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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Not just Dinnew Pawties in my Life

In case all you doggies and hammies think I spend all day at dinnew pawties indoows, let me show you some daytime activities:

I'd like you to meet two of my best fwiends at the local west Village wun..Olive and Daisy..they awe weally sweet doggies and gweat playmates..my othew best fwiends awe not on this post, but I'll twy to show you soon..their names awe Hope, and Marcello! Marcello is my boyfwiend at the wun..you'll see him soon...not to be confoosed with my twue loves ow anything!

Olive and I can stand awound fow hows both gwipping the same ball in ouw moufs

This is a new game I invented, hold the ball in youw mouf..shove it at a fwiend,to taunt them and make them take it away,but don't welease it,heheheh

I seem to have cwazy-glued myself to Olive..I know it's a pwetty bowing video, but this was the last of the stoopid hoomid hot days, and wunning awound was just not the thing to do........thank dogness, as of today..it's finally bweezy and cooler and it feels like fall!

Hope you'we all having a fantabulous happy weekend!
smoochie kisses youw

Thursday, September 27, 2007


My Sweetie Kousin Koobuss tagged me to tell evewyone about my fiwst day with my pawents, so hewe goes!

This is whewe I was bowned..a place called Birchhuwst Kennels in Nowth Cawolina..(funny I don't have a southewn dwall)..anyway..I lived hewe with my doggiemom and doggiedad and two sissies and thwee bwudders until I was eight weeks old...about a week befowe all my bwuddews and sissies left one by one..i was the only baby left..i thought maybe no one wanted me...they called me giwl,one spot..not a vewy intewesting name,but whatevew! maybe no one wanted me cause i didn't have mowe spots??

Then one day in Novembew, awound something called Thanksgiving(was it thanks fow me?) I was given a bath and told to behave nicely when some hoomans came to the doow.

I came into the woom with my doggie pawents and we chased awound till I saw this giant! I went to investigate his shoes, they had yummy laces..then I was told this was my Daddi!!!He smelled good and was vewy sweet,but dogness, he was ginouwmous..do you think I'll gwow up to be as big as him?

I was told to get my things, I would be leaving with this new Mommi and Daddi!

My new pawents said thank you and put something awound my neck and then stawted walking..I just went with them without a backwawd glance...thewe is a whole big wowld out thewe and I was detewmined to explowe it!...no pwoblem I was off!

My new Mommi held me in hew awms all the way back to a place called NewYowk City..it was ten jillion houws away by caw..but i didn't thwow up ow anything..I just sat and mostly snoozed..it felt safe
We got to this ginowmous city..(maybe that's why Daddi was so big? but then how to explain Mommi??) it was all dawk ,but with a kagillion lights on....we went into a big building and into a woom that moved,then it stopped and we went thwough anothew doow and new Mommi and Daddi said we'we home Asta! Asta! who's Asta?

Ooh this place looks awful tall...I'm not suwe about this...maybe I'll just stay hewe and watch fwom the safety of the tiny kitchen

Hey what's this puple thingy on my body..am I changing colows??what's going on.(it was cold in New York and I had knitted her a sweater)
Hey thewe's aweady a puppy hewe..no one told me that! come out and play with me! well come on!..what a twewp..she wouldn't come play!
My Fiwstest cookie...yummmm!!! I cleaned all the cwumbs
Happiness is "roaching" I didn't know this wowd yet..but i suwe knew the method
I'm pwactising fow my footuw as a bitey face champion
So many new things to munch on..I wondew what this is??
It was hawd to focus the camewa cause I wiggled so much while I chewed
Thewe wewe lots of stuffy toys to play with..I twied them all
The kitchen is at least small puppy sized,whew..
What is that thing pointedat me all the time..I guess it's pawt of Mommi's hand..it's aways in it
Aftew all that excitement and adventoowe..I was weally pooped!


So this was my fiwstest day..not litewally,cause fiwst I spent one night in Nowth Cawolina with some hoomans who wewe fwiends ,but it was my fiws day in New Yowk..my Name is Asta, not one spot giwl,,and I'm a new Yowkew thwough and thwough...I love my Mommi and Daddi and I love my life ..I'm so vewy glad we found each othew...I didn't want to gwow up to be a wepugnican...hehehe..this is mowe my style!

Now I'd like to tag my fwiends Ruby, Sir Bacon, and Goofy to tell us about theiw fiwst day home!
smoochie kisses to all my fwiends..sneep tight
Asta pupcake

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

It's not ovew yet!

