a tired dog is a good dog

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Mommi finished this City Vewsion of Twees, now she can get back to painting pups!!!!!!!
love the colows
it's wainy outside..gweat time to catch up on booty sneep

Monday, September 27, 2010


I had a most wondewful Fouwf Biwfday thanks to my pawents and all my sweet Fwiends
my baby Bwofuw , Duffy came to spend the whole weekend wif me..we played, went to the wun and fow walks  and took naps to wefwesh ouwselves
and I was in an dated wif love fwom all ovew
cawds, and gifts and messges stawted coming days befowe

 fwom my wondewful fwiend Lenny the long legged wiwy kid who is the pwesident of ouw Olympic committee

My adopted Sissie and BwofuwFewgie and Jake sent me this http://gowithgus.blogspot.com/

and Gussie sent me one too
(you can see it on his Bloggie)

a most bootiful Hallmawk cawd fwom Mona and the Mommy

fwom my cousin Butchy love and Little Katie and Scuby, Wuby Sylvestew and Hootie
I weceived this gowgeous cawd

and fwom Ewic mySquawe fwiend (and unwequited love)ovew the big Pee
along wif those cawds, I weceived jillions of good wishes on FB and my bloggie fwom sooo many wondewful fwiends that I'm a little ovewwhelmed
this"indestwuctable" lamb came fwom Agatha and Awchie(Mommi and Daddi especially enjoyed the sounds coming fwom it,hehehehehe
I made a smilebox of some of my othew cawds and gifts..they wewe pawsome, and most have suwvived the weekend, hehehe

Click to play this Smilebox photo album
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of couwse thewe wwewe lots of eatables..(this was just a sampling)
and no Biwfday is complete wifout ice cweam ow gelato( I wish you could all have been hewe to shawe)
you have to get evewy last lick
I was a vewy Happy Fouw yeaw old..I'm looking fowawd to the west of this ewa
my most impawtant wish was that all fuwwkids get the kind of love and life thatI have and that my fwiends stay healthy and happy and that when we have to cwoss the bwidge, we all get to see each othew again

I fell asneep dweaming that this would come twoo

smoochie kisses

Saturday, September 25, 2010


I had to wun down to Chawlotte fow the day to celebwate wif my BFF Lacie and hew family

hew hooman sissie  Jen (akaCatwoman) is getting mawwied wight now and I just couldn't miss toasting to hew happiness!!!

I know Jen will be a most bootiful bwide..looks wun in the family..just look at Mumsie..she's stunning and looks like she couldn't possibly have a gwown up dogtew 
(of couwse, Lacie is the most bootiful, but we can't ovewshadow the gowgeous bwide)

So pleez waise youw glasses and toast to the happy couple!!!may they live in love and hawmony and good health all theiw lives togethew!!!  To Jen and Dan!!!!

go and leave youw messages to them on Lacie, Scwuffy and babyStan's bloggie

(his Muvver called mommi and asked if we would post this as they still don't
have a connection)
He had his thirteenth Biwfday on Sept. Thiwteenth and he's been feeling vewy poowly , not eating and the dogtow doesn't know what's wong, but is doing testses

Scootew was heawd saying when asked how he felt"OKNOKANOKANOK, geeez Muvver you're overreactorating Okanokanok
I GOTS TO STAYS AROUND TO SEE MY BOOTIFUL ASTA and lots more ventures wif my Twinner Tanner  WHEN MUVVER GETS THAT INTERNETS AGAIN,PLUS I'M A TOUGH TEXAN COWBOY, I AIN'T NO WIMP okaynokay, I'll be seeing you guys sonnerest...I miss my FRENZ okaynokany choxup"

smoochie kisses

Friday, September 24, 2010


Hi My Dawling Fwiendses
I can hawdly believe it myself..but today I'm FOUW yeaws old aweady
while I was asneep last night, I was dweaming about today, and how quickly time has gone by
it feels like yestewday when I fiwst came home to be wif my HooMommi and HooDaddi
I was so little and wambunctious that I wasn't even allowed in the big bed yet
but I suwe was lucky aweady..I got loves galowe
then all of a sudden I had my fiwstest Biwfday and By then I had met a jillion wondewful fwiends
and discovewed that on Biwfdays you get good wishes and cawds and pwessies and lovely eatables ..it's a totally wondewful day
I got this bootiful cawd a few days ago aweady fwom my faboolous fwiends Molly and Doyle who live on the othew side of the wowld but still came to wish me happiness
since then, I've gotten tons of cawds on the bloggie and FB and ecawds and if I'm not mistaken, thewe awe a few packages waiting fow me too
I don't know when I'll be able to open them cause my baby Bwofuw Duffy came fow a few days to stay wif us, and it's not faiw if I open stuff and he doesn't have any pwessies, so we'we just going to play and get eatables meantime
wewe not vewy happy when we have to wait fow tweats too long..that stoopid flashy box is delaying ouw gwatification, hehehe
I took a peek at my pwezzies and I pwomise to show them to you aftew Duffy leaves
fow now, I want to thank each and evewyone of you fow being my fwiend and fow youw good wishes and love and smoochies fwom all ovew the wowld..Pleez fowgive me that I don't name you all,
 Mommi still has vewy little time fow me and she wants to celebwate today wathew than spend all the time witing.
I just hope you know how much I appweciate all of you 

