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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Escape fwom the Heat

It was beastly hot last week in Boo da Pest and Mommi has been not too well wif hew depwessions and stuff, so some deew fwiends said "come down to ouw house in Szentbékkálla". 
 It's in the wine gwowing wegion of Lake Balaton and they wewe about to hawvest theiw gwapes fow theiw Pee No No Awe. So off we went to the twain stashun and twaveled in a hot old twain , but when we got thewe, it was all bootiful.
 Still hot, but wif coolew evenings and a chance to swim 
(plus they have aiw condishun in theiw house)
Hewe I am on the twain ankshuss fow the fun to begin 

It's a bootiful house on a hill , wif lavendew and bloo skies and lots of yummie foodabulls and wine and good company 

the hoomans went swimming while I dozed in the aftewnoon 

then thewe wewe invitashuns to othew fwiends fow lunches and dinnews 
and a day going to the local mawket

The hoomans also went fow a concewt in the local chuwch (they have concewts evewy satuwday in the summew wif all sowts of fabooloos moosishuns..this time, it was a stwing quawtet playing Shumann and Bwahms)
they sewve little nibbly things and wine aftew

if you want to see some mowe of the pictoowes fwom the twip, hewe they awe in a smileybox

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i hope you enjoyed  seeing my twip and know that I have misses all of you


smoochie kisses


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

almost wordless wednesday

Feast yoow eyes on this
One of the most impawtant Awchelological finds of the twentyfiwst centoowy

you thought digging up Pompeii was impawtant, but this pwoves that Tewwiews woamed the eawf and founded Boo da Pest billions of yeaws ago

You have to keep looking wif skientific eyes (just ask Bewtie) and you will be astounded as I was and pwoud

(of couwse the othew explanashun is Mommi and Daddi awe a little tewwiewcentwic and nuts)

smoochie kisses

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Last Days of Pawlympics

It's been anothew hectic few days at Pawlympic stadium since my last post

The twaffic pwoblem was solved by all us clevew fuwwkids we had my Vespa, Wemington's helicoptew and Siw Andy's pawsonal cho-fuwwed-caw to help twanspawt evewyone seemlessly to the games and snack tents 

 Evewyone has been simply wondewful and acting in the twoo Pawlympic spiwit and I'm sowwy to see the end of these most exciting games 

(thewe have been many events I didn't entew, so I hope you have been following the linkies of the events on the top wight of my bloggie)

 I did pawticipate in the following:

 Fwee Style Zoomies hosted by Susie and Sidebite , and Woaching and Wolling hosted by Wuby and Penny (the bootiful wives of ouw vewy own Mayow Fwankie Fuwtew)on Aug7th

I wish this coold be something I coold do hewe whewe I live, but sadly, these Pawlympics wewe my only oppowtoonity fow this, my favowite spowt

 at least Woaching and Wolling doesn't need a speshul place fow pwactice..can be done in the comfowt of yoow own home

I gots so comfowtabull, that I missed the next days events, but was back in fine fowm on August9th fow the Boxing  event hosted by Lovabull Sasha

(not being an agwessive sowt of giwl, I opted to box wif my own shadow, hehehe)

I also had a pictoowe fow Westling which was held on Aug 6th at Housecatconfidential Stadium, but Mommi fowgot to send in my entwy

 but I'll show you my moves anyway
I figoowe it's not about winning , but pawtici[ating anyway, wight?

the same day, In anothew pawt of Pawlympic stadium was the 
Extweme WeathewSpowts event hosted by Fwank the Tank

the Tank pwovided us wif tons of snow and othew extweme weathew to show off ouw skills in this funballs(to quote Nowwood) events

then yestewday was Snoopendoos Sniff A Thon hosted by Luna and Cyndew

as you can tell, I have pawfected all the vawiashuns of this spowt, fwom sniffing fwiends to yummielishuss foodabulls

of couwse wif the fiewcest competishun(all fuwwkids having twained extwemely hawd fow these eventses), it's unsoowe how I'll do

Today, is the Gweat TennisBall Touwnament hosted by  MollieJo's

I think I can safely say, this is an event vewy deew to many of ouw heawts..I have been pwacticing daily fow yeaws

and finally BaftubWestling hosted by the Kwesty Kwew (Ujio,Izzy, Ziggy and Missi)
(this event was mistakenly in the schedoole fow the fiwst of August, but it's finally hewe and I know the contestnts wewe happy about the postponement, hmmmm)

Sadly, today is the last day of eventses befow tomowwow's Closing Cewemony
which will be hosted by Finn, followed by Mayow Fwankie's Closing Speech

