a tired dog is a good dog

Friday, October 31, 2008

The Halloween Pawty continoos

Hewe we awe still at the towew..we'we having too much fun

we checked out some of the towtuwe instwuments, and pwetended to be locked up...luckily it was only pwetends
photo by Asta
AmberMae wif a "Knife" thwough hew head,Hector wheeley in his soldiew's gawb, Eduardo, the pwisonew,Verdi in a bootiful yellow bandewo, and and Teka Pwetending to have had hew head cut off(it's an illusion..don't wowwy, she's fine)....Sparky in a towel

the west of the gang stuck theiw heads thwough the iwon gate
top -bottom, left-wight: Twinkle,WangWang,Dexter
BenBen, Twinkle,Brody,Hershey and Kaci,, Dopey
Girl,Bailey, Benson,Baxter,Mack and Mango Tanner,Boo Casanova, Crikit, Sparky and Ginger, and those fwenchified wheelies
M. le professor Jacques Maigret et M. Justin Herkimer Clouseau

Eric found a gweat big twunk in the attick (he's vewy bwave) full of dwess up clothes, so we all got into the spiwit of things
in the cobwebby study, we joined Mango the eighth who was dwinking tankawd aftew tankawd of ale and having a jolly good time fwom the look on his face

photo by Asta
left to wight in back wow:
Gaucho, Verdi,Mango the minow eighth, Tesla on top of chaiw looking down on them, Ruby the queen of cats, Lacie and Archie nose to nose(he didn't faint fow a change, hehehe)
left to wight in fwont:
Snickers and Gussie, Petey and babyStan, Mango the eighth
thewe wewe some vewy fowmal photogwaphs taken
the giggles ewupted aftew the click of the lens...it's vewy hawd to be so sewious

left to wight back wow: Lorenza, Butchy wif Miles the Meezer cat on his shouldew,Jade the Kerry Blue giwl, and Pinot the young gentleman
middle : Mickey the cat, BaeBae hammie, Eric and my sissie Momo
fwont fwom left: the Leuwadale giwls , out of theiw scawy masks Lucy,Willow, and Tess wif(Mickey's sissie),Georgia the cat between them
Freckles the bunny, Toffee in wegal puwple holding GirlGirl the hammie

all this hilawity made us quite hungwy and we gathewed wound the banquet table
photo by Asta
Eric wif Duffy on his lap, Archie,Lacie, wif a widicoolous headdwess, hehehe, Toffee, Joey as a cawdinal(that's a likely scenawio, hehehe) ,Scruffy helping himself to food Jackson looking dignified behind Agatha, and Stella twying to get a fwuit
Asta and Ruby snuggling Stanley as Mack weaches acwoss in fwont of them,
behind Stanley is Butchy, Koobie, Gussie and Snickers

in the othew end of the woom thewe was a set up of goodies that Karl (of the catwealm) had sent ovew (nip salad, Dom niptingnon,TCR house wine,TCR lizquila,and TCR shakes)

photo by Asta
Ruis supewcat, Momo and Socks those lovebiwds,
Tom welaxing in the big chaiw behind them
SenChan and Sylvestew sitting on the bench politely waiting to eat the big plattew of nip
Butchy the jestew wif his new sissie Ruby the cat in the most bootiful woyal wobes Happy the bumblebee, is dancing on the table(she is one cheewful giwl)
and in the fwont, Karl on his thwone, wif Bajas and his Bwuvvew Virus the cat all cozily cuwled up on the floow

In the othew libawy woom we sat fow ouw pawtwaits..mine was aweady finished..a guy named MR. . Holbein asked if he could do ouw pawtwaits..he said we wewe the most attwactive bunch he'd evew seen
photo by Asta
Socks, Scylla and Charybdis hid in the patwaits on the wall
Petra on the faw left looking down and too,too sewious, hehehe, Gus the blue healer and his sissie Callie and bwuvvew Louie, TinTin in his gween glasses,
Momo sissie in a spawkly witches hat,Petey all laid back and welaxed, Mango the Maltese kiddo in kingly wobes, Faya and George having eyes fow no one but each othew
Aggie (I've nevew seen hew so pensive..I wondew what's up?) and Noah wif Mrs. Oz in cawnival mask in fwont of him.

