a tired dog is a good dog

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Twibute to my angel sister Nora

Hello all my pupfwiends, this is Asta,I'm not going to be here next week..I just found out we have to go to New Hamster(I hope I'll meet a lot of Fufu and Girlgirl's welatives, geez, a whole state named after them, pwetty good no?)

but today this posting is not about me..it's sad and happy at the same time. I'll xplain:My Mommy has been vewy sad this week cause she kept wemembewing that this was he little Nora's last week last year...even though I'm here and I know she loves me LOTS, this was weally hawd, so I thought we should do a stowy about NOra and let all of you hear about her,as a twibute and to cheer my Mommy up...xept when she helped me do this, she kept cwying.....

many many yeaws ago my Daddy and Mommy had a wonderful WFT called Nikki..he was 12 years old at the time,and Mommy really wanted to get him a little sister to keep him young..she was surprised by Daddy for their 20th wedding anniversary with another litte foxy. She was born on their anniversary day, and they named her NORA. She was the runt of her litter and stayed small and perfect always..I hear she was the most agile,fun sweet girl. She made the eventual loss of Nikki from old age beawable,and gave enouwmous joy to my 'rents. The sad part is , that just one year ago she became vewy sick and crossed over the wainbow bwidge...my 'rents said they couldn't go through such pain again, so they were never ever going to get another doggy.....but guess what, here I am. Mommy says I was pawsonally picked by Nora to be sent to them..that's why my official name is AstaGift from Heaven....I want to show you some pictures of Nora, fwom her too short life, I hope you all can see how wonderful she was. I hope she and Nikki awe playing with Fufu and all the other pwecious doggies who have cwossed over the wainbow bwidge.. I'll let Mommi tell you a little about her......

This was Nora's birth announcement.

Nora was the best escape artist in the world,even after we put a heavy sheet of wood on top of this playpen,she managed to climb up, push it aside, and leap without fear into the world
She met Nikki who could barely see by then, but they played and kissed,and had a great time..occasionally ,he would get fed up with her puppy antics,but it was true love on both their partsshe was a little ham and loved to pose for the camera

that summer she was well known in every outdoor restaurant and cafe in our neighborhood

she kept Nikki on his toes and wouldn't take no for an answer
she had to explore everything in ,and out of sight, she was a very mischievous little girl pup
Daddy's little girl all dressed for a party with her bow and pearls
The innocent look was a specialty,even when she ate through the wall to the neighbor's apartmentI made her her own passport

she had official stamps in it from her travels
in those days we traveled a lot more, and she always came with us
she delighted us all with her antics,here proving her terrier stubbornness and athleticism with her human sister
she was my muse and participated in many of my art shows

Nora wasn't very good with other doggies, but did she ever love us and our friends..she sat in a chair as soon as I would set the table for a dinner party and behaved like one of the more polite guests
In March of last year,we had a belated New Years party with all our friends and loved ones to celebrate my G's recovery from cancer surgery...Nora was still the life of the party...she was there for us throughout our most horrible moments of fear
This is one of the last pictures of our sweet NORA ,she became ill, so suddenly, and we were helpless as we watched her fade away....she'll always be with us ......................love never dies

