a tired dog is a good dog

Thursday, February 26, 2009

The smallest Bafwoom in the Wowld

Mommi wanted to take a showew
I came in to see what was going on and if she needed help

did I mention that Duffy was ovew at my house too?

of couwse he had to push his way in

You'd think he's nevew seen a baftub befowe

do you suppose he wants a baf???????????????????????

he'll leawn, hehehehehehe

natoowally, Mommi bawely fit into the bafwoom wif the two of us in thewe

I finall got Duffy to go to the othew end of the woom( about a foot away),but he was faw too coowious and was pushing the cawt awound and made things even smallew

I had to get into his face and wemind him to let Mommi get on wif hew baf

I think we need a biggew woom
love and smoochie kisses and cwossed paws fow Papa de Bogie and Sunny and Scootew's Gwama

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Myrna helping

It's me Myrna again.. today I decided to wowk fow Eduawdo like evewyone I know

Mommi and Daddi bwought Mommi's paintings back fwom Whode Island last week and they wewe evewywhewe..it was a mess..We couldn't walk ow play in the hall..something had to be done
Daddi bowwowed a hooge laddew, and wif my help we hunged most of them all ovew the living woom..whew..what a view..we suwe have tall ceilings..
Standing on the ceiling fan is fun..it's like a mewwy-go wound (Mommi had to tuwn away and not watch..she is a wowwy wowt)
see no pwoblem..I got down fine and the paintings awe up

I should be planning my wedding, but I've been too pweoccoopied

I am so vewy wowwied about Bogie's Dad Klaus..
Ouw whole family thinks of Him and auntie Lulu and Bogie all the time. We awe all sending ouw most pawsitive healing thoughts and pwayews to them as well as Sunny and Scooterw's Gwama Anne

till next time
wheeley smoochies love,

Monday, February 23, 2009

Fat Tuesday and awawds

Today Is Fat Tuesday!!!!!!

noooooo, not that kind of FAT

let the good times woll!

I'm especially thinking of the pawfect hooman couple who know how to have a good time

Bogawt's pawents Lulu and Karl!
All paws cwossed that they can be back to theiw happy lives togethew soon!!!!!

Karl and Lulu pawents de Bogie



I have been award the 'Shoe Award' by my deaw fwiend Siw woodstock, who bwings us memowies and so much magic..I'm so vewy gwateful ! I will twy to live up to this honow.

This is not any old shoe but a magical one, for those who enhance other's lives!

I'd love to pass it to thwee of my magical giwfwiends
Lacie..my BFF who is soo undewappweciated
Agatha...who ackshually offewed to make woom in hew bomb sheltew fow Mommi
Snickers..the gowgeous foxy giwl continooally attacked by the howwid seizoowe monstew

my fwiends Socks Scylla and Chawybdis gave me this wondewful Fwiends awawd.....
Stoopid Mommi has lost twack of who has given me what..but I think I've passed this on many times..
now I'd like to pass it to some new wondewful fwiends:

_that cawa , bella, Aiwegiwl
Aki and Poopie ....madlabs and hug dogs
Sally..bootiful fox tewwiew Giwlie fwom London

Sophia Gowgeous George's sissie
Tula the bootiful wescooed Akita

I fowgot to tell you in my last postie, that the academy awawds wewe especially meaningful fow me cause look what I got:

I weceived this fabolous awwawd fwom Fin (The CCSI Group (My SIF MoMo is involved and the many other cats and dogs behind the scenes) they are all worthy of a Lifetime Achievement for the many creative capers they have produced.

Thank you so vewy much!!!..I'm quite ovewcome wif emotion............
It is aways a team effowt..I'd like to thank my fwllow CCSI witews, pwodoocews actows, fwiends and sissies..oh and also my typist Mommi

Oscaw Night

We wewe invited ovew to auntie Kawen's to watch the Oscaw telecast last night..Knowing Auntie Kawen, Mommi and I bof got dwessed fow the occasion..might as well have fun pwetending to be thewe

auntie Kawen looked Gweat!!!! vewy festive and pawfect

Mommi twied hawd too .........wif hew homemade jewelwy and stuff(no Hawwy Winston fow hew)

I wowe the dwess my BFF Lacie got fow me in Pawis ..I heaw it's the latest!!!!(Thank you my genewous fwiend..I love it!!!)

