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Monday, September 29, 2008


I have a vewy exciting announcement!!!!

NOOOOOOOO, I'm not getting a bwuvvew ow sissie, BUT,

Auntie Kawen is expecting a baby WFT..
I heawd the stowk has been spotted winging his way to New Yowk City fwom Nowf Cawolina..that's wight..fwom the same place I was bowned..as a mattew of fact..I heaw this little tyke has the same Daddi as me..so I guess he'll be my half bwuvvew?

...someone managed to snap a pictoowe of him being bwought by the stowk
..he looks pweety sneepy and young still..I can't wait to meet him....(did I evew look so little?)

isn't he adowable?
his name is going to be Duffy, and the stowk is schedooled to awwive on Octobew 11th in the evening!

speaking of little...
evewyone wemembew to pawticipate in Autobiogwaphy Week OCT.20th
if you want to participate, please email your stories and pics to us at chef.boxer@yahoo.ca or crabbyabby5827@yahoo.com, and we'll paste your entry to the Autobiography Week site.

and now fow anothew auntie announcement:

Please go and give youw good wishes to auntie Deb.......she is soo nice and if you wemembew, she visited me hewe in NY about a momf ago
hew back is vewy ouchy and she's having a BIG pwoceedoowe on it today..go give hew youw love!  at the Taylor Catsssss

Gweat Honows

I am sooo pwoud to announce that I have been asked to be on the boawd fow Little Pwoductions

You pwobably wemembew the wondewful CCSI pwoductions fwom last yeaw that they did, when the witews stwike was on...

They wewe such a success that Little pwoductions was fowmed,
I was fowtoonate enough to be one of the staws in a couple of the pwoductions, and now I have accepted the gweat honow to be on the boawd..Thank you so much fow this gweat offew.

Photo by Sassy
Hewe we awe posing for the paparazzi outside the studio.

Photo by Sassy
and this is us in the boawdwoom
Little Productions 2008-2009 Executive Board Members
l-r: Ruis, Executive Director; Momo, Advertising & Marketing Director; Karl, Chief Graphic Designer; Asta, Head Costume & Fashion Designer; Sassy, Executive Producer; and Opus, Producer.

Photo by Asta
Roscoe my deaw fwiend who cwossed ovew the bwidge wecently was a vewy impowtant membew of the boawd..I pwomise him that I'll twy to make him pwoud

We will be having anothew gweat pwoduction in the neaw footoowe..so you'we in fow a tweat.

and on top of that Karl has also given me this awawd

I'd like to pass it on to my fwiends Stan and Stella, Abby, Deefor, Toffee and Riley and Mr.T-Bone Beasley

fow all of you who said you liked my JamJams fwom my post about Hilton Head,
  I of couwse got them fwom that pwemiewwe cootoowiewe at Snitchibug designs be suwe to visit and owdew some faboolous clothes fwom hew!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ouw Twip to Casablanca

photo by Lacie
As you might wemembew, my BFF Lacie and Koobie came to suwpwise me on my Birfday to take me on a twip of my choosing....
we picked up Agatha and Snickers on the way too and flew to Casablanca..in seawch of a gweat piano baw fow some celebwation(like my Mommi I love the 30s and 40s cause that's when WFT wewe most popoolaw, hehehehehehehe..I don't know why we went out of style)

photo by Asta left to wight me, Lacie,Snickers,Koobie, Agatha
we found the pawfect baw..the pwopwiatow welcomed us in pawson, he said his name was Wick

photo by Asta
left to wightKoobie, Asta on the piano,Lacie in fwon of me, Snickers behind Sam, and Aggie in lowew wight fwont

and thewe was the most chawming piano playew called Sam..he played fow us again and again

The big fat guy behind Aggie is a little suspicious ..I think he was spying on us

Photo by Asta
The pwopwiatow and Sam toasted me and wished me a vewy hapy Birfday

photo by Asta
A final fawewell to Casablanca.....what a gweat twip...awen't giwlfwiends the best? Thank you so vewy much!!!!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Blog like a Piwate Day

I saw on my fwiend Toffee's bloggie that it's blog like a piwate weekend..

I decided that Stan and I would dwess like piwates ..AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

awen't we scaiwy??, hehehehehehe..we'we looking fow buwwied tweasoowe

hewe's some piwate jokes:

Q What is a pirate's favourite type of music?
A Aww and B!

Q Why was the pirate's butt so big?
A He kept stealing everyone's booty!

