie kisses

Monday, September 21, 2009

Suwpwise Pawty fow Opus

invitation by Karl

I bet you thought I was going to be home catching up on my sneep aftew my adventoowes in Afwika

It's my dawling fwiend Opus' Biwfday and his sissie Olive came to pick me up in theiw magic flying bus (while he was asneep) to attend his suwpwise pawty in Wome along wif the gang

photo by Olive

Some of you may wecall that I was lucky enuff to go to Wome wif my pawents two yeaws ago whewe I met Opus and his bwuvvew Woscoe and theiw pawents.

Sadly last yeaw deaw Woscoe cwossed ovew the wainbow bwidge , and Opus has been vewy sad evew since.
The awwival of his bootiful sissie Olive has helped, but we, his bestest fwiends decided he needed a special twiboote to cheew him up.
His sissie Olive has owganised a suwpwise pawty fow him fow his combined biwfday and Blogovewsawy
He is a well known histowy buff, and, well ,he lives in Italy, so what bettew place to celebwate his Biwfday than the coloseum in Wome.

photo by Olive

the gang:
top left to wight: Ruis, Sassy,Asta,
bottom left to wight: Karl, Opus,Olive,and Momo

you might know these deaw fwiends of mine fwom the many adventoowes we've had ovew the yeaws and because of ouw CCSI episodes

photo by Asta
we stawted by having a twiumphal mawch fow Opus.. the locals thwew flowew petals at his feets and gave him a Corona Triumphalis to weaw on his head

photo by Sassy
as he mawched into the coloseum we waited wif a custom made Biwfday cake..I think he loved it

photo by Asta
thewe was a moment of silence and a few teaws as Opus wemembewed his bwuvvew Woscoe and the last time that the thwee of us wewe togethew in Wome

we had to lighten the mood, and Kawl suggested chawiot waces

photo by Karl
Ollie being somewhat lazy aftew all the wine and cake, decided to take a nap in the middle of ouw couwse..sheesh needless to say, Opus won

photo by Asta

aftew that exewtion, it was time fow mowe feasting (these Womans suwe know how to pawty)

Photo by Sassy
Ollie,Momo, Asta and Sassy had a little pwivate giwly gossip time by the chocolate fountain that Sassy had flown in fow the occasion..It was beyond wowds good

photo by Sassy
the boys had mowe mundane tastes, hehehehe

Pleez all of you come help us celebwate. We can't have him be sad on his Biwfday!

Olive will be will be hosting this surprise party for Opus all day today. Two parties will be rolled up into one as it is the celebration of Opus's birthday and his blogoversary.

see you all there!!
smoochie kisses