Good night sweet sweet Nora ..we'll never forget you

Friday, June 29, 2007

After the Pawty

I got home fwom the pawty..totally exhausted..we all had soo much fun, firstest cwammed into gg's pink mobile, then eating,dwinking,wunning,chasing,playing,and lots of kissing,heheheh,but we were vewy good kids,I hope Maggie had as good a time as we did..it was pawsome....so anyway,I took off all my clotheses...actually most of it came off at the pawty..it was tooo hot,and I decided to do nothing for a long time xept snooze(I had a teensy hangover)and I settled down on the couch....
....but then Daddy came in the door,and said I had mail from my fwiends, Nanook and Pooka..this is vewy xciting, no Doggie has ever sent me anything befowe...xcept when Butchy and Snickers sent me the pjs that my Mommi got for me..this I have to see
What is it,What is it?????????
Well huwwy up Daddy
I gotta get this out now!!!
I can't believe my nose,is it kwismas???I've never seen so many pawfect pressies, there's a wubber tire with a wope(tailor made fow tewwiews),yummy treats, a twistyballwith many colors,and an indestwucatable gween cat(we'll see about that)..and a pawsonal note fwom Nanook and Pooka,who even signed with a gowgeous BIG pawpwint..this is amazing!!!!!!!!
I got you now you squeeckie gween cat,HAHA, you can't escape, you're all mine
NoNoNo..It's all mine even tall Daddy can't take it awaay fwom me,heheheh
chomp chomp
This is wather embawwasing,but I'm just soo happy with my new toys.....wait till you see how silly I am in the video...bliss

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Birfday Costume pawty for MAGGIE QOSC

BenBen invited me to a costume Pawty to celebwate Maggie Queen of So Cal's Birthday

I was in a panic, how to get my dwess made, hair, makeup, you know all the stuff a giwl has to do to be weady for a pawty, and on top of that it had to be a costume..well, I wacked my bwains, and since Maggie is a queen, I thought this would be appwopwiate..queen Asta the firstest(a vewy playful, and genewous queen)

Benben gave vewy elabowate diwections, but I ignored them 'cause I'm getiing picked up by girl girl in her new pink mobile( I hope my gown fits).....so I've been standing on my cowner all dwessed up, not wealizing how hot elizabethan costumes are,(how did those people bweathe?) I'm feeling wather faint, what with the bwocade,the waist sinching, and of couwse my lots and lots of jewelwy..I suwe hope they get hewe soonest,aND have AC in the new caw....other than being weady to fwow up fwom the heat(which I alweady did once today), I'm super excited..we're going to PAAAAWTY!!!!!!!!!HAPPY BIRFDAY MAGZ lots of smoochie kisses ASTA

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Another sunny day at the wun....you can still go in the morning, but after that if you stay, you absolutwly MELT it's too hot to stay outside...I guess this is the summer everydoggie was talking about.
I intwoduce myself to the new kid at the wun, her name is Georgia, meantime Maggie just hangs out and watches the silly pups fwom afar, I always wun back to Maggie and give her a kiss so she feels included, mwahhhhhhhhh

Ummm, excuse me, Are you going to play with that??????
Georgia and I settle on the usual game of tug..she was quite good at this, even though she'sclearly not a tewwier, but a cutie bulldog

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

pull-tug at the run

Roxy, Daisy(noah's pup, bwown and white),Wiley(the little white tewwier) and Asta all twy to hold on to the wope, while unkel Noah holds on tight, meanwhile Libby just barks and twies to keep us all in line, heheeheh

Noah and friends playing pull-tug

this time it's just the die-hards who never give up.....Daisy, Roxy and of course ASTA

Monday, June 25, 2007

Weekend dinner with fwiends

I knew there were guests coming for dinner, there were a lot of yummy smells in the kitchen, and lots more food than we usually have and even a cake(we never have dessert unless there's company coming) so all day long I kept wunning to the table, standing on tippy-toe(I wish I were an airegirl) and twying to see if there was anything on the table...Mommi where's the food??????
Still checking...geez how long does a puppy have to wait
I know we're having a dinner pawty but still nothing in sight
I had a sneaky plan.....(pee ess, my hair is so long I look like I've gained ten lbs, but don't wowwy, it's all fluff)
I just loove dinner pawties, yummy food(powk woast) just waiting fow me , Asta
As soon as Mommi left her plate to get something fwom the kitchen, I gwabbed my oppowtunity, heheheheheheheh I hypnotised the food to fly into my mouf..

afterward we all sat and listened to some pawsome music
(I was too full to play)

