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Saturday, July 30, 2011

UWGENT HELP NEEDED and a pweview

Deewest Fwiendses, some of you might know that I have finally gotten away fow a glowious vacation of a week at a sweet fwiend's house on Lake Seneca in upstate NewYawk
While I've been having the time of my life, I weceived and Uwgent message fwom ouw fwiend Ike and his Mom about his cousin sweet Lola

hewe is what he wote:

Lola, severed her achilles tendon a few weeks back. They dropped a grand on her surgery, and it failed. She's just a puppy who they rescued from an abusive and neglectful neighbor, and they desperately want to save her leg. The vet estimates the next surgery to cost up to two thousand. We are trying to raise funds so they can save the leg, but it's not going very well. 

I am so hoping you would be able to do a little shout out for poor Lola on your next post. If so, here is a link to the fundraiser : http://goo.gl/jY2eN
Attached a pic of little miss Lola.
Thank you!
Now obviously, we have to help this deew little giwl..thewe awe so many of us..if we all just give a little , I know it will make a big diffewence fow hew.
We've done it befowe and I know we can do it again, so spwead the wowd, help if you can PLEEEZ!

This is sweet little LOLA..let's show hew how we all stick togethew and accomplish miwacles OK?

now hewe is a little pweview of the jillions of pictoowes we will have aftew this twip is ovew..these wewe just taken wif Mommi's phone, but when we get home we can load the good ones on the big pootew

this is whewe I go swimming

these awe the steps I take to go back to the house we'we staying in

sunbathing aftew swimmies

I know that I will sneep bettew knowing that I was able to tell you about LOLA and ask fow all youw help

I hope all of you awe well and will be hewe when I get home
 next week. I wish you could all be hewe wif me in good health womping in the sunshine

Thank you evewyone fow weading this and passing it on ow contwibooting to Lola's suwgewy expenses
smoochie kisses

Friday, July 22, 2011

Plans Go Awwy

Sadly, This is as close to the watew as I got

It was up to 119 degwees today wif hoomidity and ouw fwiends don't have AC at theiw place in LonGisland,  and besides,  Mommi and Daddi bof felt sick fwom the heat, so going in the subway to the twain wif me in a bag was out of the question

SIGHHH...I was soooo looking fowawd to this

this summew is NOT my favowite

hope all the west of you awe safe and cool ow in the case of my fwiends ovew the pond....I hope you'we wawm and dwy
I'll twy to visit when Mommi feels bettew

smoochie kisses

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Too Hot to Stay In Town

It's widicoolously HOT hewe , what's a Pup to do???

It's been days and days since I had a chance to go out and wun
I just get mini walks to the cuwb to go peepee ow poop, then we wun back in befowe we pass out

I got lucky and some fwiends invited me to LonGisland fow a couple of days
I quickly packed and took a cab to Penn Station

I plan to sit in the watew all day and maybe even wun a little

Pleez fowgive me if I don't visit fow a few days..I'll be thinking of all of you
Stay cool and dwink lots of watew sweet fwiends

smoochie kisses

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Pwocess

I thought I would let you in on the secwets of how  I help mommi wif hew paintings

This is whewe she does it..it's sposed to be ouw bedwoom, but she kicked the bed out of hewe and now it's in the living woom so that she can paint wif gweat light fwom the skylight

twouble is......look at this mess!  She's totally a clean fweak and neat to widicoolous  levels xept  when she's wowking on a painting..I think something happens in hew bwain and she fowgets to wowwy about eveything being in it's pawfect place while she's in hewe

we wewe sent this photogwaph and asked to paint this vewy handsome boy 
the nice hoomans wanted it to be a little cwazy and not photo like but obviously still wanted to wecognise theiw cutie pie

she stawted to get a likeness of him  aftew doing a dwawing wight on the canvas

I asked hew to take it out to the othew woom so that I could get a good look and give hew some advice

Not bad, I thought..by now thewe was some collagey stuff on thewe and some bits of gold leaf(he is a golden aftew all, hehehhee), but somehow it was still just OK

my bwains wewe in ovewload and i had to munch on my mousey  to welax and contemplate

back in the studio, I told hew to move ovew so I could do my magic
the Puwple was a suggestion by  my BFF Lacie.

but I decided to paint ovew it and just use it as an undewtone..he just didn't seem like a puwple sowt of guy.....then just a little mow OOOOMPH and....WA LAH! all done..anothew pwoblem solved by me in the nick of time

I think he tuwned out just fine ..
Mommi thanked me pwofoosely and we sent him on his way to his home..

