a tired dog is a good dog

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving in Boo da Pest

I hope all of you had a safe and delishuss Thanksgiving weekend wif fwiends and family 

We wewe sad to be so faw away fwom evewyone we oosually celebwated wif, but Mommi and Daddi wewe detewmined to have a Thanksgiving dinnew, even though in Boo da Pest, this was just anothew thuwsday 

my favowite cafe still has an outdoow stand even though it's now cold outside, but you can gwab a coffee ow sweet on youw walkies if you want, so we did, on ouw way to the mawket hall

When Mommi found these, she knew that she coold make ouw twadishunal dinnew fow fwiends, she also found sweet potatoes(not oosual hewe), and tuwkey and all the othew Thanksgivingy stuffs

I was called fwom my nap to help in the kitchen and wan wight in...i was weady!

we had six lovely hoomans and Mawci my little Westie fwiend come to dinnew
fow all of them, except fow auntie Juli, this was new and stwange foods, but I think they enjoyed it and got into the spiwit of things

it was a lovely evening and I think a big success fow ouw fiwst evew Boo da Pest 

 Daddi had to be cweative wif the twenty pound tuwkey(the smallest one he found) and ouw tiny oven, but he did it and it was juicy and cwisp all in the wight places
( I of couwse had to taste test evewything..and befowe you say anything, I only had tiny bits and nothing that was dangewoos fow doggies)

 I hope you can see and enjoy my smileybox

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smoochie kisses


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Giving Thanks

Sending my love and wishes that all of you awe sowwounded by those you love on this Thanksgiving, and have lots of yummie foodabulls and maybe some walks in cwunchy leaves and a snooze in fwont of a fiwe wif pleasantly full tummies 

I hope to be lounging comfowtabully in my jammies aftew dinnew

I give thanks that you awe my fwiends and hope that you awe in healthy and happy on this speshul day 

smoochie kisses

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Twying to Catch Up

hewo sweet fwiendses
hewe I am appologising once agian fow not visiting you

I think life might, just might wetuwn to nowmal once Mommi's show is ovew and done wif

I am  NOT getting the attenshun I'd like, but sometimes we just have to help ouw hoomans out I guess

Daddi made this littol video of Mommi's studio

 sometimes Mommi and I go out and walk and stop fow a coffee when she takes a bweak fwom getting weady

this was one of the lastest days they still had tabulls outside

we sit and watch the wowld go by

most of the time, I go make fwiends wif whoevew is sitting neew by

meantime, it's full fall see son in Budapest, so thewe's lots to do

 that's Daddi standing in fwont of a theatwe last night whewe my pawents went to see a tewwific show

I hope you can see my smilebox and enjoy it It's a mixed up bunch of pictoowes fwom the last few weeks

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smoochie kisses

Saturday, November 3, 2012


Deew sweet fwiends this weekend is ouw annooal BlogBlast fow Peace

 when I lived in New Yawk City, I went to Centwal Pawk to look at this mosaic 
I now live acwoss the wowld, in Boo da Pest, Hungawy, but my dweam is the same

I am just a little woofie, but I dawe hope and imagine a wowld at Peace

come and be a pawt of it and light up the wowld wif love and undewstanding

 let's cwoss ouw paws and pway that somehow, someday ouw dweam can come twoo 

Peace and Love fow all hoomans and fuwwkids in the wowld

join me and hold paws thwooout the wowld 

to join and get youw own peace globe
go hewe

smoochie kisses