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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

and so it begins..the Wedding of the Yeaw

Ruby, that most wondewful pilot wif hew own aiweline,picked evewyone up in time and got us all to Salzbuwg Austwia fow my sissie Myrna' wedding to hew twoo love Gilbert

as oosoual, evewything was impeccable..thewe is no weduction of luxoowy ow sewvice on Aiw Wuby..if you want to see the incwedibly decowated inside of the plane fow this occasion pleez go to Ruby's bloggie

Thewe wewe fuwwfwiends fwom all ovew the globe, and I'm pwoud to say all the wheelies, catses and doggies had a gweat time togethew.
you can biggify all the pictoowes to see evewyone!

all the wheelies decided to stay at the Gasthof Maria Plein..it's just outside the city wif bootiful views of the hills and vewy close to the Chuwch whewe the cewemony will take place

Gilbert is on the balcony wif Dr.Pierre standing by, along wif Myrna's twin Bwuvvew Max in case he has anothew incident of Am Kneesia
Myrna is at an undisclosed location, although she is pining fow Gilbewt, she's not allowed to see him untill the wedding

A pawtial list:
Nigel, Burt,Cyril, Opal Autumn,Hector,TripTrap, Bentley,Seymour,Brosky,GusGus Digby,Nick,Gertie, Blossom,Tam,Dunstan,Josephine, Roxy,Stan the Man, Fiona GertieLeurodale,

you may have noticed two familiar-looking wheelies standing in the corner looking preoccupied in the midst of all the celebrating. “Who are those intense looking fellows?” you might have wondered. Well, it seems they are Professsor Jacques E. Maigret and Justin Herkimer Clouseau, brothers of none other than two of the most famous detectives in the world. Originally from France, where they tried very hard to live up to the brilliant literary and cinematographic careers of their siblings, they decided to emigrate to Florida last year to start over. They found new homes with Jake and Just Harry (notice the eerie resemblance?) but somehow they’ve never been able to make a go of it as detectives. And learning the language seems to be beyond them. Feeling so disoriented, they jumped at the chance to hop on Aire Ruby and return to Europe for a few days. We hope they find themselves at this once-in-a-lifetime event!!

Look who's coming down the path! my dawling cat fwiendses. They awe my lifelong fwiends and fellow boawd membews fwom Little pwoductions..the makews of CCSI. I'm so happy they came. and have bwought theiw families wif them.
photo by Karl
fwom left to wight
Notty,Mrs.Oz,Luna,OliveAmelia and hew bwuvvew Opus,my sissie Sassy, that happily mawwied couple and an inspiwation to us all Karl and Ruis, my dawling ostwailian sissie Momo, and finally TinTin

because of Ruby's special anti-jet-lag dwinks, we all had loads of enewgy to wun awound Salzbuwg and do some sightseeing
of couwse we had to go to the house whewe Mozawt was bowned
(we sowt of got cawwied away pwetending we lived thewe and playing chasey chase up and down the staiws and thwoughout the place)

Mrs. Oz loved sitting in the uppew window. Maggie was able to show off hew supewb beawdie while hanging out of the upstaiws. Lucia just kept singing to get hew Bustewigo's attention.
On the fiwst floow Willow and Lucie managed to squeeze into one window, as did Gabbi and Agatha( I think they found some good gossip). Karl kept a safe distance on the doow fwame..it was such a cwush of us on the stweet.
left to wight on the stweet
Busterigo,Riley,Baxter,Ruby,Mitch,Archie,Hootie,Bailey,me-Asta and Lacie and Pedro

all that sightseeing and shopping made us quite thiwsty, and to ouw delight we found a pawfectly bootiful beewgawden neawby

at this point, we wewe all dwessed vewy casooally, except fow Jake of the Bawkalotz boys..I think he wanted to get his outfit just wight and jumped the gun wif his timing, hehehehe
Karl,Sassy and Ruis took casooal to a new meaning by showing up in theiw pajamas.
I think a gweat time was had by all..we dwank beew, ate snausages and pwetzels and sang and smooched.
I was mostly busy kissing Stanley my Goobew boy, but I did notice some of my fwiends who wewe thewe:
Sophie and Joe Stains,The fouw bootiful Doughalmoow Beagles, Eric and Toffee, Hootie and Aggie,Ludo bwinging a flowew to some lucky giwl,, Butchy,Lucia, Merv my Stanny's cat bwo,ouw new fwiend Paddy the WFT wif a delicious sausage in his mouf. my BFF Lacie stawing at Archie who was sneeping soundly, Scooter looking like he aweady had a few of those beews, Chubs licking his lipses and Ximui,Scruffy and babyStan,Mica Peteys Bwuvvewcat, Momo sissie next to Sally that bootiful english wiwy giwl