Mommi was in lala land..I don't know if it was the bootiful jazz piano music, or the martunis..the nice mister tickling the ivories, is not only a tewwific piano player, but a pawsome painter!!
By the end of the evening I was sooper pooped..luckily my auntie Kawen held me while I fell asleep, otherwise I might have slipped off the sofa I was so tired .........another gweat evening in manhattan

Saturday, June 23, 2007



(mom:she's kind of jumping the gun by a day, but she can't wait)

I decided to join in the game everydoggie is playing so you can know a little more about me

. Your age? nine whole months
2. Your age when came to live with your people? two months

3. What color is the collar you’re wearing right now? ORANGE

4. Who is your favorite person other than the people you live with? my aunt KAWEN

5. How much do you weigh? 17 lbs...some hoomans say I'm hooge for a wire foxy girl

6. Most expensive thing you’ve ever chewed up? just my stuffies

7. Do you like other Dogs? I've never met one I don't love yet..I come to a scweeching halt the minute I see another doggie, even a block a way, and wefuse to move till I can kiss them and maybe wrestle

8. Who is your best non-human friend?my bestest fwiend in the world is my twin Asta, if you mean awound here, it's Roxy

9. Squeaky Toys or Tennis Balls?pwobably squeeky tennisballs heheheh, I love all toys

10. Do you like to be brushed? yes on my back, noooo on the inside of my legs, so-so on the west of me

11. Peanut Butter or Cheese? There's more kinds of cheese, so it has to be cheese pleez

12. Do your people cut your toenails?They did in the beginning, but since my run is made out of cement, it acts like a giant emewy boawd and there's nothing to cut, heheheh, good twick, no ?

13. Any formal education? I'm home schooled(I don't know twicks, but I'm twying to study fwench, spanish, hungawian, suwgewy, and the piano)

14. Couch potato or Energizer Bunny? The enewgiser bunny is nothing compawed to me, and then I flop

15. Five nicknames your people call you. pupcake, poodle, honey,flopsie,bunny

16. What is your best trick? I sit for about thfee seconds

17. Do you like kitties? do they play?

18. What did you have for breakfast? I always shawe my Mommi's baguette

19. Can you hunt (aka have you ever killed anything living)? are stuffies alive?

20. When & why was the last time you went to the V.E.T.? two weeks ago for a blood test so I could get my heawtwowm medcine

21. Where do you sleep at night? in between Mommi and Daddy on the bed of course

22. Do you like to swim? NO NO NO, unless I get lessons fwom one of you I'm scawed

23. Can you make puppies? I thought the stork brought them

24. Do you give kisses? just twy to stop me

25. Can you potty on command?only peepees, the poops just kinda come

26. To Cuz or not to Cuz? I love it equally with all my toys.I find,it has to be the wight toy for the wight moment don't you?

Thursday, June 21, 2007

As you may have noticed, I haven't been playing my piano lately, it was sooo out of tune it hurt my puppy ears,. Fwankly it sounded like cats singing
(no offence to my cat fwiends, but it's not a gweat sound
)....but to my delight, today Mr. Oscar, my piano tuner showed up..he's weally good. He comes riding up on a motorcycle with all his stuff, which I had to check to make sure it was the right stuff. We then settled down to the work at hand.....

I was a gweat help to him, after all I have pawfect pitch, he was vewy gwateful for my assistance
I got pwetty tired of waiting for Mr Oscar to finish tuning my piano, so I took the time to decide what to play when he was finished..I think something light, not classical...hmmmm
My Mommi suggested that I play Gershwin's "OH, LADY BE GOOD!"
.......but I pwefer, Cole Porter's "LET'S MISBEHAVE"..I'm suwe everydoggie would agwee with my choice..especially tewwiers
As you know Pawfect posture is vewy impowtant when you're playing the piano
I'm almost at the end of this piece, any other wequests?????
For the big finish, I had to stand up to get some weal power behind the last chord

