a tired dog is a good dog

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Hewo Fwiends,

 do yoo still wemembew me??
 I don't know how I went fwom once upon a time posting sevewal times a week, to this all time low of not being hewe fow a momf and a half cleewly, I need a much bettew secwetawy than I have...i will take applicashuns immediately. 

 I have pictoowes to show you fwom the last few weeks, but since yestewday was 

my seventh( GULP) Biwfday, 

I thought I would show you that fiwst and then twy to catch up on the othews in the coming days and weeks.

 it was a bootiful Fall day hewe in Boo da Pest...I looked out the living woom window and knew it woold be a good day

 I was excited that it was my Biwfday, but mowe than a littol shocked to heew that I am now considewed a , GULP, seniow doggie cause I'm seven

 it seems only yestewday that I awwived in NewYawk to be wif my Mommi and Daddi...so much has happened since then, not least of which is that I now have a Oowo Passpawt and live acwoss the wowld in Hungawy

I cewtainly have had sum gweat advenshoowes along the way, so no complaints, and the most impawtant..whewevew I live, I'm wif Mommi and Daddi who love me so vewy much

hewe awe sum pictoowes of my day yestewday in a smileybox

My fwiend Wose ( a littol welshie giwl) came ovew to help me celebwate...we had pizza and ice cweam(the hoomans had dawk chocolate wif Owange wind , we of couwse did NOT have chocolate, so don't wowwy)

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I gots a bwand new owange leash, a fabooloos littol ball wif chewy bone on eithew side, a cupcake squeeky fwom Wose,and the most gowgoos pwehistowic owange stuffie fwom my baby bwuvvew Duffy and  an elegant black wainjumpy to keep me dwy and clean in the cuming wainy fall seeson
(don't you think I  look like a model fow Chanel? )


smoochie kisses