a tired dog is a good dog

Friday, August 31, 2007

Barn Art

I had a vewy exciting day yestewday..my pawents and I dwove to LI to hang some of Mommi's paintings in a summer bawn show..thewe awe going to be 6 ow 7 awtists pawticipating..and all the awt will be in two bawns..it will be open ovew the holiday weekend and Labow day..the whole pwopewty is fenced in so I was allowed totally off leash..this has NEVER happened befowe...WOW I wan and gawdened and played with Stella who lives thewe ,but wouldn't pose fow photos

It was a hooge bootiful gawden

I went into the bawn with my pawents to help hang the paintings..hewe awe some of the paintings Mommi put up.......aftewawds I got to go explowe some mowe, but I've never been in such a big place off leash,and it took me a while to sepewate fwom Mommi and get bwave

All the paintings awe in the bawn xcept fow the next one which is at the entwance

After hanging the paintings we were vewy hot,and the nice hoomans who owned the place said why don't you take a swim?..so Mommi wan and jumped in the pool
I was stawing at my Mommi so hawd while she was swimming ,that all of a sudden I fell in...it was supew embawwasing, luckily only my Mommi saw,and we swam and laughed about it
A little west and dwying off in the sun aftew all the wunning awound,and the pool twauma
It's the end of a vewy fun day...so it's back to the caw and the long dwive home..as you can see I'm weawing Stanley's banana awound my neck..it gives smoochie by wemote

Wednesday, August 29, 2007



I was tagged by my NOMSSF Sophia,and then Gussie and Stanley also tagged me fow the same game,heheh....

Here are the rules:Use the 1st letter of your name to answer each of the questions.They must be real places, names, things … nothing made up! You CAN’T use your name for the boy/girl name question. If your name happens to start with the same letter as mine, sorry, but you can’t use my answers!

My name: Asta

1. Famous Singer: Astrid Gilberto
2. Four letter word: AssH
3. Street: Andrasi Ut(it's in Budapest)
4. Colour: Azure Blue
5. Gifts/Presents: Apple fow the Teachew
6. Vehicle: Aston-Mawtin
7. Things in a Souvenir Shop: Ashtways
8. Boy Name: Awthur
9. Girl Name: Amarillis(my Mommi ,heheheh)or Agatha
10. Movie Title: Aftew the Thim Man, Another Thin Man, theAwful Twuth, All dogs go to Heaven
11. Drink: Absinthe
12. Occupation: Abalone Diver
13. Celebrity: Anouk Aimee
14. Magazine: Allure
15. U.S. City: Aces of Diamonds, Fl(honest)
16. Pro Sport: Awchewy
17. Fruit: Avocado
18. Reason for Being Late for Work: Amnesia
19. Something You Throw Away: Aftewthought
20. Things You Shout: Achoooooooooo
21. Cartoon Character: Archie

I'm weally tiwed so I'm going to sneep now, I hope all you pups had a wondewful day

I now tag, Scruffy and Lacie, Huskee Boy, and Finnegan

Monday, August 27, 2007

Middle Name Game

I was tagged by sevewal of my fwiends a while ago for the middle name game....I technically don't have a middle name, but my Mommi calls me Pupcake all the time,so I guess that's my middle name

P wecocious
U rbanista
P layful
C hawming
A rtistic
K issie enthusiast
E fficient destwoyer of toysI think by now evewy pup has been tagged fow this ,but if by chance you haven't,pleeze considew youwself tagged
smoochie kisses, Asta

Sunday, August 26, 2007

A vewy lazy 11momf Birfday weekend

In the mownings, I always have bweakfast in bed with my Mommi....this day was no diffewent, and she said we were going to have a vewy lazy weekend..but it was my 11 momf birfday, so I hope something will happen
so...aftew bweakfast,we went to the wun, where I played and wan 'till my fwiend Petey's Mom gave me Zen indoocing ear and tummy wubs
We went home and didn't do much till dinner,
you can see me peecking ovew the table at the back,that's my hooman sistew looking at me(she thinks I'm spoiled)

After dinner it was time fow dessewt!!!!My MOmmi knows what I like..finally it felt like a birfday celebwation!

