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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summewtime in Hungawy

Dawling Fwiendses 

Once again, I've been gone fow ages.

I hope all of you awe well and having a gweat summew!

Summew is a time when we get lots of visitows and sumetimes get to go away fow a littol holibob, and so it was this yeaw too.

We didn't leave Hungawy, but did the wegoolaw city walking wif fwiends who came to see us, and last week we gots an wondewful invitashun fwom a fwiend fwom long long ago.

Ouw fwiend is sumeone Mommi knew when she was about sixteen in Los Angeles..they wewe in the same dance gwoop, along wif auntie Juli and auntie Mawcsa too...welll...this sweet fwiend lives in Switewland , but she and hew husband have an apawtment not too faw fwom us in boo da Pest and a goawgoos vacashun house at Lake Balaton.

The time cowwesssponded wif Auntie Mawcsa and unkle Billy visiting and then going to see hew bwuddew at his vineyawd at the same lake, sooooo
we all took the twain and had a most fabooloos time

I hope you enjoy my smileybox

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I hopes that you awe all well and fowgive me fow being such an infwequent visitow
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 smoochie kisses