a tired dog is a good dog

Monday, May 30, 2011

Pip's Blogovewsawawy

My deew fwiend Pip is having a Blogovewsawawwy today and I hope all of you go to visit.
He is having a pawty fow soopewhewoes and you won't believe youw eyes how gweat evewyone looks

hewe is Pip who as the Dog knight is giving wides in his new wed wagon and donating a hooge $1.00 to the Joplin  Humane Society
Remember for every comment a dollar will be donated to the Joplin Humane Society and the animal victims of the tornado.  so join me

and ouw pals fwom the Blogville in fighting Evil and doing good

Speaking of Doing good
My sweetheawt Gussie and Muzzew have been having an auction of some cool items to help Butchy's family wif theiw big vettie bills and I am sad to say, thewe has been vewy little activity on theiw bloggie..Thewe is still a tiny bit of time left, so pleez go look and maybe bid on something
Thank you so vewy much

smoochie kisses

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Peeps on Pawade

Hewo Evewyone!!!! Happy Memowial Day weekend
My good fwiend Sawge is hosting a most fun event this weekend

We'we supposed to talk about ouw Peeps, so hewe goes,
pleez fowgive me if you've heawd this a thousand times befowe
My peeps awe fwom way back in the stone age, so thewe is lots to covew, hehehe

as most of you have heawd, Daddi was in the vewy Fiwstest Peace Cowps gwoop and helping othews and being loving and genewoos has aways been pawt of his natoowe
He was bowned in Pawsylvania, but didn't stay thewe aftew high School.
Daddi could be comfowtabull anywhewe, in the city, ow countwy, in any pawt of the wowld cause he's coowious and fwiendly and loves to leawn new stuffs

He gots a Piled high and Deep degwee in Echo Nomics and became a pwofessow
He is a faboolous teachew  and a vewy calm and laid back sowt of guy

He was mawwied befowe Mommi and has a bootiful Hooman dogtew who is my Pink sissie
but then, aftew being alone fow many yeaws, he met Mommi and she captoowed him despite his nevew wanting to get mawwied again

Mommi is the awpawsite chawactew fwom Daddi.
She is volatile and gets happy and sad weally quickly and can't live anywhewe except a city full of peeps awound hew
.(She's scawed of the countwyside and dawk lonely places..I pawsonally think wunning away all night fwom Hungawy to Austwia  , walking all night long ovew fwozen cown fields and getting shot at occasionally didn't help )
She was bowned in Budapest, Hungawy and had to escape wif hew pawents when she was eight yeaws old and thewe was  a wevolution. She lived in Bewn Switzewland fow thwee yeaws befowe coming to the United States.
Eventooally she wound up in Califownia fow High School and Univewsity.  Being an obedient sowt of giwl , she went along wif hew pawents plans to go to Pwe med at UCLA, but hew heawt wasn't in it.  All she wanted to do was dwaw and paint and wead books and play the piano

Aftew she mawwied Daddi, she wowked all day and went to painting school all night and finally in 1980
she gots hew first exhibit in Austwia

She looks pwetty smug huh?????
Fow suwe she was convinced she would be a famoos paintew HAH!
The best laid plans of mice etc.....

Bof Mommi and Daddi loved to twavel and because my Gwammpapa moved back to Hungawy aftew Gwmmommi died, they went to visit evewy yeaw and stopped in many places along the way

They wewe a giggly paiw always

the mowe they twaveled, the less they like living in LA whewe all theiw time was spent dwiving somewhewe..wowk, buying food, looong way to see fwiends .  They thought  "why can't we live somewhewe whewe thewe awe places to walk and many kinds of peeps?"

so , they moved to NewYawk City and found theiw pawfect place by the Hudson Wivew
(at the time Daddi wowked fow a bank besides his teaching and they wewe luckily willing to pay fow the move)

as the bestest bonus, they wewe finally able to get theiw dweam woofie Nikki
 (all the places they lived in LA nevew allowed doggies)

Aftew Nikki, they couldn't live wifout a doggie evew again and soon thewe wewe thwee wiwy kids in the apawtment..evewyone thought they wewe nuts, but they wewe in heaven

The yeaws passed and Nowa and Chawlie wewe the onliest ones left, 
Mommi aways had sevewal pawt time jobs and continood painting and having exhibits but she cewtainly nevew gots wich ow famoos

Daddi got attacked by the howwibull big C, and Mommi had to have a stent put in hew awtewy
Little Nowa got sick and left them faw too eawly and they swowe, they would nevew get anothew doggie cause the pain of losing hew was just too much.
Fow the fiwst time in many yeaws, the house was silent and they hated it

Sooooo, I came along and completed the family again

I twaveled wif them to Wome and discovewed the delights of Gelato.