What do pirates get when they lay in the grass?

I hope all of you have a Tweasoowe filled weekend!

I got this special awawd fwom my fwiend Karl of the Catwealm..Thank you so much my fwiend..we all need a little lifting now and then..I hope I do that..I'd like to pass it on to

Bailey,Brody,Bailey,Benson...the 4Bs

Faya and Dyos




Thursday, September 25, 2008

an avalanche of gifts

Mommmi got lucky fow my Birfday too

my Bff Lacie's Mumsie sent hew these Deco Doggie salt and peppew shakews...
Mommi is stuck in deco Land..I think she nevew moved on fwom the fowties(that's why she has a WFT too..also cause she loves them)
You can imagine how thwilled she was when these awwived in the mail..awen't they Fabooloous?

and since she is so cwazy about this stuff..I took my savings and asked daddi to help me get hew this to thank hew fow being my Mommi...she was beside hewself wif joy

I thought my birfday was ovew, but then Mailman Vinnie..bwought me thwee packages
Opal and Nanny sent me these wondewful gifts

I've been chew..ummmm loving this lion all day

Then I opened a package fwom Toffeee and Riley..I was soo suwpwised..look at this cool cawd

and this is the nice message in it

the box had this supew doopew stwong wubbew(pawfect fow tewwiews) squeeky chicken
and some wondewfully yummie biscotti wif my favowite livew in it

The thiwd package was fwom my twin Bwuvvew Nicky and his little sissie Jenny...the cawd is us making smowes..get it?? smowe happy Birfdays, hehehe

inside the box was this bootiful bag

and evewy owange thing in the wowld ...I wanted evewything immediately...mean Mommi wationed all the gifts fwom evewyone, and only let me have a few at a time to play wif..she put the west in the hidden toy closet
Thewe is a wough chewy bone..a soft squeeky bone..a wound fwisbeeish wopey thingy, some healthy delicious bone shaped cookies, a gowgeous banana fow my neck, and a pawty collaw specially picked out by Jenny

and a magnet fow Mommi to put on the fwidge so she knows the wules of tewwiews, heheheehewe I'm posing in my pawty collaw

but what's mowe fun is shaking it back and fowth

then I settled down to some sewious chewing

all my pwesents awe faboolous and I'm bowled ovew wif gwatitude and happinesss..
Thank you soooo vewy much!!!!

my sweet fwiend Ruby made me this cawd!!!wif a tiawa..pwetty cool huh??

and GirlGirl and Bae my sweeet hammie fwiends made me this magnificent cawd...it's pawsome..I love it..thank you so much..I'm getting special Hammie kisses !!!!!
my Kousin Koobie is singing me a special bootiful birfday song..isn't she bootiful?

and my fwiends Noah, Willow, Tess and Lucy sent me a bootiful E-cawd..sowwy , I don't know how to show you..it's supew

and again, I weceived mowe awawds
my fwiend Abby sent me this Pwemio Dawdos awawd

"With the Premium Dardos, recognize the values that each blogger shows each day in commitment to transmit cultural values, ethical, literary, personal etc. that, in short, demonstrate their creativity by alive thinking that remains intact from their letters and words. "

this vewy special awawd is fwom Happy..thank you so vewy much..I will tweasoowe it

I'd like to pass on all the awawds that I've gotten in the last two days to the following fwiends :
The Flees Gang

Powder Puff and Ivy

They have all had tewwibly sad losses this week and my heawt goes out to theiw families

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Birfday Suwpwises and gifts

I am a lucky lucky Giwl!!!!!

my twin Nicky doesn't blog, but he wites me aways, and we awe vewy close..so Happy Birfday Nicky!
I am TWO today, and I feel like the luckiest pup in the wowld!

I just got back fwom a faboolous vacation that my fwiend Petey took me on, whewe I got to wun like the wind, swim in the ocean..see all sowts of wondwous wildlife, and eat ice cweam!
And today i was ovewwhelmed by all the good wishes and love fwom all my wondewful fwiends.

My Dawling Stanley wote me a loong lettew full of goobew love, and then called so I could heaw his voice too...sigh, what a wondewful pupboy he is...I'm so vewy amazed at my good luck.

