a tired dog is a good dog

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Project interrupted

My Mommi just finished this painting for someone, and was starting to pack it up( actually Daddy does the packing, but she helps),when the peace of our life was interrupted.....
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I am sooo unhappy...I was minding my own business, trying to be a good girl,playing with my toys, when all of a sudden this giant monster fly got in my room, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, I was petwefied with fear, I couldnt move ..he wa sooooo scawy! I'm not kidding he was huuuge....Mommy had to stop her work, and come rescue me and kill the evil fly..I hate him, I'm glad he's dead..I better never see one again...geeez , a girl needs her peace and quiet
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He's here
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He's there
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he's evewywhere
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I'm sooo bummed
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Finally the nasty fly is gone , and I can get back to playing , whew
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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My Darling Jackson tagged me for the latest game, where I'm supposed to post a picture of myself with another animal and write a caption for it...so tah dah! here it is................
and now I tag Stinky(oops I mean Jaffaman), Miss Liberty, and Opy...have fun everydoggie
till we talk again, smoochie kisses

latest tag

end run on the count of three
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Monday, May 28, 2007

My Weekend Fun

Hi Everydoggy, well the weekend is over, it was a super long one, with Daddy home since friday afternoon,which is WONDERFUL! We went to the run everyday,we had my hooman cousin and her friends come to visit, I helped Daddy edit a book(ok so he did most of the work, but I encouraged him)..I helped Mommi finish a painting, we all cooked some scallops and gussie's vegeble..drank prosecco,,,a lot...hm don't tell that to any one, I don't want to get arrested for underage dwinking...of course I didn't drive...I snoozed in between playing and eating, took some walks and helped out lost tourists(all locals left town I think), and pwobably lots more stuff I can't remember now 'cause I'm super tired and sleepy!
I hope all of you had a great weekend too..can't wait to hear all about it.....so here are a bunch of videos of me and my friends at the run..Normy could power all of NY in case of blackout, he's got sooo much energy. A lot of my bestest friends were out of town, but it was a lot of fun anyway...smoochie kisses to all...ASTA

The welcoming committee

we all chase Norm

Following Cosmo the Spinone

Awwww c'mon lemme play with you guys

O.K. I guess I'll take my ball and go home

Sunday, May 27, 2007

I've been tagged again

I haven't even done the last assignment, I have nooo idea who I look like????? and now I'm supposed to write about pawsome facts you might not know about me, that's easier. Here goes:

1-I think I'm part dalmation, cause I KEEP FINDING MORE AND MORE SPOTS all over me,I'm gonna hide them with talcum powder, but they keep sneaking out

2-I can make food fly into my mouth,I've been practicing hypnotising yummys till this happens

3-my Mommi calls me her pupcake, Daddy sometimes calls me poodle(between the dalmation spots, and this I'm going to have an identity crisis soon) also my real name is ASTA GIFT FROM HEAVEN

4-I walk bootifully(although at a 45 dgree angle),next to my 'rents, unless of course I spot a doggie, a kid, a hooman...at that point either pull like mad, lie down and won't budge, or want to jump and play.

5-I'm the official toe licker around here..even guests are in danger if they take their shosies off

6-I DETEST taking baths, but love to supervise Mommi doing it

7-i don't disembowel my softies, I just munch them

I have lots more stuff to say, but that's for another day...

I don't know who's left untagged for this game, let me see, hmm, how about my new friends TRIPLE B

Friday, May 25, 2007

eight months

Yesterday, I was eight months old, it was a very warm day, 82 degrees, which is about 5 degrees over my Mommi's melting point. She starts being grumbly when it gets hot, unless she's under water, which doesn't happen a lot,since we have no pool, or house in the hamptons,or beachy vacations. She says this melting stuff has something to do with being a middle aged woman, and some flashes?????/I have no idea what she's talking about, but being a polite puppy, I let her babble on.
Anyway, back to what's important! I'm being taken to have a treat! My very firstest ice cream..we're going to a place called Sant Ambreus, the original is in Milan, so since it's Italian, it's not ice cream, but "gelato". I'm very curious what this could be, I've had ice before, it's cold and crunchy, and I love it, so how will this compare???
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What is it?what is it? I can hardly contain myself
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First tentative taste of nilla gelato
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This stuff is amazing, why haven't I tried this before?
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Having lost patience with the polite spoon, I switch to other tactics and dive into the cup for direct access
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Awwww, come on Daddy , there must be more
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There's gotta be more

I can't believe it's all gone, my tongue is still too warm, and in need of cooling creamy stuff
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Asta's 8th Month Birfday Video

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

finally in bed

I was going to do a post with videos of me playing like a maniac at the doggie run, but after hearing of how awful my friend Jackson is feeling, I didn't think it was fair to make him feel left out of the fun times....sooooo....I decide to show you all my favorite ways to snooze, which is what I hope Jackson is doing, so that he'll be stronger and recover quickly from his many ordeals.....so here goes:
this first picture is my triumph over youth..I'm finally to be trusted to sleep on the bed, and not wake up Mommi and Daddy in a big puddle...I am totally reliable now, and happily sleeping with my rents..it's very cozy ...we can only fit a queen size bed in our bedroom, and my Daddy is 6ft5inches..heheheheheheheheh

So Jackson I hope this gets you in the mood to rest up..we love you and want you to get better very soon
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in a bowhaus

This is where I always slept before I got big, now I go in, but mostly to hide my toys
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on a soft toy

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when I was litteler

The bestest place to sleep was on Daddy's tummy, this was the weekend I got picked up from North Carolina
I've found it's still the best at the ripe old age of eight months(today)..it's warm it's soft,it smells good..I love my Daddy
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in a car

We had to borrow a car, and drive all the way to Rhode Island and back to pick up Mommi's paintings after an exhibit.That was exhausting and took for ever
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Sometimes I pass out after the run( notice the stoopid ears turning inside out)
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on sofa

This is my favoristest nap place in the day time
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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Bad Picture

Here is a truly bad picture of me ,just look what my ears are doing, flipping back instead of forward....ever since my first stripping they've been acting up..I think without all the fuzzy hair,they want to fly away.(look what I did to my teething ring heheheheheheheheheh, I'm getting a lecture about not swallowing plastic, ooops)
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what a mess

This Lady at the doggie run gave me one of these sticks, it's kinda red and I don't know what the heck it is, but I never ever refuse a treat.SOOOO I get it home, and I get comfy and hold it just right, but as soon as I start munching,it falls over...I have to subdue it, and show it who's boss, then the darn thing starts crumbling, and gets stuck in the carpet, and my hair! Mommi was picking bits of it out of my hands, inner thighs, tummy , beard, mupstache...what a mess. I have a feeling I'm not getting any more of these...and the WORSTEST thing...next day I had to go poop a lot more, and it was yucky runny(sowwy for the gross description)
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