a tired dog is a good dog

Thursday, March 29, 2012

A pawfect Sunday

What a most spectacoolaw day I had last sunday

I'm only now getting awound to posting about it cause my time has been taken up wif wunning to help my BFF Lacie ( of holytewwiews) help biwf and nuwse hew hu-niece Ellie
Baby Ellie came eawly, wasn't doo till May ist, but aweady has a mind of hew own I guess. (takes aftew Lacie)

She is gowgoos and healthy , thank dog and weighs a whole bunch(Lacie claims it's all because of hew smoofies, hehehe)
anyway, pleez go congwatoolate them hewe if you haven't yet.

So now, going back to last weekend, hewe is a video of how my sunday stawted

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aftew we got home, Mommi and Daddi took a nap, then ouw vewy good fwiend Vewa called and said if they can get weady and be at the theatwe in half an houw, she has tickets fow them fow a show that they had wanted so much to see, but had been sold out fuwwevew.

needless to say, they jumped and wan and got thewe in time

this is a pictoowe of the Vigszinház (the comedy theatwe in boo da Pest)

it's as gowgoos inside as it is out..

 this is the downstaiws baw , in case you want a dwink on youw way to the bafwoom hehehe

 Mommi took this pictoowe fwom hew seat as it was filling up..in the end thewe wewe no empty seats and even extwa chaiws in the aisles

The play was  pawt of the budapest Spwing awt's Festival and it was called   "The Infernal Comedy".

I'll let Mommi expain:

The play starred John Malkovich,  It premiered in 2009 in Vienna and has toured the world, and now finally here in Budapest.

The play is based on a biographical novel of Jack Unterweger (an austrian serial killer...i know, it sounds bizzare, but it was terrific)  there is also an orchestra playing bits from Haydn, Mozart,

here is a clip explaining it a bit:


he was fantastic!, lots of improvisation on his part, working in some jabs at the current conservative leadership and the fact that the New theater is not where he was invited because it doesn't like decadence, and foreigners etc.  The audience was howling with laughter..he then said(in character) no one must mention this outside
tonight because his publisher would kill him..

Daddi used his phone to secwetely take some pics

then he fowgot to tuwn it off and "siwi" stawted to talk to him...Mommi jabbed him in the wibs, luckily evewyone was laughing and didn't heew theiw intewwuption

this is the lobby of the theatwe
and aftewwawds , befowe coming home to me(a five minute taxi wide),
they sat at a cafe next to the theatwe  (this is the view they had fwom theiw outside table)

and had a glass of wine and talked and giggled about the most pawfect day we had
(Mommi is thinking maybe this move was not such a bad idea aftew all)

smoochie kisses

Monday, March 26, 2012

Mowe pawfect times in boo da Pest

Anothew pawfect weekend in Boo da Pest stawterd on Fwiday wif a big walk, again passing thwoo the squawe whewe the Spwing festival cwafts and food faiw was being held

I looked awound at all the stuff, but didn't buy anything

Waited wif Daddi , while mommi wan into this pastwy shop

then, we went into the MAC stowe to see if I liked any shade of lipstick, hehehehe
just joking, I only weaw shiny natoowal foxy lipses, but I got lots of pats and kisses while mommi got a wed shade fow hewself

latew that day, I stayed home

 while Mommi and Daddi went out fow a bowing intewnationals meeting..they said the bestest pawt was walking along on a spwing night and seeing hoomans going into the Opewa and theatwes

 and fiwst flowewing twee,

 and then coming home to me

The smileboxy is fwom my day on Satuwday, anothew pawfect day..68 degwees wif sunshine and NO hoomidity(that makes mommi vewy happy)

my favowite pawt was having lunch wif Mommi and Daddi outside
(most westauwants have an inexpensive thwee couwse menoo untill about thwee ow fouw o'clocks)..I'm eating a cottage cheese dumpling..sooopew yummo, and meeting a cute little woggie on the stweet

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 Wait till you see my sunday
(I'll show you tomowwow)

hope all of you had as wondewful time as I did
smoochie kisses

Saturday, March 24, 2012

National Puppy Day

I saw that tooday is sposed to be national Puppy Day

Time flies vewy fast accowding to Mommi and I haven't been a little puppy fow quite a long time, but this day made hew go back and look at my puppy pictoowes and get a little sad that i gwowed up so vewy fast, and wish she could have pupppy bweaf and pink toes and bellies to kiss again.

This was me when I gots to go home wif Mommi and Daddi
(my Name was giwl shouldew one spot)

and me, when I fiwst gots to my apawtment in Gweenich village NewYawk and got my weel name

Asta gift fwom heaven Kwoon

I've had loads of adventoowes, and don't look back..us Puppies awe smawt enuff to look fowawd and enjoy each and evewy day  wif no wegwetses.  (Mommi says i will aways be hew puppy , no mattew my age anyway)

so happy Puppy Day to all of you
smoochie kisses

Thursday, March 22, 2012

I got lefts at home

Yes Mommi?, you'we going to the Embassy to get new passpawts?

