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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Holybob in swissewlund pawt Deaux

Hewo Evewyfwiend, 

this is pawt two of my adventoowe in Swissewlund, whewe we go climb a mountain(ackshully climb down which is much hawdew accowding to Mommi and Daddi's knees 

I has chance to weaw my gowgoos jumpew that my Bwuddew Biwchhuwst Bentley bought fow me fwom Sowena Nute fow a chawity auckshun to help tewwiews

and Mommi was abull to achieve hew ambishun to play Heidi wif an adowabull littol goat.
 I made anofew smileybox fow yoo and hope you can see it and enjoy the bootiful scnenewy..
wish you coold have sniffed that aiw and wun awound wif me 

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smoochie kisses

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Holybobs in Swissewlund/pawt one

Hewo sweet fwiendses, it's again been ages since I posted
my apologies

I cooldn't access my bloggie fow a while( it's all a big mystewy )

anyway, My Mommi , Daddi and I wewe invited by ouw deew deew fwiend unkel Petew to cum visit him in Swissewlund last week.
it was soopew magical!
This is the fiwst time we have left Hungawy since we moved hewe a yeaw and a half ago, and it was a gwand adventoowe.  
 I gots to fly on the plane in the cabin and was complimented by all the aiw hostesses and captains .  We flewed to Zuwich, (one houw flight), the twansfewed to a flight to Geneva(half houw flight)  Mommi says the onliest pawt that takes long is to and fwom aiwepawts and all the check ins and stuff.

I wish I coold have visited my vawioos fwiends thewe, but time went Quickly and unkel Petew had the most glowwioos adventoowes fow us.

Mommi took a kazillion pictoowes and I am showing you in two pawts

today you can see Pawt one if you look at this smileybox I made fow you.

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I hope you enjoyed my holybobs and that you awe all well and having a gweat summew.
I will have the west of my twip in a few days
until then,

smoochie kisses