but then I saw the othew guests..NEKKKID!!!!!!!!
and they laughed at me and wefoosed to play wif me..(It's Duffy and his giwlfwiend Stella who lives down the hall fwom him, and theiw love affaiw is getting supew hot)

I took off my dwess since it was wasted on this audience

of couwse once the awawds got stawted , even Duffy and Stella had majow disagweements about theiw favowites

Daddi had to subdoo us..it got pwetty intense yelling out fow ouw favowites..Duffy hated my choices

and then, he and Stella played and ignowed me..I got jelly and yelled at them

finally Stella went home, and then Duffy decided I was bettew than nothing..
we played pull tug

auntie Kawen, evew the sweet auntie, consoled me wif eatables...a nice evening aftew all!

Bogie's Daddy opened his eyes a bit..keep the paws cwossed and keep sending those Vibes!!!!
love and smoochie kisses

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mica's Biwfday and Views fwom diffewent cities

This is Petey's bwuvvew Mica..the wondew cat

Today is Mica's 18th BIWFDAY!!!..
I absolutely wefoose to believe he is a day ovew 9..just look at that face..a pawfect twiangle..and he puts up wif so much, hehehe

I wish you many many mowe happy yeaws ..you awe a vewy special supew nice cat and I love you!

now while I was doing this..Mommi and Daddi did this, and saw this:

Click to play this Smilebox photobook: A&A
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(at fiwst I was weally upset that I couldn't go, but They pwomised me that when the weathew is bettew we will go all togethew, and I got to spend a supew fun day at Peteys..giving him fashion advice fow his faboolous double date this weekend.....make suwe you go to his bloggie to see it................)

I mostly saw this!
I hope you all have seen the wondewful pictoowes of Bogawt visiting his Dad in the ICU, thanks to some fantastic nuwses who cleawly know what special medecin a fuwwkids kisses can be.
I am continooing my pwayews and can't wait to heaw that Klaus (Bogie's Dad) gets to go home wif him and auntie Lulu.........thewe is so much love and hope!!!!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Powew of the Paw


I just heawd that Taylor, my fwiend who had a stwoke and needed youw pwayews is doing so much bettew...go see hew and visit! Tell hew how glad you awe.

The powew of the paw wowks!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(btw. Mommi just has a bad cold..no big deal so don't waste any of youw impowtant vibes on hew.)
Pleeez keep pwaying and sending all youw love and pawsitive vibes to Lulu and Klaus , Bogie's pawents. Bogie's Dad weally needs a miwacle!!! we can't give up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..we'we sending Zen fwom all ovew the wowld..he just has to get bettew.

(I won't be awound tomowwow..Mommi has to go get hew paintings in Whode Island, but I'll be wif evewyone in my heawt)

love and smoochie kisses

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lots of poowly hoomans and pups

Hi Evewyone this is Mywna

I'm not posting anything intewesting today..I 'm fine, but Mommi doesn't feel so good.

Asta and I decided to sit on hew , covew hew wif kissies, and not let hew blog ow wowk , but stay in bed....
Meantime we'we also cwossing ouw paws and pwaying fow
Bogart's Dad!!!!  He's in the ICU and Bogie is vewy scawed.

Benson the golden, who I just found out has cancew!!and needs lots of pwayews!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sofia , Gowgeous Geowge's sissie asked Asta to come help hew nuwse hew Bwuddew who has a vey ouchy paw.

Don't get mad at us ow fowget us if we don't come awound fow a while..

We love you deawly
smoochie and wheeley kisses

(you can click on the names in this post and get to the individooal sites I mentioned)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pwayews needed!

Sevewal of ouw fwiends need ouw pwayews and combined stwength! Pleez go visit them!
1. Pleez pway fow ouw Fwiend Bogawt's DAD!!!he's vewy sick and needs ouw Help!

2. also I just got this message fwom one of my nice cat fwiends about a woofie named Benson:

"A fellow woofie is furry furry sick, possibly wif cancer. Him's haffing surjery right now.
I's posted it on the CB and hope you could rally some other woofies to comment and to send purrs."
Here is the link: http://thoughtsfurpaws.com/dogs/prayers-for-benson/
Love & Purrs,