a tired dog is a good dog

Thursday, September 25, 2014



 Hewe is a smileybox of my Biwfday day

 sadly, I had no weal fuwwy fwiends to celebwate wif, but I pwetended you wewe all hewe wif me (cause you awe in my heawt aways)

 I had a most wondewful day..playing, getting love and scwitchies , smoochies and walkies and tweats in a cafe and then Pizza fow dinnew I gots to choose the flavows 

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Mommi can't believe I'm eight yeaws old aweady...whewe did the time go???

 I hope all of you awe well and having a soopew stawt of fall

smoochie kisses

Sunday, September 21, 2014

a luvly weekend in the beginning of Fall

hewo thewe fwiendses 

bet you thought I was gone fow good..well, sigh..my secwetawy Mommi just wuns out of times aways and so she lets me down and only does quickie posts on my FB page you can aways find me thewe and in yoow heawts if you look, cause I aways think of all of you even when i'm not hewe. 
 We have so many visitows since we live hewe that we wun out of time It's aweady stawting to be fall, but this weekend the sun was out and I gots to wun awound wif my cousin Cawina and hew boyfwiend Leo. they awe visiting fwom Wio in Bwazil..they have been hewe fow thwee weeks and awe sadly going home toosday, but I loved spending time wif them yestewday we had a luvly lunch togethew and hewe awe sum picshoowes 

Cawina and Leo

I cooldn't wait fow the food to get to the table so I had a littol bwead to avoid dying of hungew, tehehehehe

finally Mommi's gulyás soop awwived in the nick of time

ummm, Mommmi, I'm hewe!

just checking to make shoowe Cawina doesn't have any yummies

 aftew a littol walk, we stopped fow dessewt and I gots to lick off Mommi's Schlag fwom hew fingew

I hope all of you awe well and know I think of you and love you

smoochie kisses