wif gwateful smoochie kisses
all my love

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


My Fwiend Midas and I at the wun

smoochie kisses

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Help Hungwy Doggies!!!!!!

I saw this impawtant message on my fwiends
 Mawfa and Bailey's bloggie and think it's gweat!
We can do this simple thing and help hungwy doggies  so pleeez do it!!!!

Now our hard working pals over at LifewithDogs told us all about this Pedigree Adoption Drive so we have copied and pasted their information - after all they do such a great job!
Each year, more than 4 million dogs end up in shelters and breed rescue organizations. Pedigree created The PEDIGREE Adoption Drive to help shine a spotlight on the plight of these homeless dogs. So first of all it seems if you just click 'like' on their Facebook page - see the link on our sidebar - they will donate a bowl of food to a shelter - so far they have over a million - let's make that two million cos we dogs need to eat!
Secondly -Special for BlogPaws West: For each blog that posts about the PEDIGREE® Adoption Drive through September 19th, PEDIGREE® will donate a bag of their new Healthy Longevity Food for Dog to shelters nationwide. It’s simple: Write a post, help a dog.
Now if like us you rely on human help to blog we would urge you to give your human no peace until they post a blog.
We hope we have all the information - oh yes, when you write your blog post please leave a link with Life with Dogs - maybe that saves Pedigree having to try to find your blog!

Mommi has been wowking hawd and has no time to help me  do posties and visit fwiends
please don't fowget me and be patient till life can get back to somewhat nowmal fow us.
I think of all of you and send you my love! and hewe's a couple of pictoowes so you wemembew what I look like

smoochie kisses

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fashion Night out NYC

As you might know, Mommi is in no mood ow position to go awound celebwating fashion ow buying stuff, but i believe in suppowting my city and it's indoostwies and global events, so fwiday night was a big celebwation thwoughout the city and the fashionistas wewe out in fowce

luckily, my BFF Lacie has been spending a lot of time at my house lately twying to bolstew Mommi's flagging  si kee, so she and I  decided to go to Fashion night Out...the puppewatzi wewe impossible as oosual..I mean do they expect us to come out naked and wifout fixing ouw haiw and makeup???sheeesh

finally we wewe weady and joined the hundweds of wevelews on the stweet..thewe wewe pedicabs, and DJs and fashion wannabees evewywhewe all ovew town (and in many othew citiew thwoughout the wowld)..we donned ouw official t-shiwts and ciwcoolated 

thewe wewe fwee dwinkies and eatables at evewy stowe along  the stweet( I pwefewed to stay in my neighbowhood..but it was all ovew town..but who wants to walk uptown in 8 inch heels??? duh?????)

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw my fwiend Puddles spowting one of the iconic t-shiwts as a head wap(that giwl has style!)hanging out of a cab

Puddles has been wowwied about hew lack of eyelinew(doo too a howwid medical condition called vitalago ow something), so she was anxious to have hew makeup polished up a bit(I happen to think she's gowgeous)

(left to wight)
Maggie Mae,Lacie,Agatha,Minna Krebs,Ciawa,Puddles and Fewgie

Lacie and I was into sevewal of my fwiends who came to town fow the occasion and wewe posed in fwont of Lincoln centew weawing theiw T-shiwts wif big bootiful skiwts 
I just had to get them to pose togethew..it weminded me of Mommi and the othew DWBMom's this summew acting like Divas

( I think the best pawt was just seeing each othew and having fun on the town)

of couwse we did a little bit of shopping, just a few essentials , you undewstand
(I guess this is why Mommi didn't want to come)

It was a faboolous night seeing fwiends and dancing and eating yummie eatables and a few dwinkies..but as i said befowe..having my fwiends hewe was the best pawt

Fashion is fun, but it's nothing compawed wif the booty of a hug and a kiss fwom a deew fwiend and the joy of being togethew

smoochie kisses  fwom youw wepawtew  fwom Fashion  Night Out in NewYawk City