a tired dog is a good dog

Friday, December 12, 2014

nevew fowget I love you

Deaw sweet Fuwwiends,

 I'm almost nevew on Bloggie anymowe, but I wanted to tell you I'm thinking of all of you this Chwissmuss season and wish you all good health , and all that youw heawt desiwes. I wish you health and love and a wawm home , and lots of tweats

please don't fowget me, you can see me on Facepoop undew Mommi's name AmarillisKroon

 smoochie kisses fuwwevew


Thursday, September 25, 2014



 Hewe is a smileybox of my Biwfday day

 sadly, I had no weal fuwwy fwiends to celebwate wif, but I pwetended you wewe all hewe wif me (cause you awe in my heawt aways)

 I had a most wondewful day..playing, getting love and scwitchies , smoochies and walkies and tweats in a cafe and then Pizza fow dinnew I gots to choose the flavows 

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Mommi can't believe I'm eight yeaws old aweady...whewe did the time go???

 I hope all of you awe well and having a soopew stawt of fall

smoochie kisses

Sunday, September 21, 2014

a luvly weekend in the beginning of Fall

hewo thewe fwiendses 

bet you thought I was gone fow good..well, sigh..my secwetawy Mommi just wuns out of times aways and so she lets me down and only does quickie posts on my FB page you can aways find me thewe and in yoow heawts if you look, cause I aways think of all of you even when i'm not hewe. 
 We have so many visitows since we live hewe that we wun out of time It's aweady stawting to be fall, but this weekend the sun was out and I gots to wun awound wif my cousin Cawina and hew boyfwiend Leo. they awe visiting fwom Wio in Bwazil..they have been hewe fow thwee weeks and awe sadly going home toosday, but I loved spending time wif them yestewday we had a luvly lunch togethew and hewe awe sum picshoowes 

Cawina and Leo

I cooldn't wait fow the food to get to the table so I had a littol bwead to avoid dying of hungew, tehehehehe

finally Mommi's gulyás soop awwived in the nick of time

ummm, Mommmi, I'm hewe!

just checking to make shoowe Cawina doesn't have any yummies

 aftew a littol walk, we stopped fow dessewt and I gots to lick off Mommi's Schlag fwom hew fingew

I hope all of you awe well and know I think of you and love you

smoochie kisses

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summewtime in Hungawy

Dawling Fwiendses 

Once again, I've been gone fow ages.

I hope all of you awe well and having a gweat summew!

Summew is a time when we get lots of visitows and sumetimes get to go away fow a littol holibob, and so it was this yeaw too.

We didn't leave Hungawy, but did the wegoolaw city walking wif fwiends who came to see us, and last week we gots an wondewful invitashun fwom a fwiend fwom long long ago.

Ouw fwiend is sumeone Mommi knew when she was about sixteen in Los Angeles..they wewe in the same dance gwoop, along wif auntie Juli and auntie Mawcsa too...welll...this sweet fwiend lives in Switewland , but she and hew husband have an apawtment not too faw fwom us in boo da Pest and a goawgoos vacashun house at Lake Balaton.

The time cowwesssponded wif Auntie Mawcsa and unkle Billy visiting and then going to see hew bwuddew at his vineyawd at the same lake, sooooo
we all took the twain and had a most fabooloos time

I hope you enjoy my smileybox

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I hopes that you awe all well and fowgive me fow being such an infwequent visitow
to Blogville

 smoochie kisses 


Monday, June 30, 2014

Suwpwise Pwezzie fwom Pip

I gots the most wondewfullest gift today fwom auntie Kristin Avery  and my deewest fwiend angel Pip (who lives ovew the bwidge now)

..it's the stowy of Pip , who went fwom being an abandoned doggie to a most beloved membew of a wondewful loving family..

Pip dedicates this book to Wescue dogs and the people who love them and his bootiful littol hooman sissie Madeline. 

It is a joyous book and if you haven't yet..wun don't walk to get yoow own  copy!

..a pawtion of the book will be donated to selected sheltews and wescoo owganizashuns. 

You can get it on amazon in papewback and fow yoow kindle http://www.amazon.com/Keeping-It-Real-Lessons-Confessed-ebook/dp/B00L0FMNI6 

ow visit blurb.com fow owdewing infawmashun. 

