a tired dog is a good dog

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pawsitive Thoughts, and my Wefwidgewatow

Hi all my sweet fuwwfwiends..

I'm still in England wif my fellow nuwsies..Lacie and Agatha..we take tuwns watching ovew Jackson, but sometimes we all leave at once to give Jackson some pwivacy wif J1 and J2...
I'm out on my nighttime walk...and I was thinking of my good pal Petey's wondewful idea:

"We all know the power of prayers and of positive thinking. So here's my idea. Every night, when we go for our last walk before we go to sleep, let's look up at the big sky over our heads and send a big dose of healing energies to Jackson. Imagine, all day he'll be getting our warm rays of healing love. And for those of us in the same time zones - wow!"

.......so I looked up into the night sky..and spotted the dogstaw, and made my wish...I know all of you did too..and I believe we have the powew to make Jackson well.

Meanwhile , I asked Mommi to finally put up the pictoowes of ouw Wefwidgewatow..I was tagged fow this so long ago, that I don't even wemembew who tagged me, and who is left to tag..but hewe goes....
we have an ancient Fwidge, which will nevew get new, cause we went ouw apt. and we'we stabilized..that means we get nothing new, hehehehehe..but who cawes..it still wowks(it's only 26 yeaws old)
On the fwont of my Fwidge is a whole bunch of stuff..
(you can biggify the pictoowe by clicking on it)
you might notice Scruffy and Lacie's pictoowe, a cawd fwom Wallse..one of my pawents' favowite westauwants neaw us,
a pictoowe of Nick and Nora Charles and Asta from the ThinMan,
a copy of the painting Mommi made of Nowa when she was little, a sign that says I'm cwazy(I think)
me as a baby..
Mommi's magnet saying she fowgot to have childwen, hehehehe..
mypawents in fwont of a mooseum in Austwia, a magnet of an ocean linew,
the phone numbew fow calling a TAXI in Budapest(weal ooseful, heheh)
a cawd fwom my Dogtow
Daddi wif my angel bwuvvew Nikki 26 yeaws ago....
my fostew doggie Chad(Jax paid fow him last yeaw as a Birfday pwesent to me!!!...
and my twin bwuvvew Nicky, and his sissy Jenny , who is my half sistew..
oh yes and a pictoowe of cocktails, wif a note fwom BobT Beaw on it about fwolicking.
on the side..Mommi keeps wecipes...she can see this fwom the sink and countew, and a doggie holding notes
this is my favowite pawt of the fwidge..ackshually , it's the only pawt I can see..it's down on my level...a pictoowe of my StanlyPupboy Sweatheawt, and a twuck full of love he sent me

now fow the inside...
the fweezew has umm ,bevewages, and paprika, and fwosty paws..that's it..in NYC, we buy fwesh!

the fwidge pawt, has essentials..like eggs, and punkin, and pate, and cheese, and buttew, and yoguwt, and olives, and salami, and Milk and Pwosecco, and limoncello, and seltzew, cooling eye mask fow Mommi, and of couwse.....................................................espwesso coffee..without which my Daddi would die

and did I mention WALLYMELON?????????

this is me in England Dweaming of having some...pwetty wevealing these fwidges awen't they??

Show me youws if you haven't aweady done so..and

Most impowtant..
don't fowget to make you pawsitive thoughts fly to Jackson!!!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Lacie ,Scruffy and babyStan have pwayew flags up on Mt. Evewest fow him..I pway that ouw thoughts awe hewd.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


It's Myrna again..this week went weally fast, and I've had to keep my smelling salts vewy close all the time....I even got a vewy special bootiful bottled one fwom Italy, and i twied Doga, and I twied Bwandy to calm my newves, but all to no avail...Evewytime I heaw my beloved's name..I pass out..just thinking of him...klunk...(Myrna ha to be wevived)

See what I mean??
So , I have come to a decision..I have to go stay wif...you know....and get used to being neaw him, and maybe that will solve all my pwoblems

this week, while keeping the salts close by, I've been looking at Bwidal magzazines

I also saw Mommi's Vogue, and thought someone had taken clandestine photos of me and ..you know...I had to look twice...they look so much like us

Evewything I see and wead seems to be about my upcoming wedding

I had to stop looking, cause I kept seeing HIM ..and guess what happened...well Asta has othew things to do besides weviving me, so I asked fow hew help in packing a few essentials fow my twip to Pittsbuwgh

I'm vewy lucky to have such a nice sissy, cause wifout hew, I don't know how I could have gotten done..my mind was on othew things

wish me luck!...... ...love and wheeley smoochiesMyrna

Asta weceived these wondewful awawds, and she is vewy gwateful and happy to have such wondewful fwiendz

My sweet Angel LacyLulu and hew Bwuvvews Rocky and Beaw gave me this bootiful awawd..Thank you so vewy much!!! They nevew fowget a biwfday ow a huwt ow lost doggie..they awe the best wecepients fow this awawd!
The Big Red Bow is now an award of special recognition, for always reminding us to wish each other well and cheer each other on. They are like a bow that ties all of us together.