Then life got hawdew and hawdew cause Daddi lost his big job and only had teaching  and that didn't even pay the went

some angels thought they should still have a chance to twavel and sent them to Pawis and London fow theiw 35th aminevewsawawy

Daddi has been Cancew Fwee fow five yeaws and still is the best kissew and the sweetest, bestest Daddi I know

Mommi  is still painting and not being successful ow famoos

I don't know what the footoowe will bwing, but as long as we'we togethew it's all good

I hope all of you have a most wondewful Memowial Day weekend and I would like to honow and give thanks to all those soldiews who have pwotected us all this time.

smoochie kisses

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

On the wings of Love..fly away sweet Butcho

Today is my fawewell, NOT goodbye, just godspeed to my sweet cousin Butcho
I'm giving you my smoochies to take along till we meet again

He is flying bwavely ovew the wainbow bwidge to join his angel sissie Snickews

Pleez send him youw kisses  to ease his jouwney and to take to all ouw angels aweady thewe waiting fow him

 his flight plan is 5:00PM US centwal time

 Tonight look up and see his shining staw in the heavens.  It will be buwning extwa bwight. 
This is my view fwom my woof, but I know all of you, his fwiends thwoughout the wowld, will see it fwom whewevew you awe

fawell sweet Butcho..you will stay in my heawt fuwwevew

Pleez know that we will all take good cawe of Katie and Sylvestew, Hootie, Wuby, Scuby, Zeke and youw sweet loving Mama

smoochie kisses

Tuesday, May 17, 2011



He and his family need all ouw stwength now..
Pleez go and give them youw love and  help at this  vewy difficult time

he is wondewful and bwave

I will be wif you and cwoss my paws and suppowt you and give you my stwength

You and Snickews wewe my fiwst wiwy fwiends and then I discovewed to my delight that we awe welated. I don't undewstand the unfaiwness of life..but I do undewstand that love is biggew than any monstew  attacking any of us.

smoochie kisses always

Monday, May 9, 2011

An Outing to see Fwiends

Hewe I am wif Daddi in bootiful Gwand Centwal Station getting weady to go to see my good fwiends Smitty,Jennie and Ozzie and of couwse theiw Moms

you should see all the hoomans stawing at me and coming ovew to tell me how nice it was to have a "Thin Man Doggie"  hewe at the station...

Metwo Nowf Wailwoad lets doggies on wifout a bag..evil Amtwack won't let you on even in a bag,  jewks...luckily, going up the Hudson Wivew you can use Metwo Nowf

the scenewy is lovely all along the wivew wif lots of fwesh gween to look at

Daddi and I had a love fest

I got vewy excited knowing we wewe almost thewe

Smitty and his bootiful sissie wif the silky haiw and long cuwly eaws (Jessie) yanked theiw Mom to come welcome me

hewe I am telling Smitty how nice it is hewe in Beacon NewYawk

 fwom thewe his Mom Joanne dwove us to Hyde Pawk to meet up wif Ozzy and his Mom Jen and take a big walk on the gwounds of the Vandewbilt Mansion  wif them
(Mommi and Daddi went in to toow the mansion while I got to hang out wif my fwiends)

hewe is a smile box wif some mowe pictoowes fow you to see if you want

Click to play this Smilebox collage
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we got caught in a hooge dundew dowm and sat on benches undew a pawtico and waited fow it to pass so we could get back to the caw..luckily, all of us awe tewwibully bwave and not scawed of the noise
When the sun came back out, we found a vewy nice dinew whewe we could sit outside and have a yummie lunch

befowe I knew it, it was time to catch the twain home

while we waited fow the twain, we walked out towawds the watew to see the bootiful views acwoss the Hudson wivew and to the nowf the Catskill Mountains..

the sky kept changing fwom light  to dawk wif the most wondewful  clouds  and lots of fwesh aiw

Daddi spotted this lovely biwdie sunning himself and made me look

It was time to say goobye and thank them fow a most wondewful day

back on the twain I took one last look and then cuwled up and snept on the west of the twip

We got back to the city and it was still light..it was a gowgeous day all ovew NewYawk

we waited fow a cab and then wode home..in just a few minutes
...I loved my twip, but thewe is no place like home
(Mommi an dDaddi awe twying vewy hawd to figoowe out how we can stay hewe to live and that is why she is not helping me to visit all of you..pleez be patient wif me)

smoochie kisses

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Selling PIP's house

I hope all of you had a vewy happy Cinco de Mayo
I was neglected as oosual these days, so I went ovew to Lacie's house and we twied on clotheses and dwank hew mawgawita smoofies and danced the day away
(you might wecognise ouw dwesses fwom last yeaw..we awe vewy fwoogal and keep evewything)

Hi sweet fwiends, Mommi is twying to help me , I pwomise, but she's still pwetty useless, , but I gots this wequest fwom my good fwiend Fwankie Fuwtew the mayow of Blogville and we just couldn't wefoose
hewe is what Fwankie wote:
"Hi everybuddy,
    As you know our furend    PIP    is trying to sell his house...  butt not having much luck.   Well, Last week Jazzi came up with a super post to try to help him..   and that gave Puddles... an   IDEA!!!   She thought we could all help Pip to sell his house by having a HOOOOOOGE Picture posting... on FRIDAY... it will SURPRISE  Pip and help to cheer him up...   and well , just be FUN to do. "

     Thanks Jazzi fur the Idea and Thanks Puddles fur making the Badge fur us.

now you may not know it, but I am a cewtified house inspectow
(hewe I am making suwe that the little house in ouw wun is in pawfect shape) 
and I have inspected PIP's house is in exceptional shape and a wondewful deal!!!
I expect it to be sold vewy vewy soon so that Pip and his family can be happy and stop wowwying thank you fow youw considewation and west assoowed I am not getting a fee fow this, hehehehehe, OK, maybe a cookie

I apologise fow not visiting any of you, but you know, I still have the same useless Mommi
I will twy to nag gently convince hew that  she needs to  get back to my fwiends befowe I lose them all.

smoochie kisses