a tired dog is a good dog

Friday, July 31, 2009

RUBY's MOM Visits!

My bwuvvew Duffy and his mom auntie Kawen came ovew and we all awaited the landing of Aiw Wuby .
We told Wuby to land on ouw wooftop to dwop off hew Mom who had some business hewe on the East Coast.
Sadly Wuby couldn't stay, she had pawties to attend at home in Califownia, but she pwomised to come next time.

Duffy and I had lots of enewgy to get wid of while waiting. We westled

and played bitey face..he has a big mouf, hehehehe, but it was all in fun

then Auntie Michele (Wuby's Mom) finally got hewe and calmed us down. She is a wondewful young lady who knows how to give doggies maximum love..hewe she is holding the Duffstew

we let the hoomans jabbew on while we played wif my new monkey(his insides came out quickly) Duffy and I took tuwns chomping on the plastic cwinkly noise bottle

then jumped up on the sofa again to check on the hoomans ...they wewe still blabbing

then back to the bottle..Duffy has a faboolous licowice nose don't you think?

then it was time fow dinnew

powk woast on a bed of cold wice salad

and a chewwy cumbewland sauce

I taste tested it fow evewyone just to make suwe it was safe fow ouw special guest

I think evewyone liked it

You wouldn't believe what wondewful stuff Wuby sent me (she also sent pwesents fow Duffy and Petey)
This is the fabled Antlew that I've seen on some othew bloggies ,but nevew had befowe

and an owange doggie(Wuby you know me so well) Thank YOU!!!!!!!

she has special Wasta Haiw..I've nevew seen one like hew..I think she will be loads of fun
We loved having auntie Michel hewe wif us. She is fun and smawt and lovely !
We hope she'll come again and maybe even bwing sweet Wuby wif hew.
We feel so vewy lucky to meet so many bloggie fwiends. We've nevew been disappointed .


This mowning we finally got Daddi's test wesults and he's FINE!!!!!
My sissie Fewgie and bwuvvew Jake and I did a happy dance when we found out. (Daddi has decided to be Fewgie and Jake's Daddi so they wewe soopew happy along wif me)

Jake, Asta and Fergie doing the Happy Dance

I hope all of you have a wondewful weekend
smoochie kisses

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pawfect Timing

We have been getting nothing but Wain fow fuwwevew it seems

This is what happened to all the blossoms on the twees

they fell evewywhewe, even all ovew pawked caws

These pictoowes wewe taken in the five minute wecess between towwential wains and dundew when I snuck out to finally do a pee pee

it was all getting vewy boowing, but then the mail Mr. bwought me a box

It was fwom my sweet sweet fwiends babyWocket Dog and Hootie
Thewe was the sweetest note along wif it. I didn't win a contest, and it's not my Biwfday, they sent it just cause they awe genewous and thoughtful

Thewe is a whole bottle filled wif yummie cookie tweats,and Mommi gets to keep and use the pwetty wickew containew fow a bottle of wine
thewe is a sock monkey wif a cwinckly noise makew inside
and the loveliest little pink puwse just fow me

I instantly wanted to gwab it all, but as oosual, Mommi only let me pick one fow now to play wif

c'mon Mommipleezgimme

Let gooooooooooooo

finally I got my Monkey and mawched off twiumphantly

Thank you so vewy much baby Wocket Dog and Hootie!!! I love evewything and can't believe how gweat youw timing was..just when I was about to die of bowedom and wain

smoochie kisses

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wheeley wheeling wheelies

Almost Wowdless Wheeley Wednesday

Myrna spotted jogging in Greenwich Village with her children Bertie and Romy
looking fit just a few months after giving birth.
This reporter has it on good authority that Mr and Mrs Kroonsky -Kreit have purchased a townhouse in this trendy NewYork neighborhood

I spotted this item in today's Village News gossip column. Appeawantly, my sissie Mywna can't go anywhewe wifout the puppewatzy following

smoochie kisses

Monday, July 27, 2009

I've been tagged

My deaw fwiends Molly, Taffee and Monty have tagged me fow this game

hewe awe the wules:

1) open the folder that has your pet pics in it Ok , Mommi almost had a heawty attack when she twied doing this
You wemembew how I lost all my old post a few weeks ago, so Daddi was saving evewything on my pootew today in owdew to upgwade my opewating system. sounds good wight??

When mommi went to look fow a pictoowe fow this post..........no pictoowes.
She was weady to
a- dwink all the vodka in the house to become unconscious
b- leave Daddi fuwwevew because if she stayed she would have killed him

Daddi was in a panic too and called apple.....they helped...it's fixed....Mommi is still hewe and not calling Lacie fow a smoofie

2) choose one you haven't posted before

I pwobably have posted this befowe, but many of you didn't know me then, and besides all my old posts awe gone ( I guess this is one advantage..evewything is bwand new again)

3) tell its story
I was going on my fiwst adventoowe wif my pals in cybewspace.
Aiw Wuby was supposed to pick me up. I was all packed and weady and waiting, then got impatient and put on my peejammies in case I fell asneep befowe she came, but I made suwe I had my backpack wif me wif my essentials inclooding my beloved fwoggie (who has gone to stuffie heaven since then)

My Fwiend Fwed also tagged me fow the same thing, so hewe's anothew old pictoowe
this was the fiwst time Mommi showed my polka dotted tummie to the wowld. I was sowt of embawwased

4) tag 5 friends

I would like to tag my fwiends:

my wolfhound-lab fwiend fwom Ostwalia

BONNIE of Scwaps of Me
a dawling little scottie fwom Flowida


my noble Blue fwiends fwom Con eck ti cut

sweet caiwn cuties who have been gone to long, but now awe finally back!

my deaw sweet , stubbown fwiend fwom scotland who has been out of sowts lately
I hope to cheew him up

love and smoochie kisses

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Chinatown DimSum

My Pawents decided to go to Chinatown today to find Mommi a new pawasol ow a hat against the sun and since it was awound one O clock, why not go fow Dim Sum

I could almost taste it. Then they told me I had to stay home because the westauwant wouldn't let me in and besides it was going to possibly dundew and stowm.
Natoowally, I was devestated, and even mowe so when they showed me these pictoowes

it's a place called Dim Sum GoGo

they had all kinds of steamed buns and baked buns, and fwied buns
wif vegebles and shwimps, and powk and stuff

and cwab in pwetty gween dough all steamed and pinched bootifully, and wondewful dipping sauces and tea

then to make mattews wowse

they had ice cweam wifout me

evewyone in the wowld was having ice cweam except me

you'd think I'd at least get a silly toy...but noooooooo

this Mr. looks the way I felt

have you evew seen so many leechees in youw life?

ow weiwd looking coconuts,shaped like wockets that the man cut wif a machete looking knife and then would stick a stwaw in it and sell it as coconut milk dwink?

these awe dwagon fwuit..I've nevew had any..they awe supposed to be delicious and sweet
they cewtainly awe pwetty

it was a steamy hot day wif the stowm about to come..Daddi saw these chewwies and had to buy some

Mommi and Daddi finally came home, all melted fwom walking and widing on the subway. They made it in the nick of time. Soon aftew, the heavens opened and all the watew in the oonivewse was dumped on New Yowk City..I think they would have dwowned if they stayed out longew
hewe awe the chewwies they bwought home along wif some peaches and tomatoes

I got to have some of all of those...Niammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

hope all of you had a gweat weekend
smoochie kisses