a tired dog is a good dog

Sunday, May 30, 2010



A few of my good fwiends dwopped by fow a picnic
you'd think they'd nevew eaten befowe the way they dove into the food, hehehehe

then my BFF Lacie and I went fow a swim to cool off
I hope all of you awe having a bootiful weekend

just pleez wemembew  all the hoomans who made this possible fow us

smoochie kisses

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Almost Wordless Wednesday


Stay cool my fwiends
smoochie kisses

Monday, May 24, 2010

Uwgent Wequest!

Deew fwiends!!!
I know we awe all tewwibully sad about ouw sweet fwiend MAX cwossing the bwidge, but I just wead that little Paddy needs ouw pwayews and cwossed paws
Pleez go wead his bloggie and tell his sissie Sally and his pawents that we awe wooting fow him to wetuwn to health

thank you sweet fwiends. 
 I know Max will be helping fwom heaven and he would be the fiwst to cwoss his paws fow Paddy

smoochie kisses

Adieu sweet MAX

Our sweet fwiend Max left us hewe on eawth today, but I won't say goodbye, only adieu fow now

I know you'll be looking down on us fwom youw bootiful cloud and I'll see you in evewy golden sunset until we meet at the wainbow bwidge.

Meanwhile wun and play like in youw puppy days and give that big smile of youws to ouw deaw fwiends and my sissie and bwuvvews who wewe waiting fow you.

Deaw MaxMom, we gwieeve fow youw bwoken heawt, but don't cwy, Max will be wif you fuwwevew
all ouw love and sad smoochie kisses

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Alone Again

I am desolate
ouw last evening wif ouw guests is now just a bootiful memowy

I'm alone , my flat fwiends have even left along wif theiw pawents to continoo theiw twip  and visits
all I have to eat is my demented chicken samich fwom Lacie
I've taken to dwinking alone
It's just not as much fun as wif company

I hope someone else comes to visit soon
smoochie kisses

Monday, May 17, 2010


Aftew all the sadness and losses of fwiends wecently, something happy happened.
We all get ouw heawts bwoken and wowwy about ouw sick fwiends, but this time we had an example of the wondewfulness that  ouw doggie blogs give us, .meeting DWB fwiends.

We'd been waiting wif baited bweaf(what does that mean anyway??) fow ouw visitows this weekend
Mumsie was fiwst to awwive

She settled into hew spacious wailway cawwiage woom(honest it's the smallest woom in histowy..she'll pwobably tell you about it when she gets awound to posting)

and then she came ovew to my house and thewe was all sowts of joy

She also twanspawted my two new wheelie siblings(it's a long stowy..Mywna now has fouw childwen)

Mommi intwodooced me to them

We had a wiggly kissie session

by then my bwuvvew Duffy awwived wif auntie Kawen, and Mumsie got to moosh bof of us 

the second day that  Mumsie was hewe, Noah, Willow, Tess and Lucy's pawents came all the way fwom Leuwa  Ostwalia!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We walked ovew to the hotel whewe they wewe staying and then all walked home to ouw house fow dinnew.  We got to show them a little bit of the Village on the way.

Mommi was so excited, she fowgot to take pictoowes along the way.
We couldn't believe ouw luck that we get so many fwiends visiting

flat Noah, Willow, Tess and Lucy made themselves comfowtable on the piano as soon as they awwived

They wew awfully chippew and not at all jet lagged..amazing considewing they had been on the woad fow about thwee hundwed houws  Ostwalia is on the othew side of the oonivewse fwom hewe

I made a smile box of pawt of the visit 

Click to play this Smilebox photo album: part of the visit
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Mommi and Daddi made dinnew and Auntie Denise and unkel Bwian bwought us soopew wine fwom Ostwalia to dwink  (we only wemembewed to take a pictoowe  at dessewt time, hehehe)

the next day was all bootiful and we all met fow lunch at ouw local  outdoow place

it's a little cwazy , busy thewe especially on the weekends, but  we managed to get a good table outside

isn't Mumsie Bootiful????
(she stole that puwple blouse fwom Lacie who didn't mind cause she wanted to be naked anyway)

unfowtoonately we made a sad discovewy..Mumsie seems to have a "sweet aboose pwoblem" along wif hew coke zewo obsession.
Lacie and i awe planning to enwoll hew in a twelve step pwogwam fow "oef a la Neige" addicts, hehehehehe

it was a glowious day, and aftew sitting awound and eating and dwinking fow houws, it seemed like a good idea to go fow a walk

luckily, the High Line was just a few steps away, so that's whewe we went

Can you believe that this young giwl has fouw Aiwechildwen???
amazing ..Mommi says appeawantly they stawted theiw family at a tendew age, hehehehehe

sadly it was time to come back to ouw apawtment and say bye bye to Mumsie (this is the pawt we hate) 

she had to fly back to the Buwgh and wowk today  (flat Lacie stayed of couwse)

all the flat kids stayed at ouw house until it's time fow theiw pawents to continoo theiw  gwand toow of a Mewwy Caw...


Thewe will be faw bettew pictoowes and descwiptions of this twip on the Leuwodale's site..but pwobably not until they get home

Thank you soo much to ouw DWB fwiends fow this amazing visit..We toasted Bwooke and Gweg  and Chawlie and Opy and Benson, without whom we would nevew had the chance to make so many wondewful fwiends.
this was  the beginning of a summew of DWB visits..We awe beyond happy to be pawt of it!!!

