a tired dog is a good dog

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Eastew in the Snow

Hewo Fwiends do you still wemembew me?

 I didn't even dawe come back it's been so long since I was in Blogville.
 I hope all of you awe well and looking fowawd to a vewy Happy Eastew wif loads of tweats fwom the bunny and fun times wif youw

most of my momf has been uttewly boowing, and cold, and wet

 this is what I saw when I looked out of the window a few weeks ago
Oh, fow Heaven's sake, it's MAWCH, Not Novembew

 and it stayed that way fow the whole week

it got pwetty depwessing, and on top of that, Mommi and Daddi wewe bof sickies

I only got littol walks and couldn't weely even go womp in the snow

I was pwetty shoowe , this bwee aush bunny, was going to be the only one coming fow my Eastew

most espeshully , when i saw this 

(west assowed, thewe wewe no bunnies hawmed in this pictoowe...and no foxy tewwowists wewe involved in causing this mishap)

despite all this, eastew is coming..thewe awe signs evewywhewe, despite the bawe twees..biwdies awe singing and spwing flowews awe sold evewywhewe, even inside the Metwo stops

 the snow is melting
 and on ouw window sill the bunny is keeping watch ovew some blooms

 Mommi put out the painted eggses , and I inspected them

all is weady xept fow my eastew Bafwhich happened just befowe I stawted this post

now I'm so clean, Mommi says I look like hew littol Eastew Lambie

Have a safe and Happy Eastew
smoochie kisses


Friday, March 15, 2013

PIP and PUDDLES Appweciashun Day

Hip hip huwwah!
attenshun Blogville wesidentses
 Mayowess Madi has declawed that today is 

PIP and PUDDLES Appweciashun Day!

 so Celebwate!
get out yoow Cheesebuwgews and cheetos and beew and toast to theiw good health and then visit them and say how much they mean to you and how they have made youw life bettew by being pawt of it


 they awe being awawded the following Blogville honows- 

Pip will be bestowed the title "Blogville King of Cheesebuwgers"  

Puddles with the title 
"Blogville Queen of Mewwiment and Mayhem" 

this Dynamic Duo has given us laughs till we cwy
and bwightened ouw lives and heawts .

I am so gwateful to call them my good fwiends and have them be pawt of my life.
Evewytime I even heew theiw names I wiggle and waggle wif joy and Mommi bweaks into a gweat big smile

They will be in my heawt fuwwevew and fuwwevew

I will nevew have anothew cheesebuwgew and not think of PIP and whenevew I see beew , ow cheetos, I will giggle thinking of PUDDLES

smoochie kisses

Friday, March 1, 2013

Pip and Puddles in Boo da Pest

The day has finally awwived fow Pip and Puddles to visit me hewe at the ends of the eawf ,Boo da Pest on theiw final leg of theiw BUCKET TOOW

 I was sooo excitewed waiting and planning all the things I wanted to show them...

  I cooldn't believe my eyes..oh, Pip looks soooo handsome!
 and Puddles, ummm, well, Puddles nevew disappoints, hehehehehe
 They had tons of luggage, so I suggested they change into something mowe comfowtabull, but it tuwns out, all 
thewe was in theiw suitcases wewe cheetos and beew, 

befowe we got to my fwont doow,I gots sum flowews and  we stopped fow a quick beew at the place acwoss the stweet, then dwopped off theiw things and headed to the Mawket Hall

 I figoowed they wewe hungwy aftew theiw twavels

 They wanted evewything, but settled fow some snausage and one of the hungawian specialities , called "LÁNGOS" ...it's fwied bwead wif salt and gawlic

it's pawfect wif .....what else?.....a beew, hehehehe

we got on the "Földallatti"...it's the oldest metwo in mainland Oowope and the showtest of thwee subway lines in Booda Pest wif the last stop being "Hewo's Squawe" 
it has statoos commemowating the founding of Hungawy, ovew a thousand yeaws ago,  and Museum of fine Awts and applied Awts on the two ends of the Squawe

(it's also on the edge of the big bootiful City Pawk)

ummm, Puddles was not impwessed, but I think Pip liked all the fiewce looking Twibal Chiefs who got togethew to settle and fowm a countwy

 Since wew wewe vewy close,
we decided to go to the Szechenyi Bafs that awe in the city Pawk

Boo da Pest has tons of natoowal Hot Spwings and so it is known as a city of Bafs
(not the kind whewe you get westled into a a baftub, but the kind whewe you soak in the hot watews, and get massages and stuff)

by the time we took the Metwo home, it was dawk and we wewe exhausted 
we couldn't wait to fall into bed

Aftew ouw slumbew pawty on the big bed, we woke up kind of late and  had bweakfast in bed befowe  setting off on mowe sightseeing

aftew cwossing "Erzsébet" bwidge, we climbed up the hill in Buda
and had a picnic  wif foods Pip and Puddles bwought fwom home
(I live on the Pest side)

hewe we awe wif one of the many statoos of St Stephen 
(the fiwst king of Hungawy, he was cwowned in 1000 AD)
Pip and Puddles wanted to get a bettew view of the "Szabadság"(Libewty) Bwidge
so they climbed on his howse

also on the Buda side is the Hapsbuwg Ewa Castle so we went to look at that
Puddles wanted to see the Mythical "turul madár", a biwd that's one of hungawy's symbols

 Buda is full of hills  and Pest is Flat..the view fwom the Castle distwict is pwetty pawsome, but once again, when I pointed out the Pawlament building acwoss the Danoobe, Puddles was unimpwessed

I hoped that some pastwies would not disappoint
so I took Pip and Puddles to "Ruszwurm" one of the oldest and best coffee houses neew Twinity Squawe on the Hill

fow ouw last night, I got us sum tickets to the Opewa
Pip looked smashing, vewy Deb oh Naiw..he told me it wemind it him of all the cultoowe in his hometown of Chic a Go
we wewe all weady to have a lovely evening, but wewe politely asked to leave doo to a distoowbance

I didn't cawe..i was just happy to be togethew wif my sweet pals
we giggled all the way home, stuffing cheetos in ouw moufs

the time to say fawewell came much too soon
thewe is nevew enuff time wif those we love, but I'm so vewy vewy gwateful that Pip decided to come see me on his Bucket Toow and bwing his "nuwse" Puddles

the memowies and love will last fuwwevew

till we meet again
smoochie kisses