a tired dog is a good dog

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Winnew of the DWAWING wevealed

Hewo Fwiends!!! I hope all of you awe wested up aftew my Pawty

I want to thank each and evewy one of the 98 of you who showed up ovew the days to help me celebwate

Mommi called me to the living woom today and set down my vewy special sootcase

"whats in thewe Mommi"? awe we going somewhewe?
she said "no, no, Asta  we're using your case for a special drawing of names"

OOOH, now I wemembew!  Mommi wote all my fwiends' names on papew and put each one in the sootcase, then we shook it up, and I get to pick one out

just checking to make suwe all 98 awe in thewe

they wewe in sevewal layews...so many woofies and kittehs..you have no idea how happy I was that you all showed up

so we shooked them all up again and it was time fow me to pick the lucky winnew

Tah Dah!!!!!  the winnew is Tweedles!
congwatoolations little one

mommi said she would wound up the numbew and since the deal was $0.50 fow each name, we will be sending you $50.00 to go to the chawity of youw choice

I am soooo happy that I got to do this fow my Biwfday..happinesss shawed is so much bettew!
Knowing that some fuwwkid will benefit fwom me having a pawty, well, that is just the BEST!

and you'll nevew guess what???
I guess angels awe evewywhewe, I weceived a cawd fwom SikuMawie and hew White Dog Awmy and they have given a donation in my name to Amewican wiwe Fox Tewwiew Wescoo

can a Biwfday get any bettew than this???? Tuwning Five was gweat aftew all
It was the best Biwfday evew so faw.

Thank you all fwom the bottom of my fuzzy wiwy heawt
smoochie kisses

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Last of the Biwfday Weekend

Nom,Nom,Nom, scoose me, ummm, you caught me wif my mouf full
It seems all I've done all weekend is play and eat and snooze

don't you just love Biwfdays????

On a sewious note, I'd like to thank each and evewy one of you sweet and cawing fwiends who came to help me celebwate and waise some gween papews fow some fuwwkids' chawity

many of you came ovew and ovew and I love you fow it! You made my biwfday soopew happy

I got lots of wondewful wishes on FB too, but ,wooles awe wooles, and only those of you who came ovew the last two days hewe on Bloggie (122 names) but only 88 if I don't count multiples
awe going to have youw names put into a big puwse ow box ( thewe wewe mowe comments than that, but I'm not counting myself ow multiples fwom same fwiends..)

do you think that's faiw? ow should I count you sevewal times if you came mowe than once?

I will then pick one at wandom and notify you and ask fow youw addy if I don't have it aweady

then I will send you a check fow the amount fow youw chosen chawity THIS MAKES ME SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO  HAPPY! It's the bestest pwesent of all!

My day ended wif a bootiful dinnew given to me by my BFF and Mumsie..I took Mommi and Daddi along

Pleez excoose my vewy unbiwfday wowfy appeawance, but Mommi has an ouchy back and leggie and couldn't gwoom me( I'm sooooooo sad about that, hehehehehe, NOT)

I chose Pizza and ice cweam,I hope you enjoy watching my smilebox of the dinnew

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow
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aftewwawds, I went home and munched on my gifts fow a while

but it had been a vewy busy weekend and snoozy sneep and a soft bed beckoned and I went off to dweemyland

I will have the finalest count and the dwawing in the next few days
Thank you again my Deew Fwiends
fow giving me the gweatest gift of all..youw heawts

btw, TODAY is my deew fwiend Molly's Biwfday and tomowwow hew bwuvvew Taffy's
pleeze go and wish them lots of happiness and a long life

smoochie kisses

Saturday, September 24, 2011

My Fifth Biwfday!!!!!!

I have been totally ovewwhelmed by the many sweet and loving good wishes fow my biwfday!
I am hoping evewyone can show up and have some pizza and cake and buwgews and seafood and dwinkies and mowe cayke, hehehe

Don't be afwaid, the deck is hooge and all of us will fit wif no pwoblem..

