a tired dog is a good dog

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Such Sadness and Endings

My heawt is bwoken, I have no answews , and so many questions..
Why do howwibull things happen to wondewful hoomans and fuwwkids?
..This last week the biggest twagedy happened to my deewest fwiends 
They had a fiwe that destwoyed theiw house and all theiw belongings and most howwibully, five of theiw beloved pack cwossed the bwidge.  Guewwo(Mommish's heawt doggie, Coco Chanel the queen of all the oonivewse,, Shelby ouw miwacle suwvivow of the wowst that hoomans do to pups and the two wee dawlings Tigew and Lucky all pewished in the fiwe
thewe awe no wowds to even begin to talk about this. Pleez go and comfowt them in some way and if you can help wif donation on the following site(Sandwa's Wecovewy )  also Fwankie Fuwtew has a pwoject fow them and  Mayziegal has mowe infowmation too

I am pwaying vewy hawd that the Mommish finds peace in hew heawt aftew this twagedy and that the fact that hew little hooman pup and hew fuwwkids Bwinksie and Bella awe unhawmed and will help hew heal.  She did evewything in hew powew to save evewyone, , she had to be dwagged out when the smoke became unbeawabull..hew heawt is beyond bwoken..I am vew vewy sad, but know that those fuwwkids who had all hew love awe now safe in heaven and will help hew keep giving hew genewous heawt to some othews who need it so. 

This is supposed to be a most joyous and bootiful season of love and happiness.

The outpouwing of love that the blogging community has shown fow auntie Sandwa and the Pittie Pack pwoves that goodness and light is hewe. I am so gwateful to be pawt of this family .

These pictoowes awe of ouw house in Chwissmusses past

It was always a holiday of wawmf and family

Chwissmuss Eve was always ouw twaditional dinnew

we played the piano and sang songs

and we twied to make evewything spawkly and bootiful

this yeaw is vewy diffewent

my home is packed up

nothing is bootiful anymowe

aftew 29 yeaws in the same apawtment, we awe leaving wif heavy heawts
the piano had to be sold (Mommi had had it since she was 11 and you all know that now she is about 63000000 yeaws old)..it still has to be picked up

This is a containew on a twuck that will be home to all ouw stuff fow about six weeks

The nice moving guys filled it to wifin an inch 

then sealed it and made us photogwaph the key so when they open it in Budapest, we'll know it's been all safe the whole time while on boawd the ship and twucks

To finish, I have a funny stowy to make you giggle ;

So, the house is empty, and Mommi and Daddi awe tiwed,
Mommi has a cwacked wib and to celebwate the end of the move, they decided to dwink a toast...thewe was a bottle of Pwo Secco in the fwidge and Daddi twied to open it..the cowk didn't want to come out, so he used a scwew openew:
all of a sudden, Mommi felt like someone shot hew in the chest
no, not the cowk, but the whole top of the bottle blew off and hit hew in the chest
hehehehehe(sowt of a fitting way to go if it would have done any weel damage)
as it is, she got a bwoose and a little blood , but no awtewies wewe sevewed and no eyes lost
They did the only logical thing..got a sieve and pouwed the Pwo Secco into glasses and dwunked it all up ....Phew

I will pwobably not be able to post ow visit much fow quite sometime,but will twy

I wish all of you a safe and Mewwy Chwissmuss
I pway that all of you will be hewe when I get back to nowmal blogging fwom Budapest
I tweasoowe all of you

till then, all my smoochie kisses

Saturday, December 3, 2011

So vewy sad..pwayews needed fow fwiends!

I am vewy vewy sad

I was so afwaid that if I couldn't be hewe to check on my fwiends because of this stoopid move, some howwibull things might happen

 today mommi finally went to the pootew to see if thewe wewe any messages, and I found awful things.  Now I'm too afwaid to even look at my messages anymowe.

My sweet sweet fwiend Opus who has been my fwiend along wif his angel bwuvvew Woscoe had to cwoss the bwidge today I only found out because Anne (Zoey and Maggie's mom  of Zoolatwy sent me this bootiful badge, along wif this message
To share your thoughts and prayers for Opus ... visit his family at ...    CAT NAPS IN ITALY.

Wemembew when I went to Wome a few yeaws ago?

(hewe I am wif my Daddi and Opus's bootiful Mom )
well I got to visit Wowcoe and Opus at that time and  I will keep bof of them in my heawt fuwwevew along wif the memowie of ouw many many adventoowes as pawt of the "gang"

CIAO my fwiends..I'm glad you'we young and togethew again and I will see you someday ovew the wainbow


at the same time , I saw that my othew deew fwiend Gingew Jaspew    
is vewy vewy ill
and needs ouw pwayews and pawsitive thoughts

hewe I am kissing Flat Gingew Jaspew while sitting in his Mum's lap when they visited me eawliew this yeaw

(once again It was the Zoolatwy Giwls who let me know and sent me this bootiful image)


and if that isn't enuff sadness, Dr Tweety , that wondewful funny and kind and faboolous fwiend  has got the howwibull C and may not be wif us fow much longew

(again a bootiful pictoowe fwom Zoolatwy)

Pleez evewyone go and visit these  families who awe huwting and so vewy sad  
and leave youw wowds of suppowt and love

I still can't come awound to see how all of you awe  and I just pway that you'we all safe and well and getting weady fow a bootiful Chwissmuss and Hannukah

stay safe
sad sad smoochie kisses