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

asta and roxy2

Hi everydoggie, as you know, I twy to go to the doggie wun near my house every day, ususally in the morning, cause then Mommi can get stuff done without me bugging her to play all day. Pawsonally I don't see what's wrong with wanting to play all day, but Hoomans are hard to figure out.
Any way I go and if I'm lucky my best fwiend Roxy shows up...I don't know what kind of doggie she is, but she has lots of tewwier in her, cause she likes to play tewwier games. She's weally good at bitey face, wrestling, wolling awound the gwound, running like maniacs, playing pull-tug...well you get the picture..but in this video,it was at the end of an hour and a half of play and all I wanted to do was keep the ball in my mouth and not give it up..as you can see.....I am stubborn

asta pool 2

I'm afwaid, I'm not a swimmer...I've seen all my fwiends leaping into pools with joy, and all I want to do is get out...some mean hooman threw my toy in so I had no choice but to go get it, I look like a dwowned rat...

asta and Roxy playing pull-tug

When I got my toy out, Roxy and I were finally able to play pull-tug, but we were tired ,so it's a pwetty half-hearted game, sowwy

asta in the pool

Well the hoomans just won't believe that I don't want to be in the pool...so Bacci's Mom,(Bacci is the cute westie) again threw me in..notice how I twy to keep one of my feets in the air ...Mommi says I'm a wuss...I feel bad...maybe I can take lessons fwom all my swimming bloggie fwiends

Monday, June 18, 2007

Why I like our neighborhood

Yesteday,after taking my Daddy to the run, so he could buwst with pwide at having such a good daughter,and watch me play, we went to bwunch at a place just a few blocks fwom our apartment. We met at least 12 doggies on the way, of course I had to be polite and stop to play and woll awound the sidewalk with them. We finally got to the westauwant, where we got a lovely sidewalk table, they immediately bwought me a dwink, then they asked my 'rents what they wanted. There was a jazz band playing inside, and we could just softly hear it where we were. The people next to us started talking to Mommi(she talks to everyone, heheheh), they were major doggie lovers fwom Alabama, and of course gave me mushes and tummy rubs. The mister was in town to fight for people who had pwoblems fwom agent owange(way before your times, but my 'rents thought he was cool), then we wan into fwiends fwom the run, and at least five other people we knew..it was like holding court.(I'm suwe my fwiend Stan knows all about that, being a wuler of his own countwy)...we had a super yummy bwunch(I tasted everything :sausages,bacon, pancakes, toast,eggs, goat cheese,spimach,gween and wed peppers, it was a feast! ), but weally the bestest part is that you can't walk a block without wunning into at least four or five fwiends...that's why I love it here...only I wish I'd bump into all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!amoochie kisses ASTA

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Happy Daddy's Day

Thank you to the Daddy who taught me just how good smoochie kisses are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

...I want to tell everydoggie about my Daddy, but there's not enough words to descwibe just how wonderful he is....I'll twy anyway.
He's the bestest hooman I have ever known in my whole entire life!He's, sweet, and funny, and smart, and bwave...and has a heart that fills up all six ft five in. of him.
He takes such good care of me, when I first came to my furrever home, he took me out about a zillion times day or night, even in the biggest snow, just so I wouldn't have apsidentses and feel bad..he plays with me, he gives gweat tummy rubs, he buys me ice cweam, and loads of toys, he's still got the best place to take a nap(his tummy)....he takes me to play at the run,and for walks and adventures..He taught me to use the compooter, how to speak spanish,and how to like every food.....did I mention he's the BEST I look just like my Handsome Daddy(xept in a girly way).....we both have bootiful beards, gweat eyebwows,long legs ,and our hair is twicolor(his used to have a lot more red and black in it)He's the celebwety I look like! You can see the identicalness in the picture where I'm sitting in his lap.
So this is my vewy firstest Daddy Day..and boy am I lucky to have the bestest one I can imagine.

Hurrahhh!!!!!!!To the bestest Daddy in the universe....a billion smoochie kisses..and a vewy Happy Father's Day to all my bloggie friends' Daddys !!!! smoochy kisses ASTA