a tired dog is a good dog

Saturday, February 25, 2012

A wondewful Suwpwise and a sunny spwing day

Some time ago, i saw on my fwiend Fwankie Fuwtew's bloggie that he used some magic gel to keep his toofies spawkling and healthy.
I commented on it and the sweet fwiend sent me a bottle of it all the way acwoss the pond fwom Amewica to Hungawy

The postman wang my bell (he came all the way up to the fouwf floow whewe I live(this is NOT a doowman building like we had in NewYAwk, hehehehehehe)
he said thewe was a package fwom a Mw. Fwankie Fuwtew fow me

I wan awound alike a maniac twying to see it and get it fwom Mommmi

not only did it have the toofie gel, but a bootiful note fwom Fwankie and Ewnie and a big bag of people cookies!

I tasted them as soon as the box got opened and then Mommi put the gel on my toofs and it was gweat!!!!


hewe is a smileybox to show you my excitement and pictoowes of the box and lettew and Fwankie and Eawnie just so you see how handsome they awe

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today was a most gowgoos Spwing day and we wanted to go fow a big walk
we combined it wif food shopping fow a dinnew we'we having fow fwiends tomowwow night

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The Mawket is a big food Hall..wif all sowts of vendows fow vegebulls, meets, bweads, and stuff inside

aftewwawds, Daddi went to a wine stowe to get some dwinkabulls to go wif it all.

Cwoss fingews ouw fiwst dinnew fow fwiends goes well

hope all of you awe having a bootiful Spwing day too

smoochie kisses

Thursday, February 23, 2012

new fwiend and a dogtow

Hi Dawling fwiends,

I have been intwodooced to a vewy handsome Westie boy named Mawci who lives in the neighbowhood.
His Mommi is a fwiend of a fwiend and now ouw fwiend too.

We met to go fow a walk along the danoobe wivew
(Gussie, no need to wowwy, Mawci and I awe JUST fwiends)

hewe is a smileboxy of it

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Mawci also told me about his vewy nice dogtow, who is six blocks fwom my house.
He speaks pawfect English (so Daddi can talk to him too) and on top of being vewy nice, he also specializes in all sowts of aminals, so he has an efelant pictoowe on his doow
I asked him if many Efelants ow lions come to him, he said, no, he goes to them if they need him

this is his cawd

I hope I nevew get sick ow huwt, but it's nice to know I have someone I can go to if I need to

Mommi and Daddi have colds ow floo ow something, so mommi made medicin called chicken soop
 She made an enowmoos pot full

hope all of you awe healthy and well
I am cwossing my paws fow all of you who awe battling illnesses
and sending healing smoochie kisses

Monday, February 20, 2012

A bootiful Sunny day

Satuwday was a lovely day and Mommi and Daddi's fwiends called and asked if they wanted to go fow a coffee to a little town nowf of Boo da Pest
they said soowe

so I waited to see that they had left in the caw

then snukked into the kitchen

hehehehehe, I know my way awound the new apawtment aweady

know whewe my food is kept

I had a lovely time home alone
while the hoomans went wandewing awound Szentendwe
hewe is the smilebox of theiw day
hope you enjoy it (ps tuwn off the sound, smileybox wouldn't let Mommi do hew own moosic and it's sowt of iwwitating what thewe is)

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by the time they came home, I was fast asneep
a twoo innocent, hehehehe

smoochie kisses

Thursday, February 16, 2012

I've been getting a little bowed wif sitting at home while wowkmen install shelves and lamps and stuff, so Mommi and Daddi took me fow a nice walk and we found one of the doggie wuns in ouw neighbowhood.
It's too cold fow most doggies(they awen't as hawdy as me, hehehehe), and it's cetainly not as nice as my wun was in NewYawk (they don't put double doows fow safety, so Mommi and Daddi have to weely watch to make suwe I don't wun out when someone else comes in), BUT, at least it was a chance to wun fwee

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aftewawds, we went to get a little snack, Mommi is the bestest shawew evew.

In the evening, the peeps went to a concewt
they walked thwee blocks to the Danoobe fwom home and took the "villamos"(twam) five stops to get to the new Palace of Artists (Müvészek Palotája)

It's a hooge building wif sevewal concewt halls
it has wondewful a coosticks

ouw Fwiend Otto , who is a photogwaphew, collabowated with a bunch of moosicians and his pictoowes wew timed to the moosic, which was mostly jazz, but some of it had some old hungawian  moe-teefs wowked into it.

Mommi and Daddi love Otto's photos, and said some of the moosic was wondewful
but they made a discovewy,
it seems that in old time hungawian moosic they used a vewsion of a bagpipe
and Mommi says, she dislikes the hungawian one just as much as the othew one, hehehehe
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by the time they got home, the wind was blowing like mad, and the outside shuttews wattled all night..by this mowning, thewe was almost no snow left anywhewe..it all blewed away

I hope all of you had a most wondewful Valentine's day ( I cewtainly did wif my sweetie Gussie and all my pals fwom Blogville)

smoochie kisses

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pillars of Strength

Today is a special day for K http://romp-roll-rockies.blogspot.com/. The power of the paw throughout blogland will surely bring comfort and spread love. Sometimes love is just enough.

Pleez go and show youw love and suppowt fow this wondewful family and especially K who is battling the howwibull C

smoochie valentine kisses

Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's gweetings and anothew week in Boo da Pest

Hi evewyone
I'm getting weady fow the big Blogville Valentine's day bash
I'm hoping my Gussie gets hewe soon to pick me up

I'm a little chilly in this outfit, but I wanted to look good fow my valentine

I also have to take a change of clothes for my pawfowmance wif PAws Bang
my band wif Pip and Honeybuzz(if we can find hew,,she's been MIA wecently)

in the meantime, pleez enjoy anothew smileybox of ouw week in Boo da Pest

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wif love and smoochie kisses

Monday, February 6, 2012

Baby, it's cold outside!

Well , as you pwobabully know, it's COLD hewe, but don't wowwy
we awe all snug and wawm inside
i just go out fow quick walks and then back again into my wawm chaiw ow sofa ow bed
hewe awe some scenes fwom ouw snowy city
hope you can see it and enjoy

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Mommi of couwse now has a cold, and that's hew newest excoose fow not giving me my bloggie time,
honestly, i need a new secwetawy
but pleeez don't give up on me, i am detewmined to come visit all of you vewy soon
smoochie kisses

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Getting closew to the finish

Hi evewyone fwom fwosty Boo da Pest

Mommi is too tiwed to move, but guess what?
the boxes awe finally gone, and thewe is a fwidge and gas and oven , and she even managed to make the washing machine wowk, heheheh..think it's easy?
guess again..it's tiny, and thewe awe a kajillion intewnational(hmm, not known to the US symbols that you have to figoowe out so it acshooally dwains and then the same machine dwies the clothes..only took hew all day fow one tiny load, hehehehe

hewe awe mowe scenes fow youw viewing plesoowe

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I'm hoping this means that pwetty soon, she'll play wif me and even , dawe I hope, will evenshooly have time to come awound and visit all of you
pleeez keep being patient

smoochie kisses