Thank you all fow coming and making this such a memowable weekend..the pawty continoos and thewe awe lots mowe things to do befowe we go home
but make suwe that you take a goodie bag ow two as a sooveneew fwom us of ouw wondewful time togethew
love and smoochie kisses, ASTA

The pawty continooes at Lacie and Eric's

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Towew of London

Today is the day we go to the Towew of London
it's dawk, spooky, dwafty,full of spidews and I believe ghosties, but we'we a bwave bunch and if we stick togethew, I'm suwe we will be safe

as we wewe heading inside the towew, thewe is a cowwidow it was wathew dawk and spooky..some skeletonses wewe playing cawds..they seemed fwiendly enuff, but I wasn't that comfowtable awound them.
Clovew luckily had wings on hew costoome and so could fly up and be safe, and the Leuwadales had such scaiwy masks on that I think the ghosts and goblins wewe scaiwed of them
(they stood awound like wax statooes)

corridor of tower

left to wight Lunatic LUCY, Tess the Tewwow, Weiwdo Willow, behind them awe the not so scawed bunnies Randi and Dexter and Nasty Nutcase Noah, with Clovew on high

meanwhile out in the towew couwtyawd ouw fwiends wewe waiting to get in.
Scootewew and his twinnew Tannewew, came on howseback, and insisted on coming in that way.
Since they delivewed so much candy all ovew the wowld in theiw plane, I thought we should oblige them..so in they wode

Poopsie Blue
, disguised as a witch flew ovew while Sunny looked on fwom the balcony, Virus (Bajas'Kitty) was blowing his nosey, and Ruby the Daxi was sliding down the bannistew, hehehe
Jake and Just Harry wew looking like vewy dappew young Tudow gentlemen with Nottie Scottie standing in fwont of them, Sammy and Miles Meezer cats wewe on eithew side of Charlie Daniels, and in the fwont wight we have Lady and Hewcules

undew a leaden sky wif bats flying all awound and a pale full moon, we continooed the pawty

in the garden of the tower

on the lawn in fwont of the towew wew left to wight
back wow:
Agatha and Archie the clowns, Sassy in chinese gawb, Petey the pimp, Mica the cat's pijamas,Ruby the dwagonfly, Opus the piwate, Snickers the faiwy, Brownie the hammie nut, MomoMomorella, and Ozzie(brownie's woofie) in magician's hat

fwont wow:
Putter,and hew Hercules, Maggie, Mitch, Powdew Puff the mewmaid, Huskee the punkin, Miss Peach in a fwinged shawl, Moco the castle guawd, and Ivy the faiwy sitting on Moco's shouldew

some of us wewe aweady inside twying on costoomes and poses, hehehe

left to wight:
me Asta,wif my Stanley , Ruby and Mack ham it up as woyals and a cawdinal..nottie, nottie
thewe suwe wewe a lot of cobwebs in that old towew...I hope thewe awe no ghostses

Some of the boys went into the smoking woom whewe no ladies awe allowed, we wewe miffed, so we made them take the two little fuzzbwats, Dyos and Duffy with them...clevewly, they stuffed the fuzzkids into old iwon Baby containews so they couldn't get into too much twouble

fwom left welaxing in the back
:Kirby,Huskee, wif Chef behind them, Joey, and Scruffy

in front :
Dyos, Duffy, Merv the Cat (looking wathew dashing),Jackson, Taffy and Opus the pwince
I will show you the west of my pictoowes tomowwow..we awe having too much fun wunning all ovew the place in this spooky old towew...sleep tight, and don't fowget to go see Lacie and Eric's bloggies fow othew activities heheheh, thewe's only a few ghosties hewe, and not too many bed bugs,spidews and bats...................... hehehehe
love and smoochie kisses



happy halloween
The time is hewe all my fwiends to be spooky ,scaiwy and have loads of FUN!!!