My sweet Gussie and I wewe twying to have a pwivate moment befowe othew guestses showed up,and all of a sudden my BFF Lacie jumped out of a cake, (she has pawfect timing....NOT...hehehehehe

I weceived a text saying that my sweet fwiends  (the GAng) wewe all coming but being fwustwated by being stuck in twaffick 
(if you look cawefully, you'll see all theiw sweet faces fwustwated in twaffick)

photo by my sweet fwiendses  at JFF and the gang

Left to right: 1st row - Ollie, Gracie, Opus( back seat), Momo, Karl
                    2nd row - Rusty, Merci, Cyndi, Buddy, Ruis (back seat), Socks
                   3rd row - Cameron, Sam, Cotton, Percy

Meantime, the cawds and smileboxies and songs wewe coming in 
(Asta gets teary with gratitude)
I wish I could show them all to you, but  I can't get them all up
thank you all!!! especially
Gussie, Lacie,babyStan,Scruffy,Doyle and Molly, Noah, Willow,Tess and Lucy,
Mona and Weenie,Aggie and Archie, Norwood,Jake and Fergie,Bob T. Beaw,
JFF, Kawl, Gwacie and alasandwa,theCats and a dog(Fenwis)
and to my twin Nicky and sissie Jenny,Katie,Spawky and the kitteh's

my sissie Gwacie sent me this bootiful  cawd and comfowtable bed fwom the google stowe, so I'm letting all of you twy it out and welax on the soft cushion

My BFF Lacie sent me a Biwfday cawd wif a gift cewtificate fow going to Sephowa to buy winkel cweem(as if, hehehe) and gween papews to go to dinnew wif mommi and Daddi

as well as yummie tweats, my favowitest owange squeekie tennis balls and a shoe??
 hmmm, not the sowt of shoe she usually bowwows fwom me ..it's only one and it's pwe chewed

heheheheheheeheh, that Lacie, is a cawd

finally the twaffick lightened up a little and evewyone stawted awwiving

photo by the gang
hewe awe Artemisia, Prince Casper, King Brian, Scylla & Fenris

Pleez help youwself to Mommi's special "oef a la neige" twust me, you'll love it!

Mommi is still a mess and in bed wif hew ouchie leg and back, but nevew feew, Daddi took me to the wun whewe I had a most wondewful time playing, wunning, catching , chasing, 
(thank you weathew angels fow stopping the wain so I could do this)

the pictoowes awe bluwwy cause Daddi only had his phone and it was dusty, hehe

even wif the bluw, I think you can see that I'm having the bestest time

a vewy special thanks to all of you who have visited, 
This will help some fuwwkids who awe not as lucky as we awe..wemembew, evewy pawson who comments adds anothew $0.50 to the gween papews (see yestewdays post fow explanation)
and now
LET's PAWTY ON!!!!!!

smoochie gwateful kisses
(pleez fowgive me if I fowgot anyone's name, Mommi is on some pain killews that bluw hew bwain)

Friday, September 23, 2011

My Upcoming Biwfday

Tomowwow is my fifth biwfday and I wanted it to be special, I saw on some othew bloggies that some fwiends did a commentathon on theiw Biwfdays (you know, donate some gween papews fow evewy comment left...well, my piggy bank is not soopew full, but I can give $.50 fow each comment, but whewe to donate????? )

so I called my gweat fwiend , the mayow of blogviell, the honowable Fwankie Fuwtew fow his advice

hewe's what he said:

Dearest  YOUNG Furend,
      Five is a grrrreat age to turn..  I know beclaws I did it back in May.  hehehe
      I had to give this a little bit of thought... butt I was thinkin that you could...   put the names of all the commentors in one of your lovely Paw Bags (purses)  and pick one...  and that lucky "winner" would get to choose who the green papers would go to. 
    You are soooooo right... there are so many who Deserve help. 
  THIS is a very VERY much generous thingy that you are plannin.  I am like YOU.. it is better to give than to receive.
Hope this helps a bit.
Hugs from my hill to YOU...  Birfday Girrrrrrl. "

speaking of phones, 
my fuwwiends fwom the Woad Dog Tales called me eawliew this week to intewview me about mommi's paintings
I was sooo honowed, 
they awe feetoowing the intewview on theiw Awtsy Fawtsy Fwiday today pleeez go visit them and wead all the clevew things they ask!

Now that I had a plan, I decided to celebwate.
My sweet Gussie Love came to pick me up in his Gussie mobile and we went fow a wild wide..he said I could wide wif him any time...sighhhhhhhhhhhh 
he also vewy thoughtfully awwanged fow me to have an aftewnoon wif my giwlfwiends getting pampewed at a spa (my BFF Lacie said i weally needed it now that I am OLD)

I even got a pedicoowe

aftew that I went to the wooftop that I'm getting weady so all of you can come and celebwate wif me...I know I'm a day eawly, but these things take planning and time and I want it to be pawfect ...when you come pleez help youwselves to dwinkies and cake, and wemembew evewy time you comment, It means anothew fifty centses to help some fuwwkids in need

I know my Biwfday will be pawfect wif youw help and since i aweady have evewything any pup could want, we can just celebwate being togethew .
Any comment today FWIDAY, and tomowwow SATUWDAY will count towawds the gween papews!!!!! so come and join the fun!!!

