a tired dog is a good dog

Monday, April 28, 2008

waiting fow fwiendz

All my fwiends have come and made such nice comments to cheew me up...THANK YOU!!!!!
I weally was in the saddest mood, but I would miss evewyone sooo much if I just gave up. I guess I just have to do the best I can, whenevew Mommi feels well enough to help me...I pwobably can't do as much as I'd like, but as evewyone pointed out, we all have the same pwoblem...so I'm going to keep twying. You awe all wondewful FWIENDZ!!!!!!

My Sissy Momo and My Italian fwiends Opus and Roscoe wewe home alone, theiw pawents had to go away, so they went to visit my sissy Sassy ovew the weekend, but then I said they could all come hewe, and Karl and Ruis joined them....
I wanted them to feel welcome..I don't have any gweat plans, cause Mommi is such a weck, but I hope we have a good time anyway just being togethew.

I went to buy flowews to make the house pwettiew,

and then when I got home, I settled in the window to look fow them
finally I spotted theiw flying bus coming towawds my house,but it's still pwetty faw away

look thewe it is...I hope they find my house
Hey I'm ovew hewe!!!!!!!!!!

Meanwhile it 's stawting to get dawk...I hope they can land

Photo by Sassy

they suwe awe bwave to come ovew all those tall buildings

( Ruiz, Sassy siss,Karl, Opus ,Asta,Roscoe, and Momo sissy)
photo by Asta
they made it safely, whew..
aftew a little chasy game,
we all got into ouw jammies to have cookies and milk and talk and play and have a welaxing evening at home
( I guess Mommi and Daddi will have to sneep on the sofa in the living woom heheheh)

I GIve Up...!!!!!

I should be happy and thwilled..this was the weekend of the second annual DWB chat pawty...I met new fwiends, I chatted wif old ones..all should be happiness and joy....BUT

I missed Maya and Kena'sPawty....

That's wight..
the pawty I was inviting evewyone to last fwiday

you would think I would wemembew to go, but I think my Mommi's bwains have showt ciwcuited...she can't keep twack of weal pawties, bloog pawties, hooman pawties, viwtooal pawties...and we messed up big time!!!

I am now sooo depwessed, that I just don't want to go on...I went to check today..I thought the pawty was going to be tomowwwow...but it was satuwday...evewyone was thewe(Maya and Kena wewe nice enough to put a pictoowe of me in the gwoup photo...but I didn't bwing the food, dwink and pwesents I wanted to, and how can you miss one of youw bestest fwiends fiwst Birfdays????)
It's all too much
I give Up...I wesign fwom twying to keep up.....
No mattew what I do, I leave someone out and huwt feelings...so I'm simply not going anywhewe anymowe, and will just stay cuwled up on my chaiw and sneep and hide fwom the wowld.

I apologise and beg all my fwiendses fowgiveness...maybe when Mommi gets bettew, We can twy again, but wight now we'we bof just cwying, and can't do this anymowe..This was Kena wif hew suwpwise box fwom Maya
This was the gwoup jumping out to suwpwise hew
good fwiends bwought food
and dwinks
and a gweat time was had by all
Kena danced the night away
ate hew Daddi's home made ice cweam
and was given a gwand biwfday cake!!
Happy Late Birfday!!!!!!!!Wahhhhhhhhhhhhh...I'm so sowwy to be a wotten fwiend

bye evewyone
I can't face this anymowe

Friday, April 25, 2008


IT'sFWIDAY!!! and time fow the DOGS WITH BLOGS SECOND AMINEVEWSAWAWY CHAT PAWTY...I'm all weady wif snacks and dwinks...I hope to see you all thewe!!!!!!!!!It goes on all weekend..so no one has an excoose to miss it!
Congwatulations DWB!!!!!!! I love you all!!!!!!!!

who was that caped boston????

so my good fwiend SUPEW TANNEW just delivewed this cheesebuwgew and fwies ..he flew ovew my house and dwopped it down my chimney..I'm sowwy he didn't stop to shawe some wif me, but I guess he was in a supew huwwy..he had a hooge sack full of these to delivew all ovew the wowld..I had no idea what incwedible supew powews he had till today..I guess we can't call him Doofus anymowe....thank you so vewy much TannewThis is my scawy weiwd eyes pictoowe fow Deetz's collection..I hope I'm not scawing you too much..it's weally me Asta, not an alien...honest

see you on the pootew!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Two Invitations!!!!!!!

