a tired dog is a good dog

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Visit wif ouw family

Hewo sweet fwiends,

 Wemembew me? 
I've been gone fow so long I wooldn't be suwpwised if you didn't. We've had Daddi's Bwuddew Pete and his wife visiting us hewe in Boo da Pest fow the fiwstest time since we moved and we wewe wunning awound nonstop while they wewe hewe. We walked the whole city and wewe vewy lucky to have lovely weathew the whole time they wewe hewe. Daddi's Bwuddew Pete is his middol bwuddew..Daddi is the baby (hehehehe). they awe bof tall (Daddi was the tallest of the thwee bwuddews), but unkel Pete looks mowe like theiw fathew and Daddi looks mowe like his Mothew. Anyway, I didn't take pictoowes of the places that you've aweady seen on all ouw visits wif fwiends, but thewe's sum new ones. you'll pwobably think, given all the food pictoowes, that all we did the whole time was eat and dwink, but I ashoowe you, we walked and walked and saw all the sights.
 I think they had a good time I made a smiley box of some of theiw stay and I hope you enjoy it. 

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I have thought of all of you lots and lots and hope you awe all well I have been pwaying fow the people and fuwwkids in Oklahoma and hope that all of you awe safe. smoochie kisses

Monday, May 6, 2013

Mommi's Day in Boo da Pest

This Sunday was Mommi's Day in Boo da Pest and I wanted it to be a pawfect day fow Mommi

 I woked hew up wif masses of smoochie kisses i had gone out wif Daddi in the mowning while she was a sneep to get hew lilacs (hew favowite) and some fwesh sweet Lilly of the Valley littol old ladies had come up fwom the countwy and wewe selling them at evew cownew

 May is the most bootiful momf hewe hewe.
I made  a littol smileybox to show you what I planned and how we celbwated.
All the Foxi stuffies and wheelies joined me in loving hew and celebwating

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i hope you enjoyed ouw day smoochie kisses to all the Mommies in bloggieland

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Spwingtime is finally hewe in Boo da Pest

My Sweet Fuwwiends It's Spwingtime hewe in boo da Pest vewy weewd weathew we went fwom full snow thwee weeks ago to August heat in one fell swoop but the spwingtime flowews awe still out and thewe is a nice fwagwance in the aiw 

 I go to the pawk wif Mommi and Daddi

   We stop and have a snack ow a glass of sumething to dwink at the little cafe on the edge of the Pawk and I'm vewy happy .

 I get to see my littol neighbow welshie Giwl Wose sumetimes too and last evening we all went togethew. i made a littol smileybox fow you to see 

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I miss you all and apologize fow my long absence. I hope you'we all well and will
visit me again despite my neglecting all of yoo

 smoochie kisses