a tired dog is a good dog

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving wishes

Hello sweet Fwiends

I had to go away wif my pawents fow Thanksgiving vacation
so I'm going to miss all sowts of things

I will twy my hawdest to get to the pootew and see all of you, but it might not happen

I aweady took some pictoowes and twied to load them , but hewe in the wilds of Nowf Cawolina
it doesn't seem to be wowking

meantime, I'm pwacticing eating this tuwkey (I loaded these pics at home still)

I hope all of you have a wondewful Thanksgiving, sowwounded by love and family and lots of yummie , healthy tweats!!!!!

I'm still thinking of my Dawling Snickews and hoping they have a gweat feast pwepawed fow hew ovew the wainbow!
I'm also pwaying fow Wocky and LacyLulu's Mama , who got a vewy scaiwy diagnosis this week

Pleezkeep wishing on the dog staw fow all ouw fwiends who need it
love and gobbly smoochie kisses

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sad Fawewell

My Dawling little cousin Snickers lost hew bwave battle today.
She twied so hawd to beat this monstwous disease and so did all of us wif ouw pwayews ,but hew illness was too gwave and hew loving Mama and Papa gave hew the last gift of love they could..
They helped hew softly cwoss the wainbow bwidge .
Snickews knew nothing but love all hew life and now she is once again pain fwee.

She is leaving us behind and we will miss hew mowe than I can say, but know someday we will be togethew again
untill then fawewell my sweet sweet fwiend
nevew goodbye

Snickers Lamb 20 July 02- 22 Nov 09

Do not stand at my grave and weep
I am not there. I do not sleep.
I am the thousand winds that blow.
I am the diamond glints on snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain.
I am the gentle autumn rain.
When you awaken in the morning's hush
I am the swift uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the soft stars that shine at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry;
I am not there. I did not die. "

I am going to continoo wishing on the dogstaw to bwing peace to hew family and dwy theiw teaws and that all ouw othew fwiends get well
saddest smoochie kisses

Friday, November 20, 2009


Mack and Sally Ann gave me this lovely awawd some time ago
(I apologize fow being so late in posting it)
and asked me to honestly talk about myself,
Thank you fow thinking of me ! I'll see what I can tell,

Most of you aweady know all this, and have seen the pics too, but maybe it will still give you a giggle, and fow new fwiends it will be a way to know mowe about me

Let me think

1-I do love evewyone and am somewhat of an aggwessive kissew
as you can see I amost made Awchie faint when I met him wif my enfoosiasm

2-Sometimes , I weaw pajamas to sneep
(these awe fwom Snitchibug cootoowe..I only buy the best)

3-I have been known to be a wicked pokew playew on occasion
(my "innocent" look fools all,hehehehe)

4-I have many cat fwiends and don't know why I'm not supposed to like them.
We have the most wondewful pawties and adventoowes

5- I love my wheelie sissie Mywna and hew family and don't believe in the conspiwacy theowy some of my fwiends ascwibe to

6- I love all kinds of weathew

as long as I can play, hehehe

hot summew

and especially snowy wintew

7- While I love swimming, I HATE baths!!!!

8-I twy to wowk on my suwgewy skills at least once a week
(it's what you must do to wetain youw licence as a suwgeon)

9- I pwactice the piano wif wegoolawity

10-I love to hang out wif giwlfwiends ,go shopping ow to spas

Lacie is myBFF and is a gweat one fow shopping.
I've been to many spas..
wecently, you might wemembew the makeovew wif my sissie Fewgi, and this pictoowe of a spa pawty fwom long ago..
ahhhhhh..so welaxing


11-Hewe is the big secwet,I'm not always the "nice " giwl you all think I am
sometimes I am vewy noisy and talk back to Mommi

She just doesn't know how to listen..hoomoms awe so stubbown

Pleez take this awawd and use it if you'd like to weveal some stuff about youwself..
I know most of you have aweady done it.., but it's aways fun to heaw mowe even if it's not fow the fiwst time
You simply have to tell ten honest things about yourself, and then pass it along to another.

smoochie kisses

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Novembew in Nw Yawk??????????????????????????

Deew Fwiends, I am vewy confooselated

Mommi and I stawted walking thwoo the not vewy skenik pawt of the Meat Mawket to go on some ewwands
then we got to a bettew stweet and ..........

Isn't it Novembew????????

and am I not living in NEW YAWK?????

whewe is the wain? whewe is the snow????

How can you have Thanksgiving in a bathing suit????

This is exackly why Mommi left Califownia..it was soo weiwd..
(well in mowe ways than one accowding to hew, hehehehe)

evewywhewe I looked, hoomans and fuwwkids wewe sitting outside in westauwants and even in the middle of the stweet whewe the dividews should be and instead thewe awe tables and chaiws...
(dont ask..New Yawk is weiwd too)

all we wanted to do was go do ouw ewwnds, and instead we seem to be in a vacation place ow something

we went into the ancient mawinews stowe and I thought I had found a fwiend..
sadly, he was just a man a kin modeling a waincoat , obviously no one mentioned to him that we awe no longew on the east coast

I wanted to twy to go on the scalatow..they'we staiws that move, but Mommi picked me up
I don't see why..I can go thwoo wevolvew doows wif no pwoblem, but Mommi's awe wowwy wawts
aftew that, we went to a bed and baf stowe..no, no, no, don't get scawed ,it's not a place they bath you, but as oosual out came the flashy beast..
can't a giwl get a moment of peace?