the addamss family
photo by Sassy (my sissie)
hewe I am wif my fellow CCSI boawdmembews..................... BOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

photo by sassy
left to wight: Sassy, Mrs.Oz, Momo, Opus, Karl, Ruis, and TinTin

My Cat fwiends awwived in theiw magic bus a day eawly, and took me out to dinnew in NY befowe the gwand Halloween pawty..we got up at dawn to gathew all ouw stuff and make the flight to London......

and now let the pawty begin! Lacie , Eric and I welcome you to ouw Halloween pawty 2008 in London

Aiw Wuby made a pawfect landing on the West Side Hwy next to my house.. sooo many of my fwiends wewe on boawd aweady

we had the oosual lusoowious sewvice(no cutbacks on Aiw Wuby)...lots of pawtinis, niptinis, and yummie hows-doovwes fow evewyone, and lots of woom to stwetch out and play(eat youw heawts out hoomans, hehehehe)

ouw descent at London't Heathrow aiwepowt Ruby is the Pawfect Pilot!!!!!!
Booty and Bwains..the pawfect combination.

Wuby did a pawfect pawking job even though hew plane is Biggew than all the othews

Eric awwanged fow a vewy nice welcoming commitee fow when we landed.
Appeawantly, Pwince Chawles was quite smitten wif Agatha (his fwumpy wife looked miffed), maybe because Sylvestew (Butchy and Snickers' New kitty bwuvvew) was giving hew the evil eye, hehehehehehehehe

next to Aggie wewe left to wight: Scruffy, me, Herc, Stanley of Gooberstan,Lacie wif Archie, Joey and Petey wewe behind them.



love and smoochie kisses youw hosts Asta, Lacie, and Eric

Sunday, October 26, 2008

I'm BACK!!!

I'm suwe you've heawd the expwession"You win some, You lose some. and some get wained out"

That's sowt of what happened to Mommi.
Daddi says it was a "fishing expedition"...thewe wewe some nibbles....othewise the show was a dud.
Mommi was all sad , but thewe wew some good pawts..like the incwedible colow of the twees on the dwive up!!!

and the best of all!
Mommi got to meet Riley and Toffee!!!!!!! and theiw supew wondewful pawents

Mommi and Daddi loved them!
You won't believe it , but Mommi and Aunt Alett have theSAME glasses

they awe smawt and sweet and funny fwom what I heaw..and did I mention supew Nice!!!
They bwought along pwesents fow Petey, Duffy and ME!!! Even some famous soda wif Toffee and Riley's faces on the label...We'we saving that fowevew!
Mommi got to moosh Toffee
and scwitchie hew
and pet hew silky eaws( Ewic would have keeled ovew wif joy..Mommi says she's THAT bootiful)

I think this encountew kept Mommi fwom "slitting hew wistses" wif depwession

This just goes to pwove that the nicest things in life awe not success ow fame..but doggie kisses
Mommi also wants to thank all of you fow youw good wishes and cwossed paws..Muahhh!

Pee Ess..Even though I did Not get to go and meet these faboolous pals..I had a lovely time wif Sloan who was the absolute best doggie sittew awound.....and auntJane and Petey met up wif us at the wun so all in all it was a pwetty tewwific weekend...I will twy to catch up wif all of you as soon as I can snap Mommi out of hew depwession..(I might have Lacie make hew some of hew vewy special smoofies)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mowe Puppysitting and I'm being abandoned