Obviously no one wants to miss that

until then
smoochie kisses

Monday, August 6, 2012

Anothew Pawlympic Update

While Mommi lays pwostwate on wet sheets undew the ceiling fan in blistewingly hot Boo da Pest, I am luckily in gween and comfy sowwoundings at Pawlympic Stadium 

 Since last thuwsday when I posted, I have been in sevewal impawtant eventses
 The fiwst( on August 3wd) was sowt of hoomiliating, gulp,

 (as I might have mentioned this befowe, even though I'm a tewwiew, I've only evew sowt of did any digging once n my life and ,blush blush  it was a measly little hole) 
 BUT my good fwiend Puddles was 
hosting DIGGING and I was detewmined to be pawt of it

I had to use my bwains instead of bwawn, but I did it..i dugged a hole and my effowt was accepted by Puddles the host fow this pwestigoos event

Of couwse, if you see the technique and pawsome effowts of my fellow con testants, you will know why I am not exackly pwoud, but I was happy to just be pawt of it and Thank Puddles fow the scintillating commentawy as well as the wefweshing snacks and dwinkies doowing this event

I hope you've been checking the daily list of events on my sidebaw to make shoowe you don't miss any of the excitement

I didn't entew all of them , but have gone along on my Vespa to each and evewy one to cheew my fellow athletes on 

August Fouwf was my Day to entew KEEP AWAY hosted by Casey

 I am cleawly bettew at this than Digging, but we'll see what the judges have to say
It was anothew exciting and vewy competative event and I thank Casey fow hosting it

yestewday, was the Equestwian event  hosted by Wubie and Poots
an boy was that excitewing
You have no idea of the talent that these Copetitows displayed and the vawiety of techniques in widing and steeds

hewe I am doing show jumping on my most bootiful steed

not only was Wubie and (Poots hew Mom) a most wondewful commentatow, but had a faboolous suwpwise fow all of us
Aftew we all weceived ouw gold meadals, thewe was an awena full of the mosst fwagwant howsie pwesents to woll awound in fow all of us

Thank you so vewy much Wubie!!!!! It was a fabooloos event.

Todays events incloode
Wanna-be Synchwonized Peeing, hosted by Shasta and Shilo

fow this even, I had to ask my wheelie sissie Mywna fow assistance and I am  pwoud to say, she didn't let me down

the cobbles of Boo da Pest will nevew be the same, hehehehe

and fow today's final event fow me
it's DESTUFFING, hosted by Wufie

well, have to dash, Weenie has pwomised me a wide on his Bumblebee and Then I have to go west up fow mowe events
we have five mowe days of wondewfullness at these Blogville Pawlympic Games befowe the Closing Cewemony on August 12th

pleez make shoowe you haveyoow tickets and get to all the events on time

smoochie kisses


Thursday, August 2, 2012

Pawlympics Doings

as you might have seen on othew bloggies, the twaffic awound Pawlympic pawk has been absolootely howwendoos .
well, no wondew, wif evewy fuwwkid wanting to get a chance to see these excitewing games, and sample the goodies fwom awound the wowld at the food couwts
 Luckily, I bwought my Vespa along and it 
 helps me avoid a lot of the caw snawl ups 

 as you can see, I aweady had my Gussie , Bewtie and Mw.Pip on boawd, when Mango came by..the poow Welentlessly Hooge guy was exhaustewed fwom all his athletic pawfowmances so we had him climb on boawd too

I must say, those Italians don't just make the bestest looking clotheses, but my Vespa held up undew all ouw combined weights and we made it to the stadioom!!!

 Yestewday, I pawticipated in Discus/Fwisbee competition at Mw. Pip's Olympic awena

as you can see, it was a gwooling event wif amazing competitows

Today, I made it just in time to be in the Pole Jumping event hosted by BEWT

 All the athletes wewe incwedibully pwepawed and setting Olympic Wecowds wif theiw jumps  

 I sowt of misundewstood and thought it was pole vaulting
(I hopes I didn't get disqualified)

 but whatevew happens, the stick I used came in handy fow the next event which was STICKS  hosted by Goose

OMD!!!! I can hawdly believe it
all of us pawticipants in this event got a speshul gold stick awawd fwom Goose
I'm awed and vewy gwateful Thank you!

aftew that wefweshing lie down and chew, I bettew go and pwactice fow the west of the events
I'll be back in a few days wif mowe updates fwom these Fantastic Pawlympic games

Meantime, if anyone needs a wide, just call me( I have my owange phone wif me)

smoochie kisses and thanks to all the Hosts !!!