OK Mommi, want a pictoowe of me????hewe I am up close and pawsonal, hehehehe

aftew that

finally we got to the wowfwhile pawt of shopping
NewYawk is aways full of food evewywhewe you look

we settled on the pizza..it's the cheepest, plus how can you not like pizza???

I say if you can't beat them, join them, so we found a table in the middle of the stweet dividew in the sun

and I got down to twying to hypnotise the pizza to come to me

my powews awe intact..
I did it and enjoyed evewy bite..nothing like a NewYawk Slice on the stweet

but then, I wanted to get home to see if thewe was news about Snickews( You can go to Gussie fow news aways)..
thewe was, and she' had a pwetty bad day, but she's still eating, hew tempewatoowe is OK and the swelling is not getting biggew, so I'm incweasing my pwaying and hoping and wishing on the dog staw..
it wowked fow Max( he is home and wecovewing nicely fwom his suwgewy and I know he'll be well in no time)..it will wowk fow hew too..

I just have to believe in the powew of all ouw love
The Powew of the Paw

smoochie kisses fwom sunny NewYawk

Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Vewy Special DAY

I was tense all weekend, wowwying about all my fwiends who awen't well..
Max, who is going to have suwgewy on Monday,
Eduawdo, who is battling a stwange tewwible disease, fwiends who cwossed ovew the wainbow, and Miss Snickews , my sweet cousin , who almost left us this week.

Snickews aweady had hew bags packed fow hew twip ovew the wainbow.
We wefoosed to give up hope, and Snickews showed what a stwong and detewmined giwl she is, despite fighting the seezoowe monstew on top of hew possible C.

My sissie Fewgi and Bwuvvew Jake owganised a vewy special wowld wide moment fow hew. I kept thinking, this just has to wowk..we have to use all ouw paw powew to help evewyone.

Daddi headed ovew to my bwuvvew Duffy's house

it was a soggy satuwday

he took these pictoowes wif his phone as he walked thwoo Washington Squawe Pawk to get him

his Mom, Auntie Kawen has the floo, and we thought it might help hew if she could stay in bed and we bwought him to ouw house

this is no weathew to go out in when you'we feeling poowly

Daddi passed this cheeky squiwwel..he was lucky, Daddi didn't have Duffy wif him yet

the little guy came ovew and wanted food..Daddi didn't have any sowwy, hope you find some nuts
..at least he didn't become Duffy's snackie

Duffy awwived..we did zoomies fow a while and then got weady fow ouw impawtant moment

we jumped up on the sofa facing towawds Iowa

we wewe vewy newvous
( well I was anyway..Duffy is mowe laid back)

The alawm Mommi had set went off, and we had ouw 30 seconds of silence..Mommi held me, Daddi held Duffy, and we all sent ouw healing , loving thoughts and pwayews floating thwough the sky..we thought of evewyone and hoped that pain and huwt and sadness would go away

aftew that we wan awound and bawked happily
(Mommi was unable to get it on film..she's clutzy sometimes, hehehehe)

then it was time to send ouw kisses wafting on a bweeze in theiw diwection
(again, Mommi twied to get it on film and I'm quite embawwased by hew wesults..but she gets A fow effowt)

This is a mowe accoowate pictoowe of the kisses on the bweeze

It was a magical few minutes..we felt one wif all ouw fwiends all ovew the wowld..
thinking the same thoughts, wishing the same dweam..
We felt it, weally we did

The powew of the paw and good intentions

I know that all ouw fwiends feel the love and the concewn and it will help.
They will continoo to be in ouw heawts and we will keep sending the zen.

It's a long woad ahead, and none awe out of the woods yet, but I believe they will be.

Smoochie kisses to all of you fow being the loving cawing fwiends that you awe..
We awe lucky to be pawt of such a commoonity of love

today, the sun is coming out..

all my love

Friday, November 13, 2009


It's been a vewy twaumatic and scaiwy time fow Miss Snickews and hew family
hew Moma and Daddi and Bwuvvew Butchy and hew kittie siblings, Sylvestew,Scooby and Wuby, but she is holding hew own so faw.
She is not out of the woods..hew sitooation is still vewy pwecawious and she needs all the help and love we can give hew wif ouw combined paw powew.

Hew M
ama gave Pawmission fow Fewgi and Jake and theiw Moma to wite about it and they have come up wif a faboolous idea.

hewe's what they said:( fow mowe detailed infowmation, pleez go to theiw bloggie)

"We are asking everyone to set your alarms
And at exactly 11:00 PM GMT on Saturday 14 Nov 09
5:00 PM Saturday evening in Iowa
as Snickers' family sits down to eat
Turn toward them (in the central USA)
And join together in a silent minute
Of prayer, meditation, contemplation, reflection
Whatever feels right to you.

Followed by whatever means of communication
You choose.


To wish and send Miss Snickers and her family
whatever is in your hearts
That will help them feel the Love and Support
They need right now.

Personally, we’ll be praying for a Miracle.


Blow a Kiss
and send your Love and Prayers and Best Wishes
to Miss Snickers and her Family
and they will feel their arrival
in the breeze.

We believe it will help.
And we'll do anything in our power right now
To help."

smoochie cwossed -paw-hopeful kisses