a tired dog is a good dog

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Anothew Boowing Day

It's been waining all week and I'm getting quite bowed wif it..
It seems that this yeaw it's often eithew too hot , ow too wainy to go play at the wun

on top of that Daddi is on the pootew all day  and Mommi is wunning to a diffewent dogtow evewyday to  check evewything befowe hew insoowance wuns out  at the end of the momf
She does come back and twies to play wif me, but by then sometimes , I can't believe it

at least I get to weaw my bootiful waincoat
( you pwobably aweady saw this pictoowe..it's an old one, but since mommi hasn't taken new ones, I'm fowced to use these)
and Mommi can weaw hew gweat Wellibobs

Tomowwow , Mommi has hew minow eye suwgewy, so I might not be able to come visit , but I WILL be thinking of you and sending
Smoochie kisses

Monday, August 23, 2010

Satuwday dinnew at Duffy's

Auntie Kawen and my bwofuw Duffy invited us to dinnew Satuwday
(they have been so wondewful cheewing us up about the no wowk stuff)

so we walked ovew to theiw house..thewe's always intewesting stuff to see on the way

like this cool twuck full of waffles and dinges(That means stuff in bell gym ese)

I wanted to taste some, but was told no since we wewe going fow dinnew and it supposedly would spoil my appetite(as if!)

we haf to walk past Washington squawe Pawk to get to Duffy's house and it's now full of wetuwning NYU stoodents and moosic and stuff

I twied to entice  my pawents wif the fwagwance of this cake and shake twuck, but they wouldn't buy me anything thewe eithew,  sheeesh, a giwl could stawve awound hewe

Mommi just dwagged me past it that we wewe a bluw

I complained so much, that Momi gave my leash to Daddi and said, "OK Asta see if you like walking wif your Daddi bettew"

we always like to check out the books fow sale along the way..I love to eat, ummm, I mean wead books

finally we wewe wifin sight of Duffy's building..he and I can tell when the othew is wifin a few blocks 

we wewe welcomed wif the oosual wondewful tweats 
Aftew some mad zoomies that awe obligatowy when you fiwst see each othew, we settle down to checking out the available foodables

and scwitchies and love

I fowgot to take pictoowes of the most delicious dinnew, but this is what we did when it was time fow dessewt, hehehehe
(we like making auntie Kawen giggle)

all that  makes us sneepy..Duffy cuwled up and snept

I just welaxed, and got weady fow the walk home wif a full tummie and a smile on my face

Thank you auntie Kawen and Duffy
We had a wondewful time
smoochie kisses

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

don't fowget  International Homeless Animals Day this coming Saturday, August 21st.

Pleez twy to do something to make a diffewence fow all those fuwwkids  who awen't lucky enuff to  have lives like us
go see Bocci and Tank's sites fow ideas and explanations of what you can do..it doesn't have to be a big deal, but all of us can make a diffewence

thank you sweet fwiends
smoochie kisses

Monday, August 16, 2010

Plans and Weality

Wemembew last summew???

I got to go to  a bootiful lake
I was supposed to be thewe this last week again

eating yummies wif Mommi and fwiends
swimming in spawkling cleaw watew

getting tweats fow doing something I love to do anyway and seeing Mommi laughing

instead...this is what I got to do a few of the days last week

cool off in the tiny pool at the wun

but as I told Mommi, doggies don't whine about what could be, we enjoy what we have
(I'm twying to teach hew)
smoochie kisses and cwossed paws fow little Tigew at the Pittie Pack..please go and give them youw love and help if you can (it's descwibed on Mona's bloggie)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I dwag Mommi back to the pootew and celebwate Duffy's Biwfday

Deew Fwiendses..It's been ages since i talked to you and it made me so sad not to know how all of you awe.

I had a big talk wif Mommi and said I undewstand that things awe hawd fow hew and Daddi wight now, but I miss my fwiends  who have all wallied awound us and send theiw love and good wishes and awe twying hawd to help us out of ouw mess. So  she said, she would  help me blog as much as she could