Hi Evewyone...

I'm getting weally excited about going on this walk,
Dogswalk Against Cancer in NY on 4th May
and meeting Ozzy and Romeo and theiw Mom, and Luna the yacht puppy, and some fwiends fwom NY without a bloggie who have witten me(Smitty and his sissy Jessie) and a Jeeves fwom the uppew East side .

This is going to be the most wiwes I've evew seen (except fow my owiginal family of six pups and my doggie Mom and doggie Dad)

Ozzie and Womeo's Mom's fwiend Pat has made a t-shiwt for this walk. What's even bettew a pawt of the pwoceeds are going to benefit the walk. So I thought I'd post a picture of the shirts and let you know they are available through http://www.cafepress.com/. Make sure you type in Wirestock in the seawch pawt of the webpage. These are some fancy shirts and what's even bettew they awe available fow us pups too!

Hewe is a pictoowe of ouw fwiendJackson in England...he can't come to the walk , but is suppowting it by witing about it and buying all this neat stuff!!!
Thank you Jackson..I bet Ozzie and Womeo and theiw Mom awe weally thankfull and happy!

This is what Jackson says:
"I'm sure a lot of you already know that my wirey pals Ozzy & Romeo are taking part in the annual Dogswalk Against Cancer in NY on 4th May. If you haven't already donated, please click here and contribute to this very worthwhile cause. They're nearly at their target so please be generous!"

"So three cheers to all my wirey pals who will be walking with Ozzy & Romeo. I only wish I could be there with you, barking along." Jackson

So pleez if you can help with this walk..Thanks pals!!!

Now I have anothew announcement...SHHHHHHHH! it's a secwet...Maya is thwowing a suwpwise pawty fow Kena's 1st Birfday on the 26th...please all go and attend the pawty..it will be lots of fun..you can go anytime on the 26th..go sevewal times..eat and dwink and help celebwate! they awe such cutie little caiwns, and it's theiw vewy fiwst pawty!!!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wheeley Wednesday

photo by Butchy and Snickers

Hi Evewyone..This is Mywna..and as you can see Spwing is finally hewe
(look at the cow in the meadow hehehehee fooled you, it's not weal..we don't have cows in NYC)
I decided to woll awound the neighbowhood..Mommi won't let me go vewy faw cause I'm still a baby, and she has to come wif me, but I convinced hew, it's only faiw ,since I didn't go to Washington DC wif my sissy Asta,this way I get to see chewwy blossoms and othew spwing flowews too.
I'm not vewy good at going up steps plus Mommi had me on a tight leash...she's no fun at all
This is my Stweet, and we have ouw vewy own chewwy blossoms..so thewe..and two lips too
now this is what I think is a nice fwont yawd..at least in the city it is
I think Spwing is soooboootiful..maybe the bootifullest season of all
I wondew if anyone would notice me picking a boo-K of these loveley nawcissuses...
ouw whole stweet looks happiew in the spwing ..don't you think???
well that's all the toow I can give you, cause I'm being dwagged home..nap time aweady....
and latew I want to play wif Asta and heaw about hew twip

she came home fwom Washington..and got some pictoowes developed
photo by Koobuss

This is a gwoup pictuwe taken at the capitol. A trip to Washington would not be complete without a group photo. From left to right we are: BabyStan, Asta, Dewey, Aggie, Stella, Sadie, Koobie, Scruffy, Lacy, Asta Marie, Toby, and Maggie.
photo by Koobuss

Asta says that twemendous fun was had by all, and they nevew even got awwested fow anything.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Koobuss' gifts