Fiwst thing this mowning, my Dawling fwiend Opus and his angel bwuvvew Roscoe, gathewed up a bunch of my fwiends and came to suwpwise me wif balloons, a tiawa, an owange cake, and oodles of owange flowews...this was especially teawy touching cause of Roscoe having to cwoss the bwidge just befowe theiw thiwteenth birfday...I am soo gwateful and deeply touched my fwiends and theiw ovewflowing love.
as anothew incwedible suwpwise..the execootives of CCSI have offewed me a position on theiw boawd as head Costoome designew..wif all the pwivilidges, my own palm pilot, and compoootew.
This is an extwaowdinawy honow..I humbly and thankfully accept!

I was still weeling fwom these events, when My BFF Lacie sent me this cawd, and then showed up wif Kousin Koobuss, to whisk me away on my vewy own 1940s adventoowe..We'we going to Casablanca...zoweeeeeee!!!!

"Asta...Koobie and I swung by to pick you up for a surprise birthday trippie...you get to pic the destination...I doubt we will have a camera along as Mumsie is going to commit suicide after developing this picture....I thought we looked rather nice. The vintage airplane (if it doesn't crash...) is going to Boston to get Aggie...then make numerous other stops to get all ur other girlfriends for a FAB 1940's celebration...hmmm...this has a familiar theme....I'm sure we'll find a piano player somewhere!!!!!!!!!"


Lotsa love," Laciegirl

Then came all the cawds fwom fwiends..I can't show you the E-cawds that I got fwom Petey , Agatha and Archie, and Maggie and Mitch.....................but twust me they wewe faboolous.

Happy Birthday Asta! I am telling Archie when to start singing.......Love and a million kisses Agatha and Archie

My Sweeet Sweet fwiend Jackson(who is feeling a little bettew thank dog!), sent me one of hiis Mom's incwedible cawds(you have to check out the whole collection...at Forever Foxed empire and now has a store on Etsy,.they awe gowgeous!)

and this is one of the bestest pwesents evew!
Jackson sponsowed Chad last yeaw fow my Birfday, and I was going to take ovew this yeaw, but genewous Jax and his pawents have done it again...Chad is a dawling teddy Beaw looking doggie who can't be adopted, but gets all the love and cawe at the dog twust in England..THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH FOW THIS!

my fwiends Molly and Taffy had stwict instwuctions not to open this cawd till today
I think it's faboolous..you guys suwe know how to have fun!

My evew dappew squawe fwiend ERIC..sent me this pawsome vintage cawd..thank you fow youw fwiendship and loyalty my sweet Ewic
Faya took time out fwom twaining hew little Bwuvvew Dyos to send me this gweat pictoowe
Birthday Pictoowe fwom Faya and Dyos....Mewci, mes amies! smoochie bisous

my sweet fwiends Huskee Boy, Hershey and little Moosie also sent me a bootiful cawd full of good wishes

and what can I say about Gussie's gowgeous gift cewtificate fow one of Patience's incwedible cweations..I will be the toast of NY in my new collaw ..I'll show all of you when I get it....Gussie you'we a peach!!!! Thank you

Now I'll show you what I got last week aweady fwom Scruffy ,Lacie, and babyStan...I couldn't wait and opened my pwessie as soon as I got it..(you'll notice, I still had haiw then, hehehe)
Have you evew???????
Oh My dog!

this is the inside of the tewwific happy cawd

and this is meimpatiently twying to get at evewything...da*& these showt legs....I need a pogo stick
Mommi put peamut buttew inside hewe and that kept me going all aftewnoon, hehehe
I have to get evewy last lick

I wasn't allowed any beew yet..I'll show you that latew

my Fwiends the Taylor Catsssss sent me the cutest action cat cawd,, but I don't know how to get it on hewe to show you...this is what it said:
For Asta
From Deb
Have a Purrrfect birthday!


Love, Seaborne, Sam, Summer, Spats & Sassy


Thank you..I LOVE YOU!!!

on top of all the birfday goodies..I weceived all these pwises fwom fwiends while I was away...Thank you all soooooo much fow evewything! I love all of you mowe than I can say!

fwom Mango the Maltese Kiddo
fwom T-man Angel..he sent me this all the way fwom heaven...I miss you T-man, but I love that you awe still looking out fow allof us

Noah sent me this awawd..That's pawsome!!!!!!!!!!

I cant wepowt on my day wif my pawents cause it hasn't happened yet..I'm so busy wif my fwiends..I might not get home fow days, hehehehe

All my love and thanks to all of you who came and wished me well...I am twuly blessed!!!!!!