(I will let you know the wesults next week, along wif mowe about  my fifth Biwfday celebwation)

SMOOCHIE KISSES fwom an almost five yeaw old

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Suwpwise Pawty and visit fwom Faiwy Hobmothew

Hi Evewybuddy
I have wetuwned fwom my twavels on the high seas in time to find mommi down wif a pinched newve
natoowally, she hasn't gone awound to answew any of my fwiends and do what she's sposed to.  Instead, she is just moaning and gwoaning saying she can't sit ow lie down in any pawsition wifout huwting and so she can't stay on the pootew

blah,blah, blah..aways some stoopid excoose not to help me

I am goind to make hew lie down and i will walk up and down hew back till she gets well and it bettew be soon is all I have to say

In the meantime let me quickly let you know about a secwet pawty at Gwacie's fow my good fwiend Opus who has not been well these last few momfs and he is tuwning sixteen!!!
Please go to Gwacie's tomowwow and give Opus youw good wishes and love

hewe is a pictoowe of some of us gathewing fow this impawtant event
(I know we look silly, but isn't that the point of a pawty? having silly fun?)

photo by Gwacie

photo by me

I have one mowe piece of impawtant news fow all of you

you 've pwobably heawd about the Faiwy Hobmothew on Oskaw's site
 Soon aftew I left a comment on his bloggie, I was visited by the Faiwy Hobmothew too and she gwanted my wish to help the White Dog Awmy in theiw fundwaisew by donating $30.00 to them  Isn't that mawveloos?????
Now they say that they may gwant one of my readers a wish just for letting you know that the Faiwy Hobmother is from Appliances Online and that they sell fwidges and fweezers.

Go ahead & leave a comment with youw wish, and maybe the Faiwy Hobmother will visit you too!

Thank you sweet fwiends and I pwomise once again to come visit (pwobably slowly) as Mommi's pinchy newve allows

smoochie kisses

Monday, September 19, 2011

Happy Intewnational Talk Like A Piwate Day!

 Today is talk like a piwate day and I went down to the sea(at the end of my block) and boawded my paiwate ship to go sail the seven seas
I hope I see all of you along the way

 Yawwwgh matey, ye've been boawded!
  I have a couple of Piwate jokes fow you, maybe you can think of a few mowe to amoose us?

what's Captain Hook's favowite stowe?
The Secondhand Shop!
 [hehehehehehe That's whewe Mommi shops all the time so it was vewy easy to guess]

What did the piwate think of the wench's booty?
He thought it was plundewfull! , hehhehehe

I aways laugh at my own jokes, woll awound on the floow and giggle hystewically
What can I say,  I'm easily amoosed

My pirate name is:
Captain Anne Cash

Even though there's no legal rank on a pirate ship, everyone recognizes you're the one in charge. You're musical, and you've got a certain style if not flair. You'll do just fine. Arr!
Get your own pirate name from piratequiz.com.
part of the fidius.org network

 Dogspeed! all me Matey's
wishing you all faiwwinds and good Gwub
and of couwse smoochie kisses

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Hi sweet fwiendses
I've been happily playing at my wun evewyday .  the weathew is still pwetty hot, but I can smell that thewe is a change coming and I'm kind of excitewed about it..I do love summew, but it's been hot fow way too long

I dunk my head and most of my body in the little pool , but even wif that, I am panting like mad aftew chasing my ball..
I'm weady fow some mowe tempewate weathew

while thewe, I stawted thinking about all the fuwwkids who awen't as lucky as I am and need ouw help cause they awe eithew sick ow don't have loving homes of theiw own

I know all of you think of this many times too and want to help

I justed to wemind you that one of the easiest things you can do is wemembew to go to the Animal Wescoo site button

on my sidebaw and pwess on it evewy day..it's a tiny little thing, but it might help some fuwwkids a little
and I want to yell and shout and wemind you  to look in youw piggy banks and maybe find some gween papews to send to the White dog Awmy and theiw vewy impawtant wowk to fight that howwibull C thing that can huwt and kill ouw hoomans as well as ouw fuwwfwiends..I have a diwect link on top of my sidebaw fow it

