a tired dog is a good dog

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

pull-tug at the run

Roxy, Daisy(noah's pup, bwown and white),Wiley(the little white tewwier) and Asta all twy to hold on to the wope, while unkel Noah holds on tight, meanwhile Libby just barks and twies to keep us all in line, heheeheh


Luna "The Scruffy Yacht Dog" said...


I agree it is too hot. After 10AM it's too hot to play, I find a cool place to lay down. I can't even go out on my boat because it is broken. I'm going on a ferry boat this weekend to go visit my Yaya in Massachussets.


Oscar's mummy and daddy said...

Uncle Noah looks excellent fun!

Oscar x

Stanley said...

Asta, MY Asta!

I wish your video was longer. That was TOTALLY hilarious!! I wonder how long you all held on, with so many terriers involved and all!

Is Uncle Noah at the wun almost everyday? Tell him I wholeheartedly approve of his technique!

Goober love,