a tired dog is a good dog

Monday, January 31, 2011

Fwesh Powdew

I'm sowt of bluwwy, cause I'm anxious to get out of the elevatow and into the snow outside

Daddi and I walked to my wun and luckily wewe able to get to the doow despite the oodles of snow in fwont of it
when I mentioned last time that I got lots of snow, cewtain of my fwiends fwom Canada Pohhpoohed it..the wewe insinooating I didn't have much compawed to them.  Well, they'we pwobably wight, but i think it's a pwetty cool amount anyway.
evewything disappeaws undew it
but it suwe doesn't stop me fwom my womping

Two of my fwinds aso bwaved the deep, this sweetie is called Mauwice..he is soopew nice and fun and kind and I love playing wif him.  My othew fwiend you'll see in my smilebox as we play chasey chase

hope you enjoy my snow fun day

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sometimes you have to be a mountain climbew to get to youw ball

and sometimes you have to use youw tewwiew digging skills( so faw snow is the only thing I have evew gone digging in, so I'm not suwe I'm a vewy good tewwiew, but at least it's a stawt)

I know many of you have had enuff of the snow(mostly the two leggeds , I think , and of couwse my poow fwiends who awe bothewed by those wicked noisy snow eating machines), but i hope  you can mostly just go out and ENJOY
smoochie kisses

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pleez Pway fow my Sissie

Pleez evewfwiend send youw woofs and puwws to my sissie Momo
She only weighs six lbs. and hasn't been eating ow dwinking and the dogtow can't figgowe out what is going on.

Pleez go to hew bloggie hewe and tell hew we love hew and awe pwaying fow hew.
She has been my sweet sissie fow yeaws and we have had many wondewful adventoowes togethew. She's always been thewe fow me, so cwoss youw paws fow hew

thank you
smoochie kisses

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Finally not alone at the wun

Finally a fwiend showed up at my wun

as you can see, Penny , my fwiend and  went nuts, hehehehehe

what fun
smoochie kisses

Monday, January 24, 2011

Sunday Night Dinnews

We've had  the habit of having sunday night dinnews wif a gwoup of good fwiends..we altewnate in which apawtment we have it.  This week it was ouw tuwn

the fiwe was blazing(it was fweezing outside) but good fwiends and good laughs wawm up a place wight away.I thought my bwuvvew Duffy was going to come, but it was too cold fow him to walk the half houw ovew

I decided I would go help Mommi since I had nothing else to do

"whatcha doing Mommi?"
"Ooh, I'd be happy to taste fow flavows"
"One of my favowites..Székely Gulyás...it's essentially powk wif souewcwaut..pawfect fow a cold day"
since the main cowuse was so pedestwian, Mommi decided to twy to make a new dessewt...something a little mowe elabowate

fiwst you toast some hazelnutses and take off theiw skin and cut them up
You whip up egg whites wif sugaw and stick them in a low tempewatoowe oven to make  ma wang
"yep, it smells like it's done"

then you in foose some peaw juice wif slices of  fwesh gingew
(fiwst you have to cook some peaws to make then soft)

then chop up the bestest chocolate you can find(Cay -a-boot)
and add to the peaw jouice to make a sauce

You put the whole thing togethew in layews of nuts ovew ma wang, then whipping cweam, then slices of cooked peaws, dwizzle wif chocolate and then do it all ovew again...at the end, you gwate some owange wind ovew all of it

We all had ouw dinnew in Mommi's "studio"
aftew the main stuff, the dessewt came out to ooohs and ahhhhs
ouw soopew good fwiends bwought special champagne(nowmally we just have cheepo Pwo secco and then wine, but they wanted to have this special stuff fwom Fwance to celebwate Daddi's  good news
Evewyone became vewy jolly
It was time fow espwesso and a "dee Gest EEvo"  (it's some hungawian stuff my Gwammpa use d to dwink ...most hoomans think it tastes like medcin, vewy bittew)
the placemats wewe ones that awe old advewtisements fow the company that has made it since the 1700s
I think Mommi is the only one who liked this..specially cause it made hew think of hew Daddi
I got one mowe lick of Schlag (whipped cweam)and the evening was ovew
I hope all of you have nice  witooals wif family and fwiends too and that you had a most wondewful weekend
smoochie kisses

Sunday, January 23, 2011

NewChat Woom

10:08am Jan 23

Caryl(Maxdog's Mom oin South Africa) just started it so everyone would have
a place to go and find others to chat with from DWB It's simply:
...and you don't have to go through FB.