I'd like to pass it on to Huskee Boy, Joey and Tanner, Gussie,and Lenny, and Lacie,Scruffy and babyStan
my new fwiends the OP pack pwesented me wif this lovely awawd..I weally appweciate it !!!!

I'd like to pass this on to Petey, BenBenjamin, Jake and Just Harry(the Barkalotboyz), and Mango, ( I know most of you have aweady gotten this awawd, but I think you'we so bwilliant, that you should have it again)
smoochie kisses

Monday, July 28, 2008

Updates on FWIENDS

Don't despaiw evewyone..just keep thinking pawsitive thoughts and wooting fow them..you can do so much wif youw doggie enewgy..you have no idea!!!
Us nuwsies awe just letting Jackson west wight now

and Snickews is patiently waiting, and we'we just twying to keep hew still and entewtained

Update!!!! I just weceived this lettew...
Hey Pals, Just wanted to tell you first that I have NO liver problems!!! Mama is soooooo happy right now. She already went to the vet quick to get my medication. I start on 1/4 gram 2 times per day of the Phenobarbital. The vet is hoping I don't need to increase the dose. It will take 2 weeks to get into my system well, so I could have some small seizures in that time period. After that time, then if I have any, they up the dose a bit. My weight is right in between 2 different dosages so the vet opted for the lower dose. So that's why I might need to up it later on. He also said I could act a bit spacey while I adjust to the medicine. (we'll just tell my other pals I was drinking Lacie's smoothies, tee hee!) Thanks so much for everyone's paws & prayers. We know they helped me out!!! Luv & Wirey Hugs! Snickers, Butchy & Mama
while we wait fow those wesults..I wushed ovew to Snowball's house to massage hew back..she has constant pwoblems and pain fwom it fow a long time now

and finally, I went to see my dawling Fwiend Noah, who has awfuw -Itis.. It's quite cold in Austwalia, so I built him a fiwe..we awe doing spa thewapy..while he thinks of tweats and his beloved...I am massaging his back

(his sissy Tess had to have hew cwacked toof pulled, but is feeling pwetty good, thank dog)

Pleez keep youw paws cwossed fow all these fwiends and fow any othews you know who awe feeling poowly like Dakota

Sunday, July 27, 2008

twying to keep patients entewtained

Aftew leaving Lacie and Agatha at Snickers' house...I wan ovew to Jackson's
we awe anxiously awaiting the wesults of his tests..
he was getting westless and needed cheewing up, so I did my silly nuwsie dance fow himm
I think he was stunned.....but aftew a while I got him to giggle and get his mind off his ouchies.
( i couldn't wait to get those silly platfowms off.. and change, but anything fow a fwiend!!!)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Awwival in Iowa & Calling my bootiful , single Giwlfwiends

sent fwom my eye-fone fwom IOWA

I've awwived at Snickers' house and she is comfowtable..
we awe awaiting the wesults of hew tests fwom the dogtow..meantime , we awe making suwe she is comfowtable and entewtained

now anothew topic.....
it has come to my attention that my good fwiend and pwotege, Petey,has placed a pawsonal add in the hopes that bootiful , pupgiwls will wespond, and see what a gweat guy he is......

and guess what..he's hawdly gotten any giwls wesponding..I can't believe this..he is fantastic, and any pupgiwl would be lucky to have him as a boyfwiend..so what's going on Giwls??

I hope all of you awe well..I have to go plug in my fone now..my battewy is going

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Last night I just couldn't sneep..I was so wowwied about Jackson and Snickers...it was 5:30 AM
and I was still up.

I went to the living woom to look out the window and pondew life

Evewything was so bootiful and peaceful..the lights wewe still on, but the sky was getting lightew...even NJ looked nice

I know that you must think this is noisy cause thewe awe caws and twucks fow the meatmawket..but it was silent as anything

So why can't things stay peaceful, and ouw fwiendses healthy and happy , and not in pain?
I paced and thought and thought, and I couldn't figoowe it out...
I guess the best I can do is go and help..so I'm on my way to Snickewrs' wight now..
My BFF Lacie is joining me, and hopefully Agatha will also come, cause thewe is a lot to do...we need to keep the pawents spiwit up doowing all this too, as well as comfowting and cawing fow ouw patientses.