Hewe is what happens eawly in the mowning evewy day at ouw house...Mommi staggews out of bed, gulps down the coffeee Daddi makes hew and shawes the toast wif me..then she puts on a wobe and answews the doow . Auntie Kawen all pwetty and dwessed up(not slobby and sneepy like Mommi) delivews the little fuzzcake fow the day while she goes to wowk...then we do this

and this( I sometimes escape to the bed whewe he can't bite me..his shawk teef awe like needles)
hewe we awe in action..kind of noisy sowwy

then he gets popped into the cwate, aftew a nap, we go outside to do ouw business, when we come in it stawts all ovew again

Mommi can't figoowe out why we don't get tiwed
..she's half dead wif exhaustion..(it's cause she's old)

doowing bweaks, he loves to chomp on my efelant

that's what we do non-stop when he's out of the cwate, hehehehehe...I love having a little half bwuvvew..it's neveww boowing...but thank dog fow the cwate



Stanley's daycare, K9 Kingdom here in Wexford, PA is holding a photo contest for its new "Cover Dog"...Do you think Stan (as King of the Terriers!) fits this image???

Click on the link above and go and check out the photos and vote!

I'm going to be abandoned tomowwow mowning..my pawents awe dwiving to Rhode Island.
Mommi's show is tomowwow night..pleez cwoss paws that she sells something..othewise it's going to be a bleak Chwissmuss, hehehehe

I was all wowwied and sad.....then I heawd that Sloane (The Taylor catssssses biped sissy) is going to come stay wif me HUWAHHHHHHHHHH!

This is going to be gweat a giwlie pajamana pawty, just the two of us.. she goe to NYU and is supew smawt and sweet and pwobably thinks she's going to study, but I have othew plans

she is the best scwitchy-cuddlew..I think the Taylow Catsssss taught hew well

I won't be ableto post fow a few days..pleeez don't fowget me..and have a wondewful weekend
smoochie kisses

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wheeley Wednesday

This is the lettew I found , when I woked up this mowning

That silly giwl..I didn't even get to kiss hew goobye.....

I called the aiwelines, and chawtew companies..and nothing..finally I found hew name..Miss Myrna Kroon on the QE II's Manifest..this was the last sailing of the ship befowe being wetiwed
I wan to the showe, and got this glimpse of Myrna wif my been Ock you laws

I'm wowwied about hew I just don't know what to do...evew since Gilbewt pwoposed last week, she's ben impossible to contwol...walks awound wif dweamy eyes..hew head in the clouds

a last glimpse of my sissie Myrna......I suwe hope I see hew again
wowwied smoochie kisses

Monday, October 20, 2008

Sassy's Paintball Pawty

Wemembew I told you about going to a paintball pawty wif my cat fwiends???

It was my sisse Sassy's GOTCHA DAY and she had the bwight idea fow this pawty
Well hewe's some of the pictoowes that I just got back

I got thewe eawly and hid behind this yelow thing, heheheh

first to arrive wewe Opus and Percy Momo dodn't wan't to leave the van at fiwst and she was smawt, cause I got them bof in the fiwst moments, hehehehehe

this was the giwls team Momo Mrs. Oz and ASTA

and hewe awe some of the boys....Ruis, Karl and Opus

my Sissie Sassy teamed up wif Opus

and hewe is the wesult....SPLAT

we all had a gweat time..thewe was plenty of food and dwink and chasing each othew and just exhausting fun to be had

all the pictoowes wif the exception of the ones whewe I'm alone wewe taken by Sassy

We all collapsed when we got back to Sassy's house and she invited us all to sneep thewe
if you go to Sassy's site..you can see lots mowe of what happened Thank you my fwiends fow a gweat time!

when I came home these gweat awawds wewe waiting fow me

Sunny and Scooter gave me this Fluttewby awawd..Thank you so vewy much!!!!!it's tewwific
I'd like to pass it on to Gussie and Teka
and I chose this supew doopew gold paw fwom a selection offewed by Mango the maltese Kiddo

I would love to give this to my fwiends Toffee and Charlie Daniels, and Dannan