THE  password IS :        MAXDOG
many of ouw fwiends live in mowe isolated places and sometimes it's nice fow them to get instant talk wif someone

HEWO???HEWO????IS ANYONE THEWE????????????

smoochie sunday kisses

Friday, January 21, 2011


My sweet , and genewous fwiends Maggie and Zooey and theiw Mom Anne at Zoolatwy sent me this wondewful awawd
I would like to thank them vewy much!
They have always been thewe fow anybloggie and fuwwfwiend who needs help and I love them.
Hewe's what they said:
"Each year that we've been blogging, we like to give an AWARD at the beginning of the new year. 
This is our way to say THANK YOU... to our followers, readers and commenter's, and even those who click, take a peek and move on, which is fine as many have time for little more than that. 
We want to thank you for your support of Zoolatry, through our ups-and-downs, good times and ...
We want to thank you for allowing us to "borrow" your pets to make pictures and posts and banners, it's what we do and have fun with.  For joining with us for special events, contests and more.
The blogging community of our pet friends, kitties and woofies and their humans is just an amazing group.  We're happy and proud to be part of it.

Our 2011 AWARD was inspired by where we live ~ the Space Coast of central Florida ~ where we have taken pride in our shuttle and rocket launches for many years.  Please post our 2011 AWARD on your blog if you choose to do so...
and thank you, from us ~ to you!"

also, Maggie and Zooey awe doing theiw annooal Puwwfowmance weview of theiw hoomans and encouwage all kitteh and Woofies to pawticipate..(I of couwse will be doing a pawfowmance weview of my secwetaw-Mommi)
 This is ouw chance to complain, umm pwaise  them fow theiw wowk on ouw bloggies so

...pleez go to Maggie and Zooey..they even have a suggested fowmat on theiw bloggie on theiw post ofJanooawy ninth(click on theiw name hewe and it will take you thewe)

Now on my most happy  news:
I'm dancing and singing fow joy!!!!!

 My Daddi had a pawfect check up..it's been five yeaws clean since he fiwst got that dweaded big C (fwom now on, he only has to go fow checkups once a yeaw YEAHHHHH!)
 he pwomised he would stay healthy fow us fuwwevew!!!!

 thank you deew fweinds fow all youw good wowds and suppowt and good vibes and pwayews(unfowtoonately too many of you know the need fow this)
..the powew of the paw wowks fow  hoomans too!

I hope all of you awe healthy and happy 
I love you and pway that if you'we not, you soon will be

smoochie kisses

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What to do when you have no Fwiends at the Wun

These days, it's so cold that most of my fwiends awe not showing up at my wun

but if it isn't pawsitively fweezing, Daddi twies to take me so i get some excewcise

Sometimes you have to shake youw ball to make it do what you want..this time it was being vewy stubbown , so I had to shake it a lot

Daddi gets fwustwated when i just stand thewe like a ninny

so I twied and twied and nowI know how to thwow the ball finally, hehehehehehe

tewwiews nevew give up and know that whewe thewe is a will, thewe is a way, hehehehe.
I hope all of you awe having a most wondewful day and eithew playing ow staying nice and wawm inside
smoochie kisses

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Gwacie's Biwfday aftewmaf

As I told you a few days ago, I was invited by my Kitteh-sissie Gwacie to hew most magical Second Biwfday Pawty

Photo by Gracie & Karl
l-r: Gracie, Ruis, Karl, Asta, Olive, Opus, & Momo
She is vewy imaginative and we decided that a Mad-Cattews Tea Pawty would be soopew fun..I got to be Alice and enjoyed the lovely foodables and fun company vewy vewy much.

tons of hew fwiends showed up as well as ouw wegoolaw gang  who you can see hewe . Thewe wewe games of chasey chase and hide and seek and dancing and lots of eating and dwinking.  Even though I invited all of you, I guess many of you doggies awe not too fond of coming to kitteh pawties, and that's too bad, cause  they'we a bawwel of fun

as we explowed wondewland we noticed that thewe wew lots of lovely mushwooms all awound and thought it would be a gweat idea to taste them

wif pwetty pwedictabull wesults
( you might want to google the goings on in the 1960s to undewstand, ow ask youw pawents if they awe ancient like mine)

well, this is the wesult of  ouw coowiosity..fiwst we got big, then we got small, then we just all passed out. heheheh..pwetty typical of the pawties this gang of mine  has

I want to thank Gwacie and Kawl and theiw hoomans fow making these amazing photogwaphs of us having fun

Thank you Gwacie and Kawl fow making these fantastic, bootiful pictoowes and having the best pawty of the new yeaw!!!!
I am now going to west fow a while..pawfect, since it's icy wainy outside and thewe's nothing to do

smoochie kisses