This is what happened at my house befowe the BBQ pawty.........
My Fwiends, Lambie,Stewawt,Georges, Moocow,and Snoopy, all came to toast me fow my birfday! Fow some weason they insisted on sitting on the piano,high above me, they heawd some wumow about my suwgewie skills and didn;t want to wisk being on the floow!
I got to open mowe pwesents!
We had dinner just " en famile" befowe I headed off to the big BBQ at the 4B's wanch!
Auntie Kawen bwought me fouw diffewent kinds of pup,I mean cupcakes..miammmm!
That stupendous cawd is fwom my aunt Kawen, she donated in my , Asta's name , to Fox tewwier wescue!!!!..You're the bestest Godmommie a puppy evew had auntie Kawen!

What's in the box????tell me wight away, don't make me wait!

These wewe tweats that Geowges and Stewawt(they live with auntie Kawen), bwought me fow my birfday!
Can you see the most bootiful spawkly collaw I got fwom Siw Bacon,,Oh my Dog, I'm going to be the most stylish giwl in the West Village!
Siw Bacon thought I should have some healthy veggies along with the bacon twee he planted in fwont of my building,hehehe they suwe look yummy!
Thewe is nothing like a good chew on a buwwy stick!
Come on mommi stop tempting me
I apologize fow the quality of this photo..you can see better ones on Jax's cawd site..my Love Jackson sent me this cawd with his birfday wishes..it's a weplica of his toys on wheels..I love it!
Thank you my sweet Jax

My Gowgeous GiwlfwiendRuby..co-ownew of Stanneys heawt with me and Suki,sent me this fabulous cawd..she donated to Fox tewwiew wescue in my name..what a giwl..you'we a peach,Thank You so vewy much!!
A donation was made to the Humane Society by my sweet darling friend Sir Bacon,with his golden hugs...Thank You my bootiful Golden Boy!
This is a pictoowe of Bwody who lives in the Old Dog Haven
The fouw Bs sponsowed a doggy named Brody at Old Dog Haven as a gift fow my birfday..how wondewful is that!!! to think he'll have a comfowtable loved enviwoment to stay in fow his old age..THANK YOu, deaw fwiends!
I can't stop singing with happiness..I think I'm the luckiest puppy in the univewse!
and this is what happened aftew the pawty...some of us,thanks to Ruby, flew back to NYC to have an aftew pawty! most pups wewe too pooped to come, but I didn't want Gussie to dwive back aftew all that dwinking, and Asta down undew and Jackson had come such a long way and wanted a chance to talk to some tewwier fwiends..so Agatha and Archie(who still had enewgy amazingly), Jake and Just Harry, Bussie,Asta la Vista Baby, Jackson, Gussie, and Teka
(who kept looking out the window hoping fow doofus to show),Butchy and Snickers,who still westled, and then fell asleep aftew taking off theiw clothes.(.pwetty much evewyone stwipped.) Scwuffy and Lacy, Our sweet Ruby ,who twanspowted us all, Stanley, who was sooooo tiwed, and Fee who played dual piano with me to entewtain the cwoud...alll shapewoned by my cwazy Daddi...we pawtied some mowe,and then slept befowe evewyone went home...I love you all!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


My Sweet Sweet Friends!
This was an amazing pawty!!!! I still can't believe how many of you showed up..fwom faw and neaw! Our Oscar even sat on a cloud fwom ovew the wainbow Bwidge and smiled on all of us!
You all looked so pawsome in youw outfits,although by the time this pictoowe was taken,many of us had lost ouw clotheses in the heat of play..and boy did we evew play!!
Thewe was westliing and chasing,and bitey face and sniff the butt..and of couwse we all dwank and had twemendous amount of eatables! As you can see thewe awe a few wib bones left,but i think pwobably Wally and Ethel awe taking them home in hooman bags...Ruby got a "horsey wide fwom Wally ,who is an awfully good spowt.

The fouw Bs wewe excellent hosts,and had gweat cowboy hats made by Butchy and Snicker's Mama..speaking of Butchy and Snickers..did you believe those amazing outfits???Snickers was fighting off the boyz in that saloon giwl dwess with the fishnet stockings..WOW she was smokin'!
and of couwse Gussie wouldn't leave hew side( I did get a birfday dance fwom him though)
His Sissy Teka stowed away in his caw and was chasing hew beloved Doofus all ovew the place. Gussie's hat came off almost immediately..he has such a gowgeous head, why hide it?

Agatha and Archie bought pwesents and champagne and wewe supew well behaved,but wewe seen whispewing in the cownew..I don't know what they wewe planning.

Boo and Simba, came with a bunch of howses,who got scawed off by all the wild pups,hehehe..those two guys awe glued at the hip..they don't even have time fow the giwlies..what 's up with that?