Thewe awe so many othew fundwaisews and I know it can be ovewwhelming..I don't want to pwessoowe you, just make you wemembew that if you pawsibully can help in some way wif the cause of youw choice..

thewe awe many woggies doing twanspawt , like Khywa (the queen of twanspawts) and now even The Houston Pittie Pack and maybe we could help them in theiw vewy impawtant wowk too

these awe thoughts that go thwoo my mind, knowing that I am a vewy lucky lucky doggie and have so many kind fwiends who make a diffewence

thank you vewy vewy much
smoochie kisses

Monday, September 12, 2011


Deewest fwiends, it is wif shame and sadness that I have to hand in my wesignation to Mayow Fwankie Fuwtew of Blogvilee as chief "agony aunt" and love advice givew

I cannot in good con shins say I know anything about dating and love wif what has twanspiwed
hewe is a bwief explanation:

as a young pup in Dogs wif Blogs, I fell head ovew paw in love wif Stanley of Goobewstan  he is tall and handsome and the Woolew of his own countwy and vewy sweet and pawswaysive

My love was wee-cipwocated, and when I got a chance to meet him, I knew twoo love..he gave me a hoomungoos wing, and I natoowally ass oomed we wewe going to be togethew aways,

but my sweet fwiends, life is not so simpull

Stanley got so busy wif wunning his countwy and taking cawe of his Giwl and his sissie , the cwown pwinsess Stella, that he couldn't spend any time wif me

I felt totally alone in the oonivewse

meantime, I had aways hawbowed secwet love fow Gus Daggew but eawly on, I didn't have a chance, cause he was so vewy much in love wif the bootiful miss Snickews..last yeaw, Gussie's love had to leave fow the wainbow bwidge and as we wewe bof vewy lonely, we decided to keep each othew company

one thing led to anothew and ouw fwiendship blossomed into love

sounds like a happy ending wight??????   NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
all of a sudden Stanley told the wowld on that facebookie thing that he was in a welationship wif me

now, I have two wondewful tewwiewboyz who I'm huwting........I love them bof
will not, and can not decide,
and to make it even mowe complicated, thewe awe some othew sweetheawts who have been mowe than lovabull to me

My BFF Lacie has caught me out and wote the following lettew to me in my cap acity as love advice givew:

Dear Doggie Who Gives Advice to the Lovelorn,

     Hi!! This is Miss Lacie Teacakes from da Burgh. I wanted to tell er ask you about my BFF who is um well ENGAGED TO TWO DOGS AT ONCE!!! See this one dog..he's a Dale...gave her this hooge rock engagement ring and then he like dropped off the face of the Earth and now he's back and on FB and he thinks they are still engaged but meanwhile she's engaged to this Foxy Wire Gussie who WAIT A MINUTE...JUST ONE MINUTE...I JUST realized she never told me about that...like the whole proposal...it must have been at the PWOM er Prom and I actually don't even know who asked who...er um whom. (Lacie has been studying the grammar book given to her by Miss Enid, but that's a Wheelie and well it's too long a story...)
    So what do ya think she should do??? I mean I suppose she could channel her inner Audrey Hepburn (A Nun's Story) and go off to the Convent, but that would be a shame cuz then I would only be able to borrow her wimple and habit (um...is that like gum chewing?) and sensible shoes. Which is so like boring for me, the Lacie.
     Perhaps she could relieve both of them from their potential troth and let ME AT THOSE BOYZ.  Hmm...I don't see her doing that do you???
     Or she could marry both kids? Course only one would be legal...I mean how fun is that??? Frankly, it's better when both are illegal...
     Or she could just STOP worrying about it and enjoy the attention of two handsome boyz? And perhaps she might enjoy partaking of a large bowl of Schlag. I pretty much find that cures all problems. Not that too many boyz are EVER a problem for the Lacie...but I don't pretend to have your wisdom in these delicate matters.
      So Miss Advice Lovelorn Doggie um I mean Doggie Who ...sheesch..that's just too long a title...what do you think she should do????
                                                                                                                            Miss Lacie Teacakes
  She enclosed this pictoowe of how I would look if I entewed the convent
...I don't think it soots me, do you???

so you see, I am not one to give any advice cause I have totally messed evewything up in my love life and potentially caused sadness to the sweetest boyz on eawf

so, I'm handing in my wesignation
wespectful smoochie kisses