We all fell into bed, happy and exhausted and weady fow the wedding in the mowning..some of us wewe having some Salzbuwgew Nockewnl on the tewwace fow bweakfast..thewe was still a chill in the aiw and we sowt of got lost in convewsation, when Poppy, all dwessed to the nines and Noah looking vewy dashing and handsome in his mowning suit showed up and weminded us that we only had a few minutes to get to the chuwch
Oh MY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

babyRocket Dog had hew tiawa on, and hew fancy fuw coat, and Hootie was vewy elegant in his hound -toof-checked coat, but Tanner (the doofus) was sitting on the table in his casooal scawf, and Stella had dwessed appeawantly fow skiing(well we did say Austwia)Merv looked totally unconcewned and had his coffee while the bootiful Ruby(Butchy and Snickers' cat-sis) looked on in hew gowgeous festive dwess.
I was still in my polka dotted jacket, and was now beginning to panick.

don't wowwy sweet weadews..the west of the pictoowes awe being developed and you will get to see all of us in ouw finewy and the Happy couple at the altaw
all I can say it was MAGIC!
sweet dweams evewyone and Happy May fiwst!
smoochie kisses

Asta gets a visit fwom Kawl's Maid

I was getting vewy newvous, when is she coming???????
is evewything weady fow dinnew??
then she finally awwived....Kawl's maid...all the way fwom Azwizona..and emissawy of the fabled
Catwealm...she was weawing the official CCSI button and bwought Mommi one too
(you can biggify the pictoowes to see it)
aftew I lept up so much that my eaws tuwned inside out, she got down to my level to give me tweats..
this is my favowite ..a shawed cookie! Kawl, you awe a vewy lucky guy to have a maid like this
she gives gweat scwitchies and love too..and she's bootiful ..I was thowoughly won ovew

what's so intewesting?
ummmmm, shouldn't we think about eating????????????????
yack,yack, yack
thewe's nothing on the floww to find yet..I'm still waiting fow that food


awe y ou going to come to the table ow just keep talking all night??????? MOMMI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it was a special yummie pasta wif gwilled vegeballs and young pecowino cheese..Karl's Maid is a vegebawian....I think I could eat like that..this looks yummie and smells gweat
she gave me a taste

and anothew,

and I helped Mommi finish hew plate.

Thank you auntie C fow coming all this way to visit us( I fowgot to tell you, I got some yummie tweats , which I ate and can no longew show you, cause Mommi wasn't fast enuff wif the pictoowes). We had a fantastic visit!

This is Mywna again,heheheh
Sowwy to intewwupt, but I just had to tell you I just weceived this wondewful cawd fwom the fouwBs ...if you click hewe , you can see it too..Thank you sweet gowgeous B family

I have to go to bed now , cause I'm leaving wif Myrna on Aiw Ruby. We'we stawting the celebwations tomowwow! I hope to see you all thewe
smoochie kisses

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

So Much love and Happiness

Deaw sweat Fwiends, I cannot thank all of you enuff fow being so genewous and loving to Mommi , Asta and me. This weekend is my wedding and I pwomise I won't hijack Asta's bloggie so much aftew, but wight now thewe awe things I still have to tell you. fow instance, I was moved to teaws today when I weceived this vewy special note fwom my good fwiend Mango the Maltese Kiddo and his family.

the note said:
"......Chubs works part time in one nursery, he got employee discount for this Purple Queen Bougainvillea which is very hard to find.
My mom has been looking for one for years and luckily this year, we got one.
Reading the bridemaids pawty post, we learned that Myrna's favorite color is purple.
We decided this is for Myrna as one of her wedding gift from us. Ximui took the picture and Mango as usually, got to be the model.
Ximui used a lot of light so Mango looked like a Q-tip but it doesn't matter, as long as it shows the beauty of Myrna Bougainvillea.
Yes, we renamed the flower, Myrna Bougainvillea, this is for your wedding, sweety.
We'll take good care of it and will report to you its blooming progress as your happiness growing with Gilbert, gosh, he's so lucky!
Love ya lot!"
Is that not a most bootiful flowew and the sweetest note? I am so honowed and gwateful deaw Mango, Chubs and Ximui. You awe making me blush and cwy and smile all at once. Thank you fwom the bottom of my wheeley heawt.


then I got a bootiful lettew fwom the
Rocky Creek Scotties and Java
Dearest Myrna and Gilbert,

We hope you have a long happy life together. We're sure your sister, Asta and your Mom will take a lot of pictures of the wedding - maybe your Mom will even do one of her famous paintings. We can hardly wait to see them.


Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

Thank you fow youw sweet wowds and good wishes!

and then , yestewday I had a vewy special visitow.....Karl's maid. An emissawy fwom the Cat Realm, all the way fwom Azwizona beawing gifts fow all of us. Asta will tell you about the visit tomowwow, but I would like to show you what I got

A cawd designed by Karl himself!!! wif a faboolous lei sowwounding his wowds
(she told me the name of the flowew , but I was so flustewed I immediately fowgot)
and on the inside, the same gowgeous leis awound ouw necks and theiw twopical booty decowating ouw cawd
the back of the cawd has all my fwiends fwom the catwealm celebwating ouw wedding
Karl,TinTin,Luna, Mrs.Oz and Notty

The cawwd came wif a pwesent which I towe open so fast, I can't show you the wapping..sowwy

a Pik-nik basket the likes of which I've nevew seen. It's pawfect as Asta would say
when I opened it up, hewe is what was on the inside...spoons, plates, cups and saucews, a pitchew, a cweamew, and a sugaw bowl..all in wed wif white polka dots..I can just see Gilbert and me on a hillside in the Tiwol on ouw honeymoon.......sighhhhhh
I had mommi let me bowwow a table clof so I could twy it out..don't you love it???
I aweady have the elegant tea sewvice of delicate wedgewood fow ouw aftewnoon tea pawties in New Yowk, fwom Autumn and Maggie and Mitch, and now fow those casooal outdoow occasions I have this ..I have a feeling I'm going to entewtain a lot.
Aftew all that excitement I decided to west and put coocumbews on my eyes. Cwying , even if its fwom happiness ,makes them baggy , and I want to look my best .
We awe leaving wight aftew Asta's post tomowwow on Aiw Ruby, next time you see me I'll be a bwide.

I love all of you
wheeley smoochies

Deaw evewyone, Mommi wanted me to tell all of you how touched she was by all youw kind wowds. She gets depwessedness sometimes, and You have all helped hew wif youw love and cawing.
Thank you ! I couldn't imagine my life wifout you
smoochie kisses

Sunday, April 26, 2009

We'we still sad

This has been a vewy stwange time..high winds and shivewy cold ...Mommi's says hew hands wewe fwozen at the wun..on thuwsday evening..now she's melting
then it got hottew and hottew....and Mommi and I have been sad
I went to the wun and played wif my fwiend..his name is Butchy..yep, just like my dawling cousin Butchy...I thought of all my fwiends who left this week
I hope they get to play and wun wifout pain and stiff bones..I twy to undewstand, but mommi is no help..she gets weally sad and sometimes wants to give up on evewything
the pawk neaw us is full of spwing flowews and lovely light, and we should be happy
I think all the sadness has just built up and she gets soopew depwessed .
I hope I can help hew see things in a happiew light this week

Pleez stay well my sweet fwiends..I love you

smoochie kisses

Saturday, April 25, 2009


We'we been vewy busy at ouw house..I had no idea a wedding took so much wowk! Thewe awe a million things to do, and I have to help Mommi wif evewything

We had to go to a big stowe to buy wapping papew, and boxes and stuff..I showed Mommi the way , once we wewe inside the stowe..she would be lost wifout me. I sat in the cawt so I could see things bettew.
Can you imagine ? some hooman asked mommi what isle you can get doggies in????????

C'mon Mommi..we don't have all day.

I can tell you all this wowk makes me vewy hungwy

luckily , you can get a slice on pwactically evewy stweetcownew in NY..yummmmmmmm

of couwse I had to wait until a bite was offewed to me
(Mommi has a thing about being polite)

and now fow a smoofie???? I don't think they'we anywhewe as good as Lacie's.
(It was so windy, I thought I would blow away)

I hope all of you will fowgive me fow being so tewwible about catching up wecently.
I love you all and
I hope all of you have a wondewful weekend
smoochie kisses