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Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Day Lulu came to Boo da Pest

Auntie Lulu, Bogawt's wondewful Mom came to visit us fow a faw too showt visit this
week we waited fow hew at the twain stashun wif gweat excitement


waiting is sooo hawd, the twain was coming fwom Vienna and we kept looking at the boawd to see which twack  we had to wun to

fwom the vewy fiwst moment it was love between all of us..we have known Lulu and Bogie fow six yeaws, but only now got to hug hew in pawson

She is a twoo aminal lovew and knew the pawfect way to make me feel loved beyond my wildest dweams

she let me kiss hew all ovew and played wif me, and scwitchied me

We only had an evening, the whole next day anothew evening and then she left the next aftewnoon. 
 We wan awound boo da Pest and showed hew all we coold in such a showt time, but Mommi only took these few pictoowes cause she was too busy talking non stop wif hew "long lost sistew".
Autie Lulu took loads of pictoowes, so I'm shoowe you'll see mowe on Bogie's site as soon as she gets a chance to west up aftew hew whiwlwind twavels. 

hewe is a littol smileybox of ouw time togethew..i hope you all enjoy it.

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we all cwied and wanted hew to stay fuwwevew, but Bogie and the kitties miss hew and wewe waiting at home, so we weluctantly said fawewell, but pleez huwwy back to us

auntie Lulu and Pocket Bogie waved goobye fwom the van as it left ouw stweet to go to the aiwepawt

we love you auntie Lulu and thank you fow coming to see us
smoochie kisses

Mommi , Daddi and