a tired dog is a good dog

Monday, January 30, 2012

Fuwfew news fwom Boo da Pest

Just a wick note to all of you dawling fwiends to let you know, we'we still in the pwocess of twying to set up ouw new home
things awe moving along (not fast enuff fow Mommi, but fow nowmal hoomans at a pwetty good wate)

Mommi and Daddi awe sowe all ovew fwom unpacking and moving boxes and wunning to IKEA constantly, but finding the kindness and civility of evewyone to be amazing and lovely

none of ouw convewtews fit in the local plugs, and we have to have all the ceiling lights on and Mommi hates that..no atmosphewe ow something, so evewy evening, when they stop fow a sit down, Mommi pwetends we live in anothew centoowy and lights candles in the semi-finished living woom, hehehehe
she cwacks me up

hope you enjoy the latest smileybox

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On a vewy sad note, I saw that my deew deew fwiend Maggie cwossed the bwidge.
She was my fiwstest bloggie fwiend, I met in pawson, and I will keep hew in my heawt fuwwevew till I see hew again

It's not goodbye, it's just fow a while

smoochie kisses

Friday, January 27, 2012



hewe is anothew chaptew fwom the GREAT MOVE
sheeeesh, it's endless

I spend most of my days tied up , while wokmen ow movews come in and out

don't wowwy, I'm not getting mistweated ow anything, I get my walkies and plenty of food (my own, plus bites of Mommi and daddi's Pik-niks), hehehehehe

we thought we wewe going to have ouw kitchen today, but NOOOOOOOOO

once they stawted to twy to put things in , they made all sowts of discovewies, like bwoken watew pipe, etc had to dig into cement in wall, take apawt tiles blah, blah, blah

end wesult is, they fixed the pipes, and cemented again, BUT, they have to wait fow that to dwy befowe they can wedoo tiles, and the mistew's mothew's Biwfday is monday, so he can't come back till toosday, heheheh
mowe pikniking and washing dishes in the baftub.

SOOOOOOO, Mommi is dying of fwustwation, cause she's the type who wants evewything all at oncet and she can't put dishes away, thewefowe all the kitchen boxes awe still hewe
she can't put all books away, cause she and Daddi painted bookshelve and they'we not dwy
she can't put clothes away cause we can't affowd to buy closets this momf

You can imagine he wine and xanax consumption , hehehehehehe

Meanwhile, the good news is things awe moving in the wight diwection and someday, we'll have ouw new home all done


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Fwiends continoo to be wondewful and call all the time to see what they can do to help, and I've stopped and sniffed lots of new fwiends in the neighbowhood

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I hope all of you awe well and know I think of you all the time, even if I don't come awound to youw bloggies!!!!!!!!!

I hope you enjoy the smileboxies at least.

Mommi sowt of collapses at the end of evewy day and becomes totally useless

smoochie kisses

Saturday, January 21, 2012

"occoopy budapest" continoos

Ouw adventoowe continoos.
We leawn mowe each day about how to live in this new place

Mommi says, we've gotten quite a lot done considewing we only got hewe on Monday aftewnoon

We'we all still on NewYawk time I think, cause Daddi falls asneep at seven in the evening(of couwse the fact that its vewy dawk by then doesn't help)
then he wakes up at nine and wants dinnew all ovew again hehehehehe..he's becoming like me..I fow one, could eat any time and all day

hewe is anothew little smilebox fow you
i hope you can see it

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today, aftew the pawty, we had to get up eawly cause the delivewy men bwought ouw half kitchen(we still have to buy the othew side) and a washingmashine/dwyew combo that ouw fwiends gave us..nothing is all hewe ow hooked up, but it seems like things awe moving in the wight diwection.

Fwiends continoo to help us twemendoosly in evewy way and people have been vewy nice to me on the stweet when they meet me

Yestewday on my walk I met two othew wiwy kids and we kissed and the hoomans wewe delighted

I'm discovewing gweat smells and have my wegoolaw walk all figoowed out

I'm not afwaid of the weewd old Oowopean elevatow and in genewal have no pwoblems adjusting..I just wish all my fuwnitoowe would be hewe aweady
(it's coming to the apt on wednesday)..I'm sowt of sick of only being able to sit on the blow up bed fow comfowt

I hope I can attend Blogville's Valentine's dance..mayow Fwankie Fuwtew has invited me in the nicest way and of couwse my Gussie has asked fow the dances

I'm vewy excitewed but sad that I still can't come visit all youw bloggies
pleeez keep being patient wif me and my Mommi secwetawy

smoochie kisses

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fiwst Lettew fwom Budapest

Hi dawling fwiends!!!!
I'm hewe again..tiwed, but safe in Budapest

the twip was smooth and wondewful until we got to the second flight fwom Munich to Budapest

in NewYawk, we got to the aiwepowt in wecowd time,
the lovely people at Lufthansa didn't chawge us fow ouw vewy ovewweight fouw bags and the cwew on the plane, fussed ovew me and loved me to deaf

then the hawd pawt stawted.
Aftew a layovew in Munich, we had to take ouw hand luggage(two 50lb suitcases, Mommi's gigantic puwse, Daddi's laptop cawwiew, my bag, and dooty fwee bag and fouw coats) had to be cawwied down two flights of staiws, then onto a bus, while having me on a lead, Mommi twipped at the high step of the bus and now has gigantic scwape and big bump on hew wight shin (She says Nowa Chawles in the Thin Man nevew looked as inelegant )
aftew getting off the bus , we had to climb onto small aiweplane that was jammed full of people(mostly gewman, going fow business meetings) and now encountewed not vewy fwiendly cwew..whew, but we made it
an houw and fifteen minutes latew we landed in Budapest

loaded ouw thwee thousand pices of luggage onto thwee cawts and sailed thwoo the gween(nothing to declawe line)

thwee wondewful fwiends (Vera, Otto and Zsuzsa ) wewe waiting fow us wif two caws and took us to ouw apawtment..they had bags of food and goodies fow us

we met ouw landlady in fwont and she showed us how to use ouw six new keys, hehehehehehehe(aftew she left, of couwse we got all mixed up and it's only today, the second day that we have figoowed out how to entew ow leave in less than ten minutes.)

The apawtment needs lots of cleaning and painting and Mommi was in teaws fwom seeing that and having not slept fow two days didn't help

hewe is a smilebox of ouw fiwst day

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I miss all of you and hope to be able to keep witing and showing you mowe, but please beaw wif me..it will take many days of wowk hewe to make this a home and get back to time fow all of you  fow visits

in the meantime, know I love you and hope all of you awe well

smoochie kisses to all fuwwkids and youw families