GirlGirl came with hew twusty steed,as did Amber,who is quite the howsepuppy,Lorenza was dwessed to the nines as usual in one of hew gwama's cweations!

Fee brought me a cake all the way fwom acwoss the wowld..and did hew amazing dance moves to dazzle the cwowd.

Bella,and Snowball,HuskeeBoy,and Precious all danced up a stowm and gossiped about home
and did you see the gweat hat on ChaChiLu???boy that giwl has gweat fashion sense. .
BenBen, Rossi and MaxDex came all togethew and had a ball!

My Thin Twin fwom Down Undew,Asta la Vista came in hew Aussie cowboy hat, and Bussie spent an inowdinate amount of time with hew..

Jackson, came wepwesenting the Native Amewican Injuns in ouw wild wild west, and who better! he's so dignified(when he's not bawking his little head off and chasing off the many giwl pups who awe vying fow his attention...he had to take the blanket off to dance with me,and let me tell you he suwe knows how to dance! I was soo happy he made the twip despite the distance!
Even Opy ,the Gwuff puppy came by to bawk me a happy birfday..thank you ,you sweetie..you have nevew fooled me with youw "gwuffness".

Maggie and Mitch,my deaw fwiends came and we weminisced about ouw summer fun..
the bestest Nanny in the univewse, took the night off fwom cawing fow hew supercutestbabybwudders and finally got to welax and have a gweat time!

MarvinBraveheart came fwom bootiful Scotland..and felt wight at home in all the gweenewy.

Faya(who bTW speaks pawfect English!) left the gowgeous Swiss mountains to be with us, and boy she looked smashing..I noticed a lot of the boys ciwcling her thwoughout the night!

Jake of Flowida and his sidekick Dusty(akaJust Harry) had the most enouwmous authentic texas cowboy hats evew..they kept falling off in all the excitement!

My Sweet Fwiend Finnegan came and played with all of us,and then took a west in the field and enjoyed the munchies and the fwiends who all came to talk to him..boy is he tall!!! good thing he decided to lie down..I couldnt even see his head when he was standing..can you imagine what GG thought???

Jainie the Painie came,but was so shy,and just fell asleep in the gwass..I hope she wasn't scawed!

speaking of scawed..my bwave NOMSSF DivaKittySophia
even came to give me some lobster and help celebwate..that's pwetty bwave with all the doggies, but evewyone got along!

Siw Chance-a-Lot,aka Siw Bacon..donated a lot of his cwop fwom his bacon twee and evewydoggie seemed to enjoy it immensely! What a sweetie! He disappeawed at one point to take a quick swim in the cweek.

Momo looked adowable in hew Moo cow outfit..and
Scwuffy and Lacie wewe also dwessed as cutie cows! Appeawantly ,Scruffy was in chawge of designing their outfits and ,um he's quite litewal in his intewpwetation of cow-boy,and cow-giwl,heheh..I loved the way they looked..I might bowwow theiw outfits fow holloween. They also baked me the most amazing foxy cake!(this was Lacie's doing)..not only was it gowgeous,but extwemely tasty!

I think the pawty was a bit much fow Kousin Koobuss,..who fell asleep on the cake,hehehe

Molly and Taffy and Balboa awe bwand new fwiends of mine, and they wewe nice enough to show up on such showt notice..I suwe hope they enjoyed themselves!

Pewfect Tosca wasn't going to come cause hew mom won't let hew dwess up..who cawes! I enticed hew anyway, and by hew laugh,I'd say she was glad she came!

Ruby and Suki, wewe some of the most populaw giwls thewe..Thank you Ruby fow bwinging evewyone in youw amazing pwivate jet..I know they enjoyed the wide almost as much as the pawty!

Joey and Tanner wewen't going to come,but to evewyone's delight , they showed up...yeah!!!

Lola and Tad wewe seen snuggling in the bushes.Penny was still pooped fwom hew 70s pawty
and little Murphey was digging holes fuwiously hehehe

SophieLaBrador took time out fwom hew pwepawations fow a comeback on the stage, and helped us celebwate too! Pappy's fella got thewe too late fow the pictoowe..it was aweady dawk..but thewe were still plenty of eatables and dwinkables and games,so he had a good time I think!
Lenny the wire with his extensive conducting abilities, helped owganise the gwoup sings alongs,and the fiddle playews..thank you Lenny!

and last but not least ,my Sweet Stanley,who composed a song fow my birfday,and got me all misty eyed!

Bussie and AstaDU and Stanley.and I pewfowmed a special westewn dance.....we wewe a hit!
Snickers did the can can..wow hew splits awe pawsome!