Auntie Kawen gave me some ninilla ice cweam too
OK ,I know it's a bluwwy pictoowe,but I had to show you my ice cweam with my vewy supew special puwple shovel that my fwiend Putter sent me..she and Maggzie and Mitch all have one and she is so sweet, that she wanted me to have one too..it's the best! THANK YOU my sweet fwiend Putter!
Aftew evewyone left, we went to bed and had some mowe....It tastes entiwely diffewent in bed
Mowe,Mowe Mowe
A last sluwpy lick of deliciousness
I mooshed myself awound on the bed,ow as my Stanley and Wally would say, I roached
then ,I fell into a sweet ice cweam induced slumber. my Roo insisted on imitating me..hope evewydoggie and GG and my divakitty had a wondewful weekend too

Friday, August 24, 2007

HudsonWiver Walk

This was yestewday.....the wind was blowing my little eaws back,I thought they'd be pawmenently tuwned inside out.
by today of couwse it was super hot again,,,geez
I was pwetty depwessed,Mommi has been teawing her hair out with fwustwation twying to use the new pooter,none of the things she did befowe to publish will wowk, and we're sooo behind,both in posting,and in answewing our fwiends..we decided to go fow a walk along the wiver,it's acwoss fwom my house..maybe our heads would cleaw.
when I looked out acwoss the Hudson Wiver...Mommi was fwustwated, the weather was gwey and it was gloomy

All of a sudden look who I bumped into...it's my wondewful fwiend Finoula puppy....she and I play at my wun pwetty often in the evenings,but duwing the day she has a vewy nice lady dog walker,while her Mom is at wowk....we decided to walk together and talk(there was also a bit of westling and bitey face involved)
Look how bootifully she sits
Finoula and I had a gweat time..walked fow about and hour, with lots of play stops and wolling awound the gwound in between.
ByeBye evewydoggie and GG and my NOMSSF...hope you had a no fwustwation gweat day whewever you are

All in all, it wasn't such a bad walk after all

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Faya's Super Pwesent fwom Switzerland

Hi Evewydoggie! this is my fiwst post on my new pooter..it's weally diffewent, and pawdon me fow the mistakes.

I got a vewy special ovewseas box fwom Vinnie, my mailguy......it came all the way fwom Euwope...boy am I lucky..this time it was fwom my bootiful Swiss Airegiwlfwiend FAYA!

Faya wote me the loveliest note in Fwench...luckily, my aunt Kawen has been tutowing me, and at least I can undewstand..as faw as witing and speaking it, I'm vewy bad at it still,but Faya can speak english too(she's bwilliant..besides evewydoggie in Switaewland speaks at least fouw languages) so thewe is never pwoblem communicating with each other. She thanks me fow being hew fwiend..well I THANK her for her sweet fwiendship too!
This pawtwait of FAYA is so vewy pwetty..I'm going to fwame it..isn't she a sweetie?????don't you just want to wun over and moosh her? and kiss her?
Look at this fabulous stuff...thewe awe two gowgeous bandanas,and let me tell you, the swiss cotton is ever so much softer than the cotton we have hewe, a pictuwe of Faya, and TWO super toys!
Have any of you seen a mowe bootiful collar????it's the pwettiest wed leather with the Suisse white cwoss all over it..I'm so pwoud to weaw it..evewydoggie asks me on the sweet where I got it..I think it's simply bootiful..I think Ill either altewnate it with my owange one,or weaw them both,hehehe
As you can see, these awe super special GOUWMET bones fwom Switzewland..let me tell you doggies, they suwe know how to make bones extwa special yummy there..I think they mawinate it in a secwet sauce...miammmmm,miammmmmm!
Have you noticed the pawfect coowdination of the toy with my new collaw???
I was playing so hawd with my new toys,that Mommi couldn't wowk the camewa fast enough...I was twiwiling awound evewy which way
This magic ball is amazing...it bounces, it's a gweat chewy,it has the bestest colors all over,and I think it even cleans my teefies(so soes that mean I can skip my toofbwushing now???)
Thank you! Merci mon ami! I wish I could wun over to your bootiful countwy..my Mommi told me it was the pwettiest ever, and play with you and give you thankful smoochie kisses et groses bisou!!!! muwahhhhhh!