Now I can get back to the weally impawtant wowk..I think thewe is a cown to be chewed, a stuffy to be thwown awound, a ball to chase,  and maybe, just maybe, I can finally come visit  my fwiends

smoochie kisses

Friday, July 15, 2011

The Wedding Celebwation continoos wif unexpected wesults

while the staff is having theiw legal cewemony and such, pwepawe the cafe for the evening celebration..Those pink balloons awe especially festive
Kawl has watched his maid pwactice,  so hewe he is leading Wuis in a close embwace tango, while Momo and Gwacie watch

picture by Kawl and Asta

then Opus takes Ollie and  get cawwied away with a fiewy paso doble!
on top of the baw, hehehe

pictoowe by me

fwom the baw they jumped to the top of the piano and I get a little silly on the baw

pictoowe by Kawl

finally we decided it is time to go home, and would you believe it - we couldn't find the way back to ouw vacation home anymore!(ackshooly I'm not suwpwised aftew all ouw celebwating, hehehehe
Gwacie got weally anxious - it was dawk, we awe in a foweign country - but we have NO idea WHEWE... hew dwiving might have gotten a bit ewwatically, and suwe enough - the police stopped us and had Gwacie do a bweafalyzew test....

 pictoowe by Kawl

 but of couwse she didn't dwink,  and would nevew dwive undew the influence!

but as we othews had had quiet a lot of nip, nip champagne, nip mawtoonis, nip-you-name-it the police awwested us nevewtheless......

pictoowe by Kawl

the Dutch have a vewy good, but stwange sense of hoomow

 as it tuwned out they bwought us to this old pwison, which LOOKED like a pwison, but is actually a hotel and owdewed coffee fow us and just gave us a wawning and a map to ouw vacation house...

 pictoowe by Kawl

...where we finally got some sleep!

pictoowe by Asta

 the quatews wewe a little tight, and we all had to squeeze onto one bed, but compawed to being stuck in a cake, it was ackshooly vewy comfy

I loved being pawt of this aw spicious  and most happy occasion in the company of my deew kitteh fwiends

..I wish the Happy Couple a lifetime of continood love and happiness

Make suwe you go and visit all the fwiends in this adventoowe..thank you
smoochie kisses

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Let them eat Cake, hehehe


I'm taking time out to eat lots of yummie cheese and dwink some lovely wine to celebwate Bastille Day!!!
smoochie bisous

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wuis' staff is getting married!

today  9:30AM NEW YAWK time is exactly when the wedding will take place in the NETHEWLANDS

wuis' typist is getting mawwied to her long time pawtnew and long befowe we even got the invitation the gang (kawl, gracie, momo, opus and ollie, and myself) had aweady decided to cwash the wedding anyhow!
we wented a nice little vacation house in heel, Limbuwg, the Nevew Lands whewe Wuis lives.

pictoowe by Momo

then we took the MFV and dwove ovew to wuis' house to unpack ouw pwesents and the cake and set up for a nice cocktail pawty befowe the wedding.
we had just stawted to unload when wuis scweams NO! and tells us we awe actually unloading at the neighborw house, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  typical, hehehehehe

photo by Gwacie

after moving to the wight house,  we decowate a little.

 pictoowe by Gwacie and Kawl

 and then we set up the wedding cake in the backyawd and hide all inside of it, waiting fow the hoomans to show up so we can jump out of the cake!

 pictoowe by KAWL

pictoowe by me,Asta

we put the table wif the pwesents (pink champews and chocolates) on the side of the yawd

and after hanging the first decorations we all got vewy tempted by that chocolate cake....we just had to twy a little hehehehehehehe

 photo by Asta

Momo,Ollie and Gwacie managed to get chocolate all ovew theiw pwetty pawty dwesses and had to change , SHEEEESH
and then  Momo had to bwing in the back up chocolate fountain since we pwetty much ate up  the othew cake, heheheehe...

photo by Gwacie

Gwacie finally put up the bootiful flowew awc

 photo by Gwacie

tonight we will celebrate in the cafe where Wuis and Kawlf once celebrated carnival!

Kawl and I and pwobably Gwacie and Momo too will post those pictures this weekend!       so come back!
we pwomise it will be wowth youw time!


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Anothew Adventoowe in the wowks

I'm late, I'm late  fow a vewy impawtant date, hehehehehehee

As many of you know I have some vewy close kitteh fwiends
we have been on tons of gweat adventoowes ovew the last few yeaws

The gang is togethew once again!
Gwacie, Momo Kawl,  Wuis, Opus, Ollie, and I awe shawing once again in a celebwation.

We awe all going to a wedding.
You awe pwobably wondewing who is getting mawwied and whewe we awe ?
If you would like to know you will have to visit   tomowwow to see

See you at the wedding!

smoochie kisses