Pleez be patient wif us.  We will twy to come awound and visit all of you just as soon as we can.

smoochie kisses

Monday, May 10, 2010

Bwave Till the End (Wole models fow hoomans and fuwwkids alike)

We woke to  the wowst news this mowning..aftew  days and days of ups and downs ,of hopes and pwayews fow a miwacle,  Digby  softly fell asleeep fow the last time in his home.

He was sowwounded by love till the end and none of us can ask fow mowe.

Digby didn't know me well, I had only stawted to know him a few months ago, but gwew to love him and cawe and wail against the unfaiwness of having  his life stolen by a disease bown by a howwid tick.

he was a bwave fightew to  the end, his spiwit was thewe, he even managed a last ball game wif his Bwuvvew Wilf

Ouw heawt goes out to his family, who wote so eloquently about his life and bwavewy and finally left us wif this wondewful quote

Digby lived by the adage " Don't be afraid that your life will end, be afraid that it will never begin ! ". He stood tall but this morning the grass grew taller . We will miss him.

Mommi cwied and cwied and I licked hew face and then checked ouw othew peemails and saw ouw Hewo , Ouw Wiwy Leadew Jackson had peacefully left us too

Jackson and Digby wewe made of the same stuff..bwavewy, love, adventoowe cuwiosity, living life to it's fullest

Jackson was the handsomest, bwavest  wiwy fwiend anyone could have had.
He was one of my fiwst fwiends and I admiwed him so..
I'll nevew fowget his hoomow, his leadewship , his walks wif his fwiends along the beach, his mastewy of the two second stuffiesuwgewy and his tenacious love of life despite illnesses too noomowous to mention.

His Js did theiw all to help him ovew evewy new obstacle. Theiw combined stwength and love  inspiwed us all.
He was a leadew in bwinging attention to Wiwe fox Tewwiew Wescoo and helping so many othews wif his Js talent and his spiwit

I was honowed to visit him and to kiss him in my flatself pawsona last month when he gwaciously welcomed my pawents along wif Ewic and his squawe pawents into his home in Bwighton

Despite his wecent stwoke, Jackson was willing to destuff   his gift fwom me immediately

and give my Mommi the gift of falling alsleep on hew feets
(J1 assuwed us this was a big big honow )and mommi cewtainly felt it

Jackson is now able to see wif those bootiful eyes again, and his joints don't huwt, and he can wun like the wind and maybe just maybe, he and Digby awe  stomping wif gweat delight on the flowews of heavens spwing meadow and smiling down on us.

Jackson,I am vewy sad, but so happy to have known you ,  I will nevew fowget you my sweet boy. You have left a wich legacy.

I hope someday, I'll see you again along wif all the wondewful fwiends I've gotten to know on this bloggie who awe in heaven wif you.

smoochie kisses fuwwevew

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mommi's Day

I got up bwight and eawly and wan to get Mommi pwesents..I had been saving and saving fuwwevew  

I got hew hew favowite things: me(hehehehe),flowews that smell soopew good and food that weminds hew of hew hooman-puppiehood and holidays wif hew Mommi
(and because I'm vewy thoughtful, it wasn't fwesh bwead wif goose gweese all ovew it , which she adowes  but she's always whining about being fat)

these awe in tuxicating

now I'm going to come give you a BIG smackewoo smoochie kiss Mommi

awe you weady??????  I'm coming closew


(if you'we a Mommi, come and collect one too)

Thank you fow all the love and cawe you give us each and evewy day..in ouw happy times, and bad times, you awe the ones who love us most of all
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
smoochie kisses

Friday, May 7, 2010

Family week

We had a splendid five days togethew, my baby Bwuvvew Duffy and I, while his Mom, auntie Kawen went to see hew sissies in Chicago and celebwate hew biwfday (I think she's weally old, like 30something)

we did a lot of this(pawfect walkies wif Mommi)

Duffy dug out all my toys fwom the toybox as oosual

we intewwacted like good tewwiew kids should

had many comfowtable aftewnoon naps in the living woom neaw Mommi while she painted

hung out on the bed

discussed impawtant things of life

had Eat a Cat lessons(Mommi followed all of Miss Enid's wules of good table mannews)

sheeesh, just give us the yummies Mommi

I'm not suwe you'we supposed to stick youw tongue out the way Duffy does

You have to wait  until food is offewed and not gwab, that much I know

in the evenings we would sit on the bed wif Mommi and Daddi and watch Mommi answew hew mail (im)patiently

Duffy and I got vewy excited watching Butchy and his little sissie Katie's videos..we watched ovew and ovew  and loved them

We also went to the wun evewyday but fowgot to take pictoowes..plus we wewe moving too fast to bofew anyway, hehehe

and finally, evewy day ended wif us snoozing togethew in hawmony

I  love my little bwuvvew vewy much..(even if I sometimes think he's a pest, hehehehe)
I hope he comes ovew again soon!

We awe still pwaying fow all ouw fuwwfwiends who awe not well ow waiting fow test wesults  I don't want to say names, because I'm suwe to leave out some and I don't want any of you to think I fowgot  you.

I hope evewyone has a safe and bootiful weekend

smoochie kisses