Yestewday was my baby bwofuw Duffy's second Biwfday, and although Mommi won't go out of the house (hew eye is still a mess and she doesn't want to be seen by othew hoomans)
we asked him and his Mom Auntie Kawen to come ovew to celebwate
Duffy, being a shy type couldn't believe it was all fow him
I whispewed my good wishes in his bootiful eaws
and then he saw the fantastic cawd i had witten him-the cawd is most bootiful and was designed by Ewic's squaweMom 
(Duffy is  vewy conscious of  awt and design and was bowled ovew by this bootimous cawd)
hehehehehe, I know this looks like some stwange  six-legged,two-headed squawe dog, but it's ackshually, Duffy and I bof sampling the yummies fwom auntie Kawen't hand
it's Pwo Shoo Toe and melon  twust me, it's fantaboolous!!!!
well, that whetted ouw appetite, so we asked auntie Kawen to pick a pizza to be delivewed fow a second couwse
tah dah!!!!
we needed a little west aftew that, hehehe
but then I discovewed a most delicious smell coming fwom the top of the piano,and asked Duffy to come help me figoowe out what it was    
it was a scwumptious cake auntie Kawen baked fow Duffy's Biwfday!!!
it had Cawwots and Peamut Buttew and cweam cheese!!! YUMMMMMMM , plus it was gowgeous and had these soopew buffulo sticks (ow something)all awound

I tested the fwosting to make suwe it was good enuff to eat fow Duffy, hehehehehe
sadly, the pawtions wewe tiny(something about me having gained a pound in the last six momfs..well, if I told you how much Mommi has gained , she wouldn't be too thwilled , I can tell you, and yet she keeps eating)
Duffy made a special wish fow all doggies to be safe and happy and fow motowcycles to disappeaw fwom awound whewe he is( he is vewy scawed of the noise they make)
Since he didn't weally like the Pwo Secko I offewed him befowe, I thought I would give him a mowe manly bwew
(I had put this aside fow a special occasion..it was given to me by my sweet Jake and Fewgie bwofuw and sissie when they visited a few weeks ago)
he became quite silly aftew that..
Happy Biwfday my sweet baby Bwofuw Duffy!!!!!!!!!!
Again, I would like to thank all of you, my twoo fwiends, who awe making Mommi and Daddi not lose hope and awe giving us the help and couwage to keep going.
I will twy to come awound and visit in the next few days..Please know you awe always in my heawt!!!!! and nevew out of my thoughts.
smoochie kisses

Sunday, August 1, 2010


You can't imagine the joy, when the day finally awwived that I would get to meet in pawson wif my adoptewed sissie Fewgie and Bwofuw Jake

We decided quite a while ago, that we wanted to be a family, even though we live on opposite sides of this gweat big countwy

I sat impatiently waiting fow them to awwive

Fewgie and Jake's Momma and hooman sissie Nina have been taking them on a most wondewful hoomongous summew twip..meeting soo many fuwwfwiends along the way, and now it was ouw tuwn..they wewe hewe in Manhattan finally

Jakey is an explowew and bwavely got up on the window sill to look at the sights out ouw window
 while my sissie Fewgie cautiously explowed the apawtment

 the gweat thing was , they felt comfowtable, and we loved each othew immediately just like I knew we would

...all thwee of us walking togethew down the blazing hot stweets
we stopped fow a west and a snack at  one of my favowitest samich places in the village
ouw expectations wewe not in vain..we got some yummies(how could anyone wesist those faces of theiws?)

then ouw walk took us all the way to Washington Squawe Pawk
and thankfully to the fountain...Jakey was the fiwst to scope it out
then bof Fewgie and I got intewested
(doesn't Fewgie have  the loveliest smile???)
the spway of watew was soo welcome..it was a nothew blasted hot day 
(auntie Sally was just so happy that we wewe togethew and loved each othew)
we continood ouw toow and I showe  them my favowite bookstowe. I discovewed Fewgie's love of books(look how happy she looks)
we wewe anxious to go wead(ow possibly to get out of the heat, hehehehehe)

finally at home, it was time fow cocktails and Jakey and Fewgie joined wight in

then a little snooze befowe dinnew

somehow  Mommi got to busy to take pictoowes of us eating, but west assowed, we all got nibbles and tastes

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The next mowning, we wewe set to have anothew gweat day togethew, stawting wif shawing Mommi's toast
it seems the love of toast wuns in the family, hehehehehehe

 wif full tummies we all settled down fow a mid mowning nap

then all of a sudden, thewe was unhappiness, and we felt it ,
we got westless and didn't know what to do
(Daddi called and told mommi he was coming home because he no longew had his job)
Jake hugged Mommi and licked hew teaws

I'm so sowwy that they had theiw good time wuined by ouw moods, but wew'e so gwateful fow all the love and suppowt they gave us
now Fewgie and Jake and Auntie Sally and Nina Giwl awe on theiw way again..seeing mowe fwiends, having lovely adventoowes..you'll be able to see those when you visit theiw bloggie

as fow me..I don't know what the footoowe will bwing..

Wight now..all is up in the aiw

I know I love all of you and miss you when I can't visit..
I know I've aweady missed a lot of things and hope you undewstand..
Mommi is vewy non compass mentals wight now

smoochie kisses