a tired dog is a good dog

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Gobble Day

I'm away until Monday evening, but I will be thinking of all of you and hoping you have a wondewful Thanksgiving!!!!
I hope I find a pootew while I'm away..if I do I'll twy to visit..pleez don't fowget me..I'm vewy Thankful fow all of you being my fwiends!!
love and smoochie kisses

Monday, November 24, 2008

Channeling Nick and Nora Charles

Mommis Birfday pawty

This was the invitation fow Mommi's pawty..since I am the weincawnation of the famous ASTA (hehehehe) Mommi and Daddi imagine themselves as the fantaboolous Mr.&Mrs Charles fwom the Thin Man Movies
Daddi is ouw Hewo..he gave Mommi the most wondewfullest Pawty evew!!!!
Mommi waiting fow the guests..while the piano playew was wawming up..he was amazing!!!!

Auntie Julie (Mommi's Fwiend fwom fowevew) and My Cousin Cawina (Mommi's goddaughtew)

auntie Kawen, Mommi and Auntie Mumsie ....a blast fwom the late thiwties, hehehehehehe

auntie Twacey unkel Randy and auntie Jane all awwived togethew

auntie Mumsie let me bowwow hew lovely shawl..I was hoping she would let me keep it..it would make the most amazing tug toy
my hooman sissie helped make evewything pawfect

Mommi and Auntie Julie...two cwazy hungawians
Duffy was dwessed to the nines in his bow tie
but he had to go to bed aftew evewyone got to admiwe him..it was way past his bedtime
Daddi gave a speech
do you think Mommi was happy??????????????????????????? all hew favowite fwiends wewe hewe(wif a few exceptions who wewe deawly missed)
my pawents did silly dances

and so did evewyone else, hehehehe

unkel Tony is a tap dancew(some of you have seen him on my bloggie dancing befowe)..the mistew wif the pony tail is a faboolous piano playew..he played evewy tune fwom the thiwties and fowties till one in the mowning
auntie Nancy had the absolute best haiw and makeup fwom the thiwties....(she has a neighbow who styled hew) WOW!!!( Lacie wants that spawkly wap)
evil Mommi smoking wif unkel Randy
my sweet fwiend Sloane (the Taylor Catsssss) came and we snuggled

Myrna came out to dance wif unkel Tony ..fow some weason auntie Beth(my gwoomew thought something was hilawious)

this is vewy dawk, but you get the idea of the cwaziness

auntie Jane was a vision in gween and blue..she was dazzling and bootiful ..I asked to twy on hew hat
auntie Mumsie's stole even got thiwsty
while we danced , at the othew end of the woom fwiends talked and talked
auntie Nancy sits wif Athena (Cawolina's pawtnew) and My Hooman Sissie Cawolina ...notice how Cawolina's haiw is the pawfect Lacie shade..

did I mention that we ate too???? all night long.

I ciwcoolated in my peawls ... Akshually..I was dashing awound wif my fwiends(see Petey's post)
sometimes when you'we in two places at once, youw photogwaphs make you look like a spiwit
Mommi: "thank you for all the good wishes and for indulging me in showing you so many pictures of humans...60 is a wonderful year...I'm a very lucky old lady very,very rich in friends!

I wish all of you could have been hewe wif us..love and smoochie kisses

The stawt of a bootiful weekend..MUMSIE visits

My Sweet fwiends..it's been days since I wote..I'm so sowwy, but it's been cwazy awound hewe..
Fiwst Thank you all fow youw pwayews and cwossed paws and puwws fow my sissie Momo..I still have no news of hew condition, so I'm still pwaying!

Then when I finally wead some of my messages today, I saw that ouw bootiful fwiend Frieda Delta Bunny..Charley's twue love passed ovew the bwidge..Wun Fwee Sweet Giwl!
This made me vewy sad and Mommi leaky eyed..
on the good news side..Jackson IS doing vewy well and has some big latin named thingy on his tail (a pimple, hehehehe) this made us vewy happy..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now Fow the weason I haven't come awound to visit...This was a vewy big deal weekend!
Daddi thwowed a big pawty fow Mommi's 60th Birfday Satuwday night..and thewe was lots to pwepawe....PLUS!!!!! MUMSIE came on fwiday to be pawt of the celebwation...can you believe it????MUMSIE all the way fwom Pittbuwgh

This is us aftew I got ovew my snit...why was I in a snit you ask??? Well I expected my BFF And Scwuffy and B.Stan to come out of the suitcase when she awwived.

BUT whewe they hewe???? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOI couldn't believe it and at fiwst did not even want to give hew a smoochie kiss

but when Petey awwived to join Duffy and me in gweeting Mumsie , he whispewed something in my eaw(go see his bloggie to find out what) and wight away I was in a bettew mood.

of couwse all the pwesents and pizza helped too
Mommi got gowgeous flowews delivewed fwom Archie and Agatha and theiw PLs
and fwom Toffee and Riley and theiw pawents too...Mommi wanted to have them hewe fow hew pawty but they couldn't come..something about wowk and stuff..Mommi Looooved the flowews and kept sniffing them and putting them in vawious places to get it just wight fow Satuwday

Duffy twied on his santa suit that Mumsie got him (I'm not showing you mine yet, but it's pwetty fab)
all the excitement tiwed the little fuzzbwat out
he asked mommi if he could go sneep on the sofa
of couwse she said yes

then auntie Jane had us in stitches wif some stowies and imitations of fwiends --I think she's a secwet actwess ow something (we'we calling hew Olga fwom now on..it's a long stowy)
I fell asneep..it had been too exciting a day
When it was time to go home..Petey wan into my pawents bedwoom and hid behind the pillows..Mumsie finally coaxed him outhim out
Mumsie is vewy bootiful and young( I think she could be Mommi's daughtew ow something ..she's also vewy UNsubstantial..unlike Mommi)
this could be the weason...all she eats is lettuce..no dwessing..I'm not kidding( I won't show you what Mommi has at the same time hehehehehehe)
and then thewe is the time she and Mommi stopped in Soho and Mumsie had tea wif nothing in it, while Mommi dwank solid chocolate, hehehehehehe nuff said.

I will wite about he pawty tomowwow..and hope that I have good news about Momo too..sweet dweams I love you