Myrna thanks you fow all the good advice...I think hew favowites wewe spending mowe time wif Gilbewt, and pawhaps having a dwop of bwandy to calm hew.

Asta is off again...Myrna's dilemna and anothew gweat awawd

As many of you may know..My Sweet Gilbewt pwoposed to me and I accepted wif a joyfull heawt
I should be delewiously happy and jumping fow joy..cause this is a dweam come twue, and Gilbewt is a wheeley among wheeleys and a dweamboat besides!
( I even have Opal volunteewing to be my flowew giwl since she is the smallest wheeley)

howevew, we have wun into a snag in ouw pwepawations fow my dweam wedding

Evewytime I think about My Fiancee Gilbewt..the blood wushes to my head and I faint dead away fwom Joy...Asta says this could be a majow obstacle to ouw wedding planning....she has wevived me sevewal times wif snout to snout wecussitaion..and she got me a jumbo jaw of smelling saltses
In the midst of my happiness, thewe is also the dawk cloud of some wevolution bwewing among the wheelies.....I hate stwife, and I don't want ouw doggies to not love us...so I'm totally against this..plus it's making me even mowe succeptible to passing out..
so fow now ,I'm keeping the extwa stwength smelling salts by my side at all times.

Pleez let me know if you have any advice, cause this is tewwible
many thanks , wheeley smoochies MYRNA

ASTA :as if we wewen't aweady ovew awed by so many awawds,
My Dawling fwiend GAIA,  sent me this awawd a while ago, and I'm sowwy I'm just now thanking hew.....and today, I weceived the same one fwom Freckles and Deb...I'd like to pass it on to my fwiend Petey 

I know the wules say I'm supposed to pass it on to seven fwiends, but all my fwiends have aweady weceived this..if by chance you havent' pleez take it wif my love and admiwation.

I am sad to wepowt that my nuwsing is wequiwed again..Deaw Miss Snickers had anothew sewies of seizuwes last night, and my sweet Jackson is undewgoing a bunch of howwid tests.
I'm packed and weady to go..fiwst to Iowa, and then when Jackson's wesults come back, to England.

I'll be wunning back and fowf between the two ..I'm wishing vewy hawd that all these tests help to figoowe out what's going on and how to tweat it to make them well again.....
Pleez cwoss youw paws and pway that ouw fwiends wecovew!!!
smoochie kisses

Monday, July 21, 2008

Snickers' BirfdayBash, and ovewdue awawds

I know it looks like I'm being shelfish, but in fact, I was giving them advice on how to woo theiw sweetie pies

photo by Asta

fwom lowew left clockwise: Jackson,babyStan,Archie,Lenny,Butchy,Flash,Kirby,Sweed William,Sam I Am,Noah,Boy,Toby,Eduardo,Eric in his owange waincoat,Rudy,Scruffy,Gussie,Huskee boy, Peanut.....
the smallew ciwcle stawts wif Tannew doing his welaxing WHATSUPPPPPP, Mack,PeteyDewey,Joey,Chef,Rocky and Mitch

I'm so behind wif posts..these wewe given to me a while ago, and I still have othew things I haven't gotten to, but hewe's a stawt

I want to thank my fwiends who have given me these awawds:

the Arte-y-Pico
this was given to me fiwst by Petey, then Hershey and Kaci, the 4 Bs and Abby
Thank you all so vewy much!!!!!!!

In accordance with the rules set by Arte-y-Pico we must clearly state THE RULES...so grab a pawtini and make yourselves comfy....here you go...

1. You have to pick FIVE blogs that you consider deserve this award for creativity, design, interesting material and also contribute to the blogger community regardless of language.

2. Each award has to have the name of the author and a link to his/her blog to be visited.

3. Each award winner has to show the award and put the name and link to the blog that has given him/her the award itself.

4. Award winners and the one who has given the prize have to show the link of the "Arte-y-Pico" blog so everyone will know the origin of the award.

5. In compliance with said RULES, the award winner must show the rules.

I will pass this award to Dewey Dewster, Stanley and Stella, , Wally and Ethel, Mango, Rocky,Bear and angelLacyLulu

I also got two of the most wondewful awawds fwom my gweat hooman fwiend BLue..I'm sowwy it's taken me so long to post this..

I'm not so suwe I desewve this..I don't wite poetwy and songs and wondewful stowies like so many of my fwiends..but I will tweasuwe it!..

The photogwaphy awawd means a gweat deal to me, cause I wowk vewy hawd on getting good photos of all ouw adventoowes...Thank you so vewy much Blue!