You mean I can't go wif you?..Is it cause I aweady have one?

What????They don't let woggies in???????

in that case, wake me when you get home

so Mommi and Daddi went to the US Embassy to get weplacements fow theiw lost passpawts..sounded easy peasy
they found the pwetty squawe whewe the addwess was
walked all awound,
nevew saw an amewican flag
finally went into a hotel to ask whewe it is

yep, it was half a block away, but it sowt of looked like a constwuction zone wif big
iwon fencing all awound

they had to go wound and wound and wound and finally a nice policeman showed them how they had to go in on a side stweet and then go thwoo a maze, etc
phew..they finally got in and evewyone was vewy nice and asked why they wewe late

well DUH! if you hide the place...sheeesh

they will get theiw passpawts in about a week
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aftewawds, they went to a Mexican westauwant neew the Embassy(weely , weely good) to toast to  my god-cousinCawina's Biwfday, and have a dinnew..then walked home on a bootiful night

 on the way home, they passed a spwing outdoow cwafts festival and thought of auntie Kawen Seigew

 I of couwse was home waiting like an angel
(don't wowwy, as soon as they got home, Mommi took me out fow a walk and shawed hew daily gelato wif me)

smoochie kisses

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunny Days

Dawling Fwiends

As many of you know, fiwst Mommi was sick, then Daddi, then Mommi fell into hew black hole of depwession, but GOOD NEWS

Mommi is climbing out(she says it's mostly fwiends like you who have helped pull hew, and of couwse Daddi and me) and I hope you didn't think I fowgot you

I had a bunch of pictoowes I wanted to show you, but they wewe fwom a windy ,gwey day(the fiwst time we all went out aftew all the sickies), instead,  I decided that it would be lots happiew if I showed you the lovely sunny days we've had fow a week now (I'll show you the gwey ones anothew time)

We go fow big walks evewy day  explowing diffewent pawts of the city

This is fwom fwiday's walk up in the Buda Castle distwict
It's acwoss the Danoobe fwom us(we go by twam ow bus, and I can go on any of those..the metwo too)

hope you enjoy these pics

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now that mommi is bettew..no mowe excooses, I'm coming awound to visit all of you
to tell you how much I miss you and think of you

smoochie kisses

Friday, March 9, 2012

Asta's lucky week

I gots vewy vewy lucky this week

The postman bwought me not ONE, but TWO pawcels!!!!!!!!

HE wings the bell, and we have to buzz him into the building and then he comes up to ouw apawtment and hands us the packages..saying," You have pawcels fwom AMEWICA"  well, duh?  whewe else would they be fwom, well, umm, unless they'we fwom Gweat Bwitain  ow something, but cewtainly not fwom hungawy, sheeesh

don't know why he's suwpwised.

I have a little smileybox whewe you can see the giftses I gots fwom my BFF Lacie and then fwom Dawling Mitch (he's now calling himself Macintosh Mitch)  and his pawents and angel Maggie

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I was soooo happy, you have no idea

I loved all my toys and my bootiful coat and those yummie biscuits!!!!(would you believe you can't get any decent cookies fow woofies hewe??????, I know, it's weewd, given all the yummie food hoomans get, but the only woofie cookies awe the icky poowina)
anyway, I di gwess.


and now fow the oo bee quee toos food photoes FOW THE HOOMANS, hehehe

some Gulyás Soop, wif peasant bwead  (contwawy to what most hoomans think, Gulyas is a soop and not a stew and it has only yummie beef and potatoes and onions and little tiny dumpling like things and spices)

and the most scwumpshoos cake we've found so faw

(thewe is a layew of tendew cake, then a big layew of Maw si Pahn, then mowe cake, then the floofiest lightest mocha cweem evew, then a little chocolate to top it off )....cakes hewe awe soooo good, that thewe is no point in making it at home..we only make tawts ow cwepes ow such

You won't believe it, but mommi and Daddi awe STILL sick wif theiw stoopid colds.
I hope all of you awe well and will have a most wondewful weekend
as soon as I can i will get mommi to come visit all of you

smoochie kisses

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Welics and feeding a cold

Well, Mommi is a little bettew, but now Daddi has the dweaded Floo(and he's a wowsew patient , just sayin', hehehehehehe)

So not much is happening awound hewe xept mini walkies

but take a look at this!  you have to concentwate and look cawefully, but I'm suwe you'll agwee it's my double (even down to the spot on the shouldew)

this is on the sidewalk neaw my house..looks to me to be an ancient welic of a wiwy foxy squawe kid

if we lived in Pompeii, i would undewstand having it thewe, but in Boo da Pest?

weewd isn't it?

well aftew my walkie I had a big appetite, and they do say "feed a cold", so mommi made "rakott krumpli"  it's just cooked potatoes and hard boiled eggses that you layew wif souw cweam and some bacon and bacon dwippings and then bake

not exackly good fow cholestewol, but Oh so yummie and vewy inexpensive, hehehe

hope all of you awe well and know i love you
smoochie kisses