a tired dog is a good dog

Monday, November 29, 2010

Mommi's Biwfday Weekend

Mommi's Biwfday weekend stawted eawly..ackshooally the day befowe thanksgiving when Auntie Kawen dwopped off my bwuvvew Duffy  to spend a few days while she went to spend the holidays wif hew sissies in Chick a Go

She not only dwopped off Duffy, but bwought the most lucious food( shwimp salad, gwainy bwead, smoked salmon wif wed onions and lemonand capews) natoowally, Mommi was so excited by the food, she fowgot to take pictoowes of it
but once she was ovew hew initial feasting, at least she wemembewed to photogwaph the thwee dessewts (sluwp, xuse me)
A cake called OPEWA, a Chestnit cake, and a Pista show cake...Duffy and I only got the salmon and shwimp and bwead..no chocolate fow us   DWAT!

The mowning of Mommi's Biwfday (satuwday), looked like it was going to be a pawfect day

bweakfast in fwont of the fiwe, then fwiends dwopping by  unexpectedly to  toast hew and giggle wif hew (unkel Tony and unkel Mawk came and bwought Pie, auntie KawenS bwought fwied potato cakes, auntie Julie bwought pwosecco) a good time was had and by fouw in the aftewnoon mommi hadn't even changed out of hew wobe, hehehehehe

gifts fwom Daddi
(lovely baf salts and felted snippews and big suwpwise!!!! tickets to a theatew pawfowmance

She got all dolled up in the evening aftew a mini nap
(old people do that you know)

told us to be good kids while she and Daddi went out
(we had the wun of the house cause we behave vewy well when left alone)

we went to lie down in the living woom

this is the pwogwam fwom the  show they went to see
Mommi says it was the best she'd seen in ages..SPECK tack Oolaw

we stayed like this the whole time at home

The show has no intewmission , so it didn't let out too late.. The cast played instwooments and sang and danced befowe it began and at the end in the lobby.
 Mommi twied to make a video wif hew phone but failed misewably..she said you just have to twust hew that is was faboolous

When they got home, they found us fast asneep on the big bed

I think it was the pawfect Biwfday fow hew

Now she says, it's back to weality: sad newses about fwiends and wowk and wowwies ..ughhhh
I wish holidays lasted fuwwevew

smoochie kisses

Friday, November 26, 2010


My pawents went down to  ouw good fwiend' apawtment fow a gawgantooan, sumptoo- us meal wif good fwiends...Mommi of couwse fowgot to plug in hew battewy fow hew camewa, so all these pictoowes awe stolen fwom auntie Kawen and unkel James(thank you!)

the tuwkey was done to pawfection, thewe was the most delicious stuffing that was passed down fwom Kawen S's family, woasted vegebals fwom the gween mawket, the stuff that my pawents bwought that you saw in the last post, smooched potatoes and gwavy ..ouw favowitest champagne, and nevew ending flow of dwy wed wine, gweat convewsation and lots of laughs

the table setting was bootimous, the table cloth full of pomegwanites and sheaves of wheat
 Evewyone took a modest pawtion(BOL)

 by the time they got to dessewt (punkin Pie, souwcweam-Apple Pie and Daddi's home made Peacan Pie) they wewe too tiwed to take pictoowes
luckily, I managed to take a photo of the most scwumptious pie Daddi made..we 've nevew had one this good..twooly the best wecipe we've evew found

and of couwse they all got silly and had a most wondewful time

meantime, Duffy and I took my Vespa and wan ovew to Scwuffy , Lacie and baby Stan's house fow a game of pokew..let's just say, I should not have let Duffy bet, hehehe
We snuck back in the eawlie houws of the mowning..I don't think Mmommi and Daddi noticed cause they wewe in a food coma, heheheheheehe

This is what we plan to do today..no shopping fow us..we think it's a stoopid twadition..
(even when we had $ to shop we nevew did this)
 no one needs anything badly enuff to spend the night in line shivewing and getting twampled instead of spending quality time wif youw loved ones

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I'm still cwossing my paws fow all my fwiends  while enjoying this bootiful holiday
It's my favowite because it's about being togethew and nummie foodses and love, not about wunning awound and shopping and stwess of pwesents.
 I'm bwinging a tuwkey enuff fow all of you

and I'm showing you pictoowes of what Mommi and Daddi awe making to bwing along to ouw fwiends' house whewe we awe going  fow ouw thanksgiving meal

Daddi looooves making this  and watching the bewwies pop..the fwagwance dwives me wild

we also make a sweet potato/apple casewole  it's not all sweet ..no mawshmallows
(Mommi says hew Hungawian ancestows would woll ovew in theiw gwaves if she did mawshmallows on food...now woasting them on a campfiwe is diffewent and allowed, teehehehehehe..weiwd hungawians)

this is not the pie we made..we'we not making it till tomowwow, but it's going to look like this

all the west of the yummies will be pwovided by ouw fwiends Kawen ( auntie Kawen Seigew has witten a bootiful  book on the mawkets of NewYawk and has a vewy active FB site..pleez visit hew..she's fun and knowledgeable and unkel James isn't bad eithew, hehehehe)and James  and ouw long commoote to theiw house is going fwom the seventh floow to the thiwd, hehehe
I think I won't need special wain geew
Now fow the most impawtant of why I love Thanksgiving..it weminds me of how vewy lucky I am and have so much to be gwateful fow:
I'm so gwateful fow my fambly , fow many wondewful fwiendses , that we can still live in ouw apawtments and fow all the yummie tweats and foods I get and fow having a wawm fuwwevew home whewe I'm loved and that my Daddi is healthy and Mommi hasn't cwied fow a whole week and so many good things in my life.

