a tired dog is a good dog

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Fiwst and only Snow this Yeaw in Boo da Pest

Hewo sweet Fwiends,

 I managed to sneeck on the pootew today in between it being in the shop fow constant pwoblems.

 I've been bowed out of my mind stuck in the house on gwey cold days 

the only fun I have is playing soccew wif Mommi and my tennis ball in the apawtment,
 then two weeks ago..stoopid Mommi kicked the foot of a metal chaiw instead of the ball and bwoke, well, maybe only cwacked hew toe.
 hew foot tuwned black and boo and she cooldn't walk and cooln't put on shoes....
 anyway, that made my life even mowe bowing..(daddi is oosually too busy to play, and besides, I aways take the ball to Mommi) 

 yestewday, I woke up, and guess what? thewe was fwesh snow...Ooooh, was I happy!
 now I know most of you awe sick and tiwed of it in the US and I can't blame you, but, fow me it was miwacooloos.
 Mommi fowced hew feets into hew wellies and we went fow a womp
( I womped, she limped)
 Daddi , Mommi and I met unkel Chwis fow lunch at ouw favowite cafe Alibi and walked awound the snowy neighbowhood 

hewe is a littol smileybox of ouw aftewnoon , I hope you enjoy it

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sadly by today, it was all gone xept fow a littol bit in the pawk neew my house

now it's time fow Mommi to go ice hew foot, 
me to go sulk,
 and the pootew to go to the wepaiw place again.

 I know thewe awe lots of wondewful eventses cuming up in Blogland, but I'll pwobably miss all of them doo to this stoopid pootew .

 I hope you'we all wawm and safe and don't fowget me 

 smoochie kisses