a tired dog is a good dog

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Blogville will nevew be the same again it's wif teaws and vewy heavy heawt that I say fawewell to my most Welentlessly Hooge and Wondewful Fwiend Mango

 Mango, I will keep you in my heawt fuwwevew 

You gave us so many smiles and memowies that they'll shoowely last us till we meet again ovew the bwidge.

 west now my gentle pwince,

 I'll light candles to guide you

 youw angel bwuvvew Raja, and unkel Angus and all ouw angels awe waiting at the gates fow you
no mowe pain ow seewzoowe monstews, just dancing and lying in the sunshine,
eating all the tweats you want

 while you wait fow that day when you bound towawds youw Moma and knock hew down and covew hew wif 
 youw slobbewy sweet kisses

I know you will stay wif hew and watch ovew hew fwom heaven in the meantime

sad sad smoochie kisses


Monday, September 24, 2012

Hewo evewyone,
 do you still wemembew me?
 It's me, ASTA 
Mommi's been sickies and I have missed you all tewwibully, but couldn't post ow visit I hope you've all been having many nice adventoowes in my absence and staying healthy 

 today is my sixth Biwfday.Mommi says the yeaws go by too quickly she wemembews the fiwst time she saw me and fell in love and named me Asta "gift fwom heaven" 

I've gotten lots biggew since than and developed a taste fow hungawian pastwies, hehehe

hewe is a little smilebox of how I spent pawt of my Biwfday
 Daddi took me out sevewal times, and I was hoping to have Wyat's pawents come visit..they awe in town and I was hoping to get a sniff of my fwiends , but they nevew came, so I ate evewything all by myself, heheheheh 

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I miss you all tewwibully
smoochie kisses