I've been twaveling awound Washington DC wif my kousin Koobuss and hew neighbow Sadie, and ouw giwlfwiends Aggie,Stella and Maggie.....Koobie got hew kaw out of the gawage, and we decided we wanted to go see the chewwy blossoms....Just a giwlie twip...go see Koobuss' bloggie to see what we've been up to

I got a message fwom Mommi to come home cause I had a package...so I excoosed myself and wushed home.....well whewe is it Mommi???
OOOOOOOOOOHHHH!!! Gooodie! Pwesents fow me
These wewe my gifts fow winning the Eastew hat contest in the female categowie of viwtooal hats
Isn't this faboolous??
I weally shouldn't have gotten anything..I had so much fun just being in the contest and seeing evewyone's entwies....but if you insist, hehehehehe
OK I'm not a baby anymowe, but this is the cutest passifiew(ow binky?) I've evew seen..and it squeeks too Mommi was teasing me and wouldn't let go
finally I westled it out of Mommi's clutches, and settled down to a good play
Thewe was also a tennis ball!!!! , a yummie powk chewy!!!..and a silvew doggie book mawk!
Thank you fwom the bottom of my heawt Koobie and aunt Phyllis..fow owganising this gweat contest and fow giving me these cool gifts!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Wome, lunedi..ouw last day, 4/7/08

Well I'm back...Mommi is finally not falling ovew when she sits up, so I'm putting up my pictoowes fwom my last day in WomeWe took the bus to Testaccio to look at the Mercato...it's less pictoowesque thank the mawket at Campo dei Fiori, but supposed to be mowe authentically Woman
They sell all kinds of foods and clothes and stuff in a mawket that is not touwisty at all
We loved all the bootiful vegebals and fishes
then walked awound and found one of the most famous delis in the awea..called Volpetti
I wanted to eat all the cheeses wight then and thewe
and then the salumewie....look at all the yummie sausages......the pwices wewe like going to Dean and Deluca in NY(vewy expensive fow hoomans wif wowfless dollaws)
It was a bootiful day, so we just walked and walked
I met this cute wiwy dachsie..he was stawtled at fiwst
but aftew a few smoochies we came to be fwiends
on the way walking back to ouw own neighbowhood again
I love the twees in Wome
these pictoowes wewe fwom the bus..that's why they'we wonky
back to ouw favowite lunch place..Mommi and I had Fettucine all'awabiata
this is sooo gweat
Mommi and Daddi always had to have an espwesso macchiato...I didn't
I went back to the hotel fow a nap, while My pawents went to the GalleriaDoria Pamphilj

It was a pwivate Villa , and the pwesent Pwince still lives on the top floow...They had a pope in the family among othew things, and have most of the paintews of the Wenaissance wepwesented in theiw colection..you'we not supposed to take pictoowes, but Mommi is disobbediant always hehehehe...she thought the cwib in the above pictoowe would be gweat fow Hewc's new baby sissy
This is the couwtyawd of the Gallewie
They came back fow me and we went walking awound some mowe
Isn't the wystewia bootiful?
time to stop fow an aftewnoon cocktail, hehehe(thewe's always eatables wif that)

when is it coming Daddi?
Ah finally...I like the little smoked salmon samiches and the mini pizzas
evewyone is just walking awound enjoying the day
this doggie was sniffing the aiw
my vewy last Gealato in Wome...boooo hoooooo hoooooo
Mommi and Daddi went back to the westauwant they loved fwom the fiwst day fow theiw last dinnew
The next mowning I didn't want to get up, cause it meant going home and the end of ouw vacation
It was weally eawly in the mowning...the lights wewe still on in the baws and caffes

Mommi went up to the woof to look awound a last time
All ouw days had been pawfect, but on the day we left, it got cloudy and thweatened wain

We had ouw last bweakfast inside in the bweakfast woom of the hotel...what a wondewful twip !!!
We wewe so lucky...evewyone was nice to us..the weathew was pawfect..We wewe vewy happy!

I hope someday I can twavel again..I feel so lucky that I was able to go wif my pawents, and it wowked so bootifully, that if they evew have the money to go somewhewe again I'm suwe I can go along...thank you fow shawing my twip..it was fun to wemembew all the gweat times I had.