 Pip was and aways will be a vewy speshul fwiend of mine.

You might wemembew that he and Puddles "visited" me on his bucket toow

i hope he is eating his beloved cheesebuwgews ovew the bwidge and will aways know how much I love him. 

 I twied weading it by muself fiwst, but Mommi had to help me wif sum of the big  wowds

 hewe I am weading

 Mommi awe you shoowe you wead that wight?

gosh, I love evewy page,

I think I'm going to wead it all ovew again and again

THANK YOU SO VEWY VEWY MUCH auntie Kristin and Pip and Madeline
I will tweasoowe it fuwwevew

smoochie kisses


Saturday, June 14, 2014

Back Again

Hewo Deew fwiends aftew anothew long absence.

 I have missed you, but life sumetimes gets hawd and we had sum not so good things happen. My Daddi had a TIA and wound up in the hopsital and scawed Mommi to deaf. 
 Thank dog he is now fine and has no wemnants of the incident and now life is luvly again.

 Last week was much too wawm, but fwiday bwought wif it the most glowioos weathew wif cooling bweezes and sunshiny blue skyes.
 We went to ouw oosual fwiday night pub night to see sum fwiends. This time on Mawgawet Island in middol of the city. 

 I made a small smileybox fow all of you to see..I hope you enjoy it.

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I hope all of you awe well..

I know Fwankie needs POTP and I am cwossing my paws vewy hawd fow him. Happy Fathew's Day to all the Daddies out in Bloggieland and
please stay healthy and Happy

 smoochie kisses

Sunday, April 27, 2014

a lovely suwpwise

happy sunday to all of you deew fwiendses

 it's a bootiful spwing day wif sunshine hewe and I had a gweat suwpwise yestewday
 One of my fiwstest and oldest DWB fwiends fwom way back when I was a mewe pup lives in Ostwalia..hew name is Asta too she called me Asta up ovew and I call hew Asta down undew I know all my old bloggie fwiends wemembew. 
She stopped blogging aftew Bogawts's Dad Klaus died...she was too sad to go on

anyway..hew pawents awe in Oowope visiting fwom Ostwalia and they came to Boo da Pest on a day twip fwom Vienna, just so they coold see whewe I live and maybe meet up. we wewe home, so we wewe able to wun ovew to meet them and have a few houws togethew

this is a picshoowe along the Danoobe walk wif auntie Louise Hichcock, Mommi and me

 Auntie Louise held me tight 

I was a vewy happy giwl...just wish Asta down undew coold have cum wif them, but thewe awe howwid quawantine laws in Ostwalia so she had to stay home

(unkel Bwian, Mommi, Auntie Louise and my waggie tail)
we walked a bit, the hooman nevew stopped talking

(auntie Louise unkel Bwian , Daddi and me)
then we had a littol dwinkie...
we have known each othew fow seven yeaws, but this was the fiwst time we gots to meet in pawson and we absolootely loved them like we knew we woold

 I gots lots of scwitchies and cuddels fwom bof auntie Louise and Mommi, sighhh

sadly befowe too long, it was time to say fawewell, but auntie Louise pwomised she'd cum back again sumeday

we have made so many wondewful fwiends , fiwst fwom Dogs wif blogs and now in bloggieland and have been lucky to have met so many in pawson..we tweasoowe all ouw fwiendships and know they will last fuwwevew even though so many miles sepewate us

smoochie kisses

Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Belated EASTEW

Phew, late again but I wanted to hop by to wish all of you a belated Happy Eastew! 

 I hope the bunny bwought all of you bootiful weathew and happy times wif youw families

it was a bootiful sunny day, this is the hallway outside ouw apawtment

I was all weady

so was the house

the table was almost set

I whiled away the time playing wif my bunny

 the cheesecake was done

 so was the woast

I dwessed up in my Eastew wibbon

but when do we get to eat?
finally auntie juli and unkel chwis came and it was time fow howse doovwes
I pwefewed the goat cheesie ones

finally at the table auntie juli and unkel chwis

yummie lamb

Potatoes anna

spwing gawden vegebulls

and Mommi's fantabooloos cheesecake

I had sum of evewything

nom nom nom

it was a pawfect Eastew

I hope youws was too

smoochie kisses