The west I don't wemembew..and if I fowgot any of my sweet fwiends, fowgive me..I did dwink a tad too much!
Thank you fwom the bottom of my fuzzy heawt..you'we all magnificent fwiends!!!!!

Cuwwently, this is what I'm doing..when I wake up and my head stops spinning, I'll tell you what happened at home aftew the pawty, and befowe!
Thank you all my supew wondewful fwiends fow celebwating with me and giving me the best time evew!!!

Monday, September 24, 2007


Don't wowwy evewydoggie I haven't gotten lost..I'm just dancing and giggling and talking to all my fwiends at the pawty that's why I haven't been heawd fwom..I'll give details tomowwow ...i pwomise
smoochie kisses and a zillion thanks to all my fwiends fow the bestest birfday evew!!!!!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

All Weady fow my Guests

I feel a little ovewwhelmad hewe..I have so vewy many things to be gwateful fow..it makes a doggie think..why am I so vewy lucky..

I 've been getting gifts fow my birfday fow weeks aweady..so many nice things and so many donations to shelters in my name..thank you all so vewy much! and it isn't weally my birfday fow another half day..wow...I suwe have supew good fwiends!!!

I am also so vewy pwoud that I was given the awsome blog awawd by DWB for this momf...that's anothew pawsome pwesent fwom so many sweet fwiends...I am humbled and awed and want to come hug all of you and give you gweat big smoochie kisses.I hope to do so to many of you tomowwow at my pawty!!!!

Today I got sevewal good wishes fwom Axel(who is not feeling so well) and Luna who has had a wough time in his family lately..thank you my fwiends! and OOOh I got a gift fwom my Kousin Koobuss...I wondew what's in it????
Oh My Dogness..it's gweat big buwwy sticks!!! yummmmm!!!( i think I'll have some fow evewyone at the pawty)
If you'll wemember,I aweady got a birfday pwezzie fwom Faya a few weeks ago,but now she found the pawfect owange banana fow my neck and so she sent me a pwesent again..look how happy and bootiful she looks on the cawd she made me! Thank you!!!
I'm giving a smoochie kiss to Faya fow my bootiful owange banana!
Pleez excoose the quality of this photo..I stepped wight in it ..it's a bootiful swiss calendaw that Faya sent my Mommi,who has avewy special place in hew heawt fow Switzewland,cause she was a little giwl thewe fow thwee yeaws
I did a last minute check and decided to get mowe eatables and dwinkables We'we ready fow all ouw guests !!!
thewe will be hooman bags to take home in case thewe awe leftovews!
I think I've got evewydoggies favowites..I even have waw stuff fow Faya and any othew doggies who pwefews that!
Oscaw has helped by ovewseeing it all,he picked a weally comfy cloud so he can be with all of us in his best evew cowboy outfit!
Thewe awe wibs,and bacon,and sausages,and chicken wings,and powk roast and chili,and guacamole,and cown,and smooshed potatoes, and hot dogs ,and wally melon and peaches and cobbler and margawitas and beews, and lemonade fow undewage pups, oh and whiskey fow the weally wough tough cowboyses...I hope evewydoggie and Hammie will like it! I can hawdly wait to see all of you!!!!!
I hope the cowboy band will get thewe in time,and we can squawe dance..thewe will be lots of wunning and smooching and bitey face and if you want you can just sit undew a nice twee and welax..I want evewyone to have the best time!! love ASTA

Friday, September 21, 2007

Getting weady fow the weekend

My Pawents and I went to the mawket to stawt getting things weady fow my pawty..I know that thewe's going to be a lot of stuff at the 4XBs wanch aweady,but we need lots of food fow all the fwiends we'we expecting.....
The nice Mr. gave me some samples of the meets we'we going to gwill..yummm,yummm!!!
Mommi helped me pick the best peaches fow the cobbler..we need dessewt!
Fwesh cown fow the gwill
I have to check and make suwe we have plenty of food fow all my fwiends!
We have a jilliion bags of food, it's time to head home
On the way home,who do I see???could it be Tadpole Pomegwanite???
I thought it was my fwiend Tad..but this kid was wild, let me tell you..we had a gweat westle match..he was fast and stwong too.
When i got home...I took a quick snooze aftew all the shopping..I want to look my vewy bestest fow all the doings this weekend!
Aftew my nap..it was time to wun and get weady fow Lola and Penny's 70s Disco pawty.
this is going to be a vewy busy weekend!!
I hope all you pups and hammies and NMSSFs awe as excited as I am....fiwst a Gwoovy disco, then the WildWild West..the fun nevew ends fow DWB!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!

Asta does Disco
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