a tired dog is a good dog

Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy NewYear

Wishing all of you deew Fwiends and youw families the Happiest NewYeaw ! May you have good health and joy in evewy day to come 

Thank You fow being such wondewful fwiends, helping us make this big move and listening to ouw complaints and joys..shawing it all has been a twemendoos help in
 making us not feel lonely in ouw new home

 smoochie kisses
 fwom Mommi ,Daddi and me


Friday, December 28, 2012

Ouw fiwst Chwissmuss in Boo da Pest

Deew fwiends,
 I hope you had a bootiful, and peaceful Chwissmuss wif yoow loved ones.

 We spent it mostly wif Mommi's best fwiend auntie Juli and hew childwen, (Mommi and Daddi's godchildwen ) Chwis and Cawina , who came all the way fwom NewYawk to be wif theiw Mom. It was yummie and bootiful and so wondewful to be all togethew 

hewe is a smileybox to show you some of it 

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smoochie kisses 


Friday, December 21, 2012

'Tis the Season

 'Tis the Season to be jolly
and I'm doing my bestest but sometimes it's just exhaustewing

it's also vewy cold out, so I go fow quickie walks and snooze in the wawm house a lot and of couwse help cook big pots of soops

 Mommi and Daddi sometimes do stuff like go to the Nutcwackew and I don't get to go along, but I get to wide on the twam wif them and go to the Chwissmuss mawkets and even lick the plates...
my hooman "cousin"Cawina (Mommi and Daddi's goddaughtew) is hewe fow the holidays fwom NewYawk and we'we wunning awound wif hew

this smileybox will show you some of that
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I am thinking of all of you espeshully doowing the Holiday season and my biggest wish is that you awe all healthy and loved  and that all the fuwwkids who awen't as lucky will find the wawm , loving families that we have.

ouw fwiend Matt Beswisk of PEt 365 Blog has made this wondewful twelve dogs of Chwissmuss gwaphic (you can get the code if you want to use it fwom his bloggie)

I think it's vewy cool, of couwse, he did leave out wiwe fox tewwows, but lots of my fwiends awe inclooded, so sing along evewyone

 12 Dogs of Christmas

see you aftew Chwissmuss
smoochie kisses


Sunday, December 16, 2012

Chwissmuss Mawket and the Film Cwew

It's getting close to Chwissmuss

come along wif me on the stweets of Boo da Pest and see what they'we doing

they put a twee in fwont of the Opewa 

it has some gweat big ownamentses 

and in the squawe neew my house is one of the many chwissmuss faiws 

I pawticulawly like the boofs whewe they cook and sewve hot foods 

thewe awe snausages and stuffed peppews and ham hocks and gulyas soops 

they also have hot mulled wine to wawm up the hoomans 

I like to make the wounds 

and see all the goodies 

hewe they'we making a cake on an open fiwe it's toasty wawm 

the boofs wif non food stuffs don't intewest me so much 

on the othew paw, this place has me vewy intewested, hehehehe 

 it gets dawk eawly, but the faiw keeps going evewy day

meanwhile, a film cwew came to ouw house to make a showt docoomentawy about us (well it was sposed to be about Mommi and hew paintings, but I sowt of stole the show)

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it aiwed on hungawian TV in an Awts pwogwam and I was the staw, hehehe hope all of you awe cozy and wawm and getting in the spiwit of the holidays

 smoochie kisses


Monday, December 10, 2012

Hewo sweet Fwiendses 

I'm finally back to tell you what's been going on hewe

It's getting to be Chwissmuss time hewe in Boo da Pest like evewywhewe,but, Mommi hasn't even had time to think about decowating yet..we've been soopew busy

I get to go out fow quicky walks in the fweezing cold BWWWWWWWWWW
 but othewwise stay wawm and cozy inside

on ouw stweet, thewe is a flowew stowe and as we passed the window, Daddi twied to take a pictoowe of the chwissmuss decowashuns
that of couwse was a total failoowe, but instead, he got something altogethew bettew...just feast yoow eyes on this...look cawefully

now tell methat isn't the most pawfect tewwiew face you see in that window..i think it's ouw angels telling us they awe all awound us

I am off to do some ice scating while Mommi wowwies about hew painting exhibit

I couldn't go to hew show, but you can feel like you'we thewe by looking at this smiley box and see why Mommi has been so pwe occoo pied 

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while all that was going on I was asneep at home 

smoochie kisses

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving in Boo da Pest

I hope all of you had a safe and delishuss Thanksgiving weekend wif fwiends and family 

We wewe sad to be so faw away fwom evewyone we oosually celebwated wif, but Mommi and Daddi wewe detewmined to have a Thanksgiving dinnew, even though in Boo da Pest, this was just anothew thuwsday 

my favowite cafe still has an outdoow stand even though it's now cold outside, but you can gwab a coffee ow sweet on youw walkies if you want, so we did, on ouw way to the mawket hall

When Mommi found these, she knew that she coold make ouw twadishunal dinnew fow fwiends, she also found sweet potatoes(not oosual hewe), and tuwkey and all the othew Thanksgivingy stuffs

I was called fwom my nap to help in the kitchen and wan wight in...i was weady!

we had six lovely hoomans and Mawci my little Westie fwiend come to dinnew
fow all of them, except fow auntie Juli, this was new and stwange foods, but I think they enjoyed it and got into the spiwit of things

it was a lovely evening and I think a big success fow ouw fiwst evew Boo da Pest 

 Daddi had to be cweative wif the twenty pound tuwkey(the smallest one he found) and ouw tiny oven, but he did it and it was juicy and cwisp all in the wight places
( I of couwse had to taste test evewything..and befowe you say anything, I only had tiny bits and nothing that was dangewoos fow doggies)

 I hope you can see and enjoy my smileybox

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smoochie kisses


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Giving Thanks

Sending my love and wishes that all of you awe sowwounded by those you love on this Thanksgiving, and have lots of yummie foodabulls and maybe some walks in cwunchy leaves and a snooze in fwont of a fiwe wif pleasantly full tummies 

I hope to be lounging comfowtabully in my jammies aftew dinnew

I give thanks that you awe my fwiends and hope that you awe in healthy and happy on this speshul day 

smoochie kisses

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Twying to Catch Up

hewo sweet fwiendses
hewe I am appologising once agian fow not visiting you

I think life might, just might wetuwn to nowmal once Mommi's show is ovew and done wif

I am  NOT getting the attenshun I'd like, but sometimes we just have to help ouw hoomans out I guess

Daddi made this littol video of Mommi's studio

 sometimes Mommi and I go out and walk and stop fow a coffee when she takes a bweak fwom getting weady

this was one of the lastest days they still had tabulls outside

we sit and watch the wowld go by

most of the time, I go make fwiends wif whoevew is sitting neew by

meantime, it's full fall see son in Budapest, so thewe's lots to do

 that's Daddi standing in fwont of a theatwe last night whewe my pawents went to see a tewwific show

I hope you can see my smilebox and enjoy it It's a mixed up bunch of pictoowes fwom the last few weeks

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smoochie kisses