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Thursday, March 29, 2007

My week at Aunt Karen’s
I had a really fun week at Aunt Karen’s. The first day we took a walk to the other side of the world—Aunt Karen called it the East Village—and I learned the first rule that I had to follow for the whole time. NO EATING ANYTHING OFF THE STREET. I couldn’t believe it. There were so many perfectly edible looking things, especially the pizza bits! Hey, I’m supposed to be on vacaaation !!!!
I said hello and played with lots of dogs. Aunt Karen’s apartment building has almost as many as ours. My favorite playmates were Josie, who is a French bull dog and is almost the exact same age as me, except I’m older by three days, and Baxter, who is a year old brown and black dog. He’s taller than me, but he plays really good and we had the best time. We played a lot every time we saw each other. I also met McCartney. She’s a chocolate colored Labrador puppy who is a month older than me and pretty big for a puppy. But I’m not scared to play with anybody, even the really big dogs. Some of them didn’t want to play, but Aunt Karen told me not to take it personally and Aunt Karen’s sister, Auntie Suzie, said that maybe their mothers thought they might not play nice. But still… I’m friendly and I like to play. Lucky for me Auntie Suzie loved to play with me. But it’s just not the same as playing with other puppies.
On my birthday got to go to the farmer’s market and then to a dog store—where I met even more dogs!!—and I got a present too. Then we had a party with my new friends at Aunt Karen’s house, Stewart, who is a terrier like me, and Georges Giraffe, who is from France and wears lots of scarves.
I miss my mom and dad, but they called on my 6-month birthday and Aunt Karen gave me a kiss for them. I hope they’re having as good a time as I am.
Another fun thing we did was sit outside at that place mom and dad and Aunt Karen had lunch at when mom went shopping. It was in the morning, so we had almost the whole outside to ourselves, I still had to sit nicely by the table though and not chase all the puppies that walked past or eat the branches of the bush in the pot by the table or stick my head in the bucket with the sand in it. Hey, I’m supposed to be on vacaaaation!!!!!
I’ll be glad to see mom and dad, but I’ll miss my new friends, especially Josie, who I ended up seeing a lot. Maybe mom or dad will take me to sit in the lobby of Aunt Karen’s building so I can see her again.
I had a great time!!!
I've been away at french-language camp for the last eight days....my parents went to Austria,Hungary and Switzerland,for a family birthday party. My aunt Karen tried very hard to teach me french while they were away, but I just wanted to play and sniff all day.
Now I'm home and so exhausted from all the play, not to mention the angst...will they ever come home? will they remember me ? will they smell funny? will they still love me?
Yes!!!!!!! I think they missed me sooooo much they might even love me more than before(they did smell kind of weird though)

I had a great surprise when I finally read my blog mail.....so many nice new friends wrote me. I'll try to reply to all of them as soon as I rest-upXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOO
lots of licks to all my friends, ASTA
Exhausted from french lesson camp
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aren't they ever getting home?
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Friday, March 16, 2007

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my friends

Carl,Bocci, and me at the playground...fabulous

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my friend Honey

one of my new friends at the puppy playground
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Carl whispers in my ear

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my friend Carl and I

he whispers in my ear
I think he wants to be my boyfriend
I want to keep my options open
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so I look out of the window...it's time to go play
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spring is here?????

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tea with my cousin

Hi , it's been too long since I've seen all of you, but the other day my cousin Carina came over for tea...at least that's what everyone told me...I may be just a baby puppy, but Idon't think tea is dark red, and comes in a glass like they were using.....

tea with my cousin carina

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Monday, March 5, 2007

This is my new haircut..I look like a real grownup terrier now...Mommy misses my messy puppy hair, but she says I'm quite beautiful...this is reassuring, cause aunt Beth, who grooms me said I looked awful, too big, bad hair, not worth stripping, no red on my head like a perfect wire is supposed to have........my Mommy thinks I'm perfect(so does my Daddy , and also aunt Karen)...so I guess you don't have to be perfect to be loved!
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so if you stand up and reeeealy stretch, you can see the Hudson river and there a jillion birds flying by.....it's my new favorite thing to do...I could do it for hours...it's very soothing, you should try it
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I've discovered a new great thing!! ....we have a windowPosted by Picasa