I'd like to pass this along to Patience and the whippet Waggle , Gussie and Muzzew, and Scruffy ,Lacie and babyStan and Mumsie...Petey and His hooman, and Joe Stains,Tanner and Rhoda
all of them constantly amaze me wif theiw wit

and lastly...please don't forget to vote for the best pictures of the International Goodie Exchange at Chef's photo album!

Thanks evewyone!!Have a wondewful week!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Going to Snickers' Birfday Pawty

We'we all set..Petey finally decided to bwing a pwechewed Tennis Ball as a pwesent..saying that it was mowe pawsonal that way.....whatevew..sheeesh ...boyz.........

Petey and I decided to meet on the stoop halfway between ouw two apawtments to wait fow AIW WUBY
this way we won't waste any time and can get going immediately to Butchy and Snickerw's house and stawt the celebwations!! I can hawdly wait to see all of you!!!


Friday, July 18, 2008

Finally Back

I'm finally back and sooooo vewy behind in posting...I'm finally going to stawt twying to wespond to evewyone and twy to catch up on all the stuff that Mommi has neglected.

this painting was a pwesent fwom Sassy cat (my sissy) fow attending hew Mom's birfday pawty...Thank you vewy much sissy..it was lots of fun, and I didn't expect a pwesent..you awe so thoughtful..it's twuly bootiful

Then I was given this bootiful heawt awawd fwom my good fwiend Deetz...Thank you so much sweet Deetzy..I love puffy heawts...

I'd like to pass it on to my fwiend Puttew, who is wecovewing fwom suwgewy.... to Petey, cause he's wowking so hawd taking cawe of his Mom..and to Jackson, who has a scaw on his eaw (I'm suwe it will make him even mowe handsome)......to Faya , who is expecting a new fuwwy baby......and finally to Eric Squawe Dog..to show him I love him and am cewtainly not mad at him

my BFF Lacie came ovew to go shopping fow appwopwiate outfits fow Snickew's Birfday Pawty this Weekend..as oosual, we got a little cawwied away, and almost melted in this howwific heat
this is one of the suits I got...what do you think???

Finally I got all the gifts and toys, and evewything weady to go..
I hope I don't melt while I wait fow AIW WUBY
I can't wait to see all of you thewe and celebwate ouw Dawling Miss Snickers' 6th Birfday

I've missed all of you sooooo much!

Monday, July 14, 2008


don't wowwy these fiwewowks awe all the way in Pawis, so they won't be loud ow scaiwy fow anyone just a pwetty pictoowe, hehehehehe
I think I should be on the official Fwench stamps in my sans-coulotte outfit, hehehehehe

Please go visit My Fwiend Puttew and wish hew well..she had to have emewgency suwgewy fow eating a cown cob..she needs lotsd of get well kisses and hew Mom needs calming kisses

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Presents from Faya

Deawest Fwiends

I've missed you all, and I'm not weally back fow long..Mommi has to go stay wif auntie Kawen and help hew, but hew suwgewy was successful and she's doing well!!!
Thank you fow all youw pwayews and good thoughts!!!!!!!
they wowked fow bof auntie Kawen and MY SWEET DADDI...
his tests came back negative..this means he is now 29 momfs cancew fwee!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm deliwiously happy!!!!!!!!!!
and if that wewen't enough..I gow a pwesent fwom my jolie amie FAYA

I am all Suisse now!!!!!
and you should see all the stuff Mommi got fwom Vewonique...a key chain, a tiny bag that can come out and become hooge, so you can buy things while you'we out walking and not have to get plastic bags fow them...and. it matches my leash and collaw....and.. gloves and pad to take things out of the oven, they have baby vache(cowsies) on one side, and the white swiss cwoss on a wed backgwound on the othew
It's totally wondewful...Thank you so vewy much!!!

I got a bootiful collaw and leash in the colows of the Swiss flag..I am now going to wowk fow the Swiss touwist boawd..evewyone who asks me whewe I got my bootiful accessowies, will heaw all about Switzewland and it's booties..most of all FAYA
but if you think that's all..you'we wong!

I got speckies...Fabulous pancetta(bacon) it smells divine!!! and tastes even bettew..I wanted all of it wight away, but Mommi won't let me be a piggy
and I haven't even had a chance to taste the othew bag of snacks, called zip zap(it's a vawiety of flavows)...I can hawdly wait!!!
Merci mon amie!!!!!! You awe a genewous tweasuwe!

I apologise fow the quality of the photosw and the video, but Mommi was just home fow a little while betweeen the hospital, and she was sowt of wushed......
You can see how yummie the specky is though!

I will twy to get awound to say hi to all of you in the next week..pleez be patient wif us, we just don't have the time,
but we awe thinking of all of you !!!! and hoping evewyone is happy and healthy

Please take all the smoochie kisses you need to get you thwough till I can come by youw bloggies