I wish all of you the same!!!

smoochie kisses

Monday, November 22, 2010

So much Pain today..we need the powew of the Paw fow ouw Fwiends

Today is the aminevewsawawy of my sweet cousin Miss Snickews going to the Wainbow bwidge
I will always love hew and miss hew

It's a vewy hawd day fow auntie Linda(Snickew's Mommi) because on top of hew sadness, hew kitty Scuby is lost

..pleez send them youw love and wishes fow his safe wetuwn

Puppy Pwayews and the powew of the Paw awea alos uwgently needed fow sweet Shelby
she has been thwoo so much wif such bwavewy, and today, she is undewgoing hew fiwst Heawtwowm tweatment..it's painful and scawy and we need to sowwound hew wif ouw love pleez  (wead mowe about it on hew bloggie wif hew Pibble and wee  siblings)

Shelby is loved and has a wondewful family finally, pleez let hew get well


Ouw deew fwiend Mango had a seezoowe again and needs ouw pwayews and good happymaking wishes too

I'm pwaying vewy hawd that all my fwiendses awe helped by the powew of the paw and all ouw love
smoochie kisses

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Fall Coo-Toow

I thought I would twy to  blend in wif the most bootiful fall scenewy

went walking awound my neighbowhood in my coo toowe  gown
wound up in Washington Squawe pawk..that's the awch in the backgwound..it's whewe Fifth Avenoo begins

I just had to sing..the booty of NewYowk in the fall blows me away!
I gave all the leaves fwom my dwess back to the bootiful bush whewe it belongs

Giving toows and modeling is hawd wowk

this is whewe I plan to spend the west of my weekend

hope all of you awe enjoying fall and feeling cozy and wawm too
smoochie kisses

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Abootiful fall day and Justice fow Wosie!!!!!

Daddi sent me  a pictoowe of these bootiful leaves while going to wowk today

and then this pwetty twee wif fog all awound it that he saw on the Fowdham campus on his way to teach

he inspiwed me to go look fow myself

I took Mommi out fow a walk

it was twooly lovely wif all those leaves

I wowe my special fall coat that that  Diva SophieLaBwadow sent me fwom Mon Weal last yeaw

It's pawfect fow posing in fwont of  peoples' doows
it adds that cewtain je ne say paws to the colow awwangement, don't you think?

Mommi was twying to do a quick walkie wif me, but I just couldn't get enuff of the lovely smells and I had tons of peemail to wead, so it took fuwwevew accowding to hew..I don't undewstand what could be mowe impawtant, but you know hoomans

I love standing in the leaves..I know many of you have hooge piles in youw yawds , but since I'm a city giwl and couldn't get up to the Pawk, this will have to do, and fwankly, it's quite good fow me

I enjoyed myself hoogely, but when I came home, I wead the most howwibull thing on my fwiends' bloggie
Nanook and Pooka awe two bootiful Newfy fwiends who allewted me to this tewwibull stowy

This was Wosie , a lovely two yeaw old Newfoundland Giwl..

hew stowy is heawtbweaking..
please take the time and go to Nanook and Pooka's and wead it and I know you will all be moved to  do something about it
Thank you my fwiends
sad smoochie kisses

Sunday, November 14, 2010


 WE fiwst did this a yeaw ago..all of us fuwwkids all awound the wowld..coming togethew in love and fwiendship and cawing..We wewe thinking of Dawling Snickews at that time, but oh thewe awe so many mowe
Sweet Snickews is an angel now, as awe  Jackson, Snowball ,Hamish, Tuckew, Patches........ too many fwiends to even twy to name and I 'm getting too teawy thinking about them
Today, I lit a candle in a global moment of Love...for Peace and Healing...for those here and those gone....a light of hope for all.....(this was a quote fwom my BFF Lacie's site)
but we know the powew of the paw, and ouw collective love and enewgy can make a diffewence.. some of ouw fwiends awe needed in heaven and we can't stop that, but we can pway that they go softly and wifout pain and that those who awe now suffewing will be helped....even if it's only comfowt and ouw combined stwength , and love  that we can send.
So lets hold paws  and bow ouw heads and take this moment to celebwate the lives of ouw fwiendsand light up the globe wif ouw combined love

smoochie kisses