a tired dog is a good dog

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I looove Yoguwt

whenevew Mommi ow Daddi have some, I wait  fow them to give me the cawton so i can have the last bit (it looks silly but this is the most F icient way to eat it)

I put it on my nosey, and lick all awound and awound and shake my head to make suwe I get evewy last bit of it

my favowitest is peach, ow boobewwie ow vamilla

do any of you like yoguwt???
it's cool and cweamy and pawfect fow these hot days


Thank you evewyone fow youw good thoughts fow my sissie Momo

she is getting bettew slowly  so keep youw good thoughts coming fow hew

Hewe's a vewy good idea fow  what to do while you'we busy celebwating the fouwf of july wif youw families
play the

my bwilliant fwiend 
Fwankie Fuwtew  thought of this  and has the infowmation on how to play

I think it's a pawfect idea and so I hope all of you will  go visit him and play along
I bet evewyone has faboolous stowies of how they gots theiw nameses

smoochie cooling kisses

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wequests on a Hot Sunday

My  "sissie " Momo kittie in Ostwalia has had an accident
hew Gwamma stepped on hew tummie and spilled hot tea on hew she was wushed to the vettie  pleez keep hew in youw pwayews..she is a sweetie and i love hew vewy much
she is home westing now

 pleez go and entew my good fwiend El'Bow's Biwfday contest and wish him well
He's a wondewful hooge boy fwom Belgium and a good fwiend of  ouw welentlessly hooge fwiend Mango's too
El'Bow doesn't know vewy many of you yet so pleez go make him feel welcome!!!!!

it's anothew hot and hoomid day hewe in NewYawk, so I'm just staying in and sneeping
wif maximum ex paw soowe undew the ceiling fan

hope all of you awe staying cool too
smoochie kisses

Friday, June 25, 2010

It's s so hot that I don't even mind a baf

I know what you'we thinking, Asta , you look like a dwowned wat

and you'we wight, but  as much as I hate bafs, this time I didn't even mind

I love hanging out in the bafwoom
(Mommi says this wug looks just like Daddi and me in the mownings)
and I help Mommi showew and put on makeup and stuff, but I'm not a watew doggie oosually

the tempewatoowe has been in the high 90s wif hoomidity and Mommi takes sevewal showews a day,  so I decided to join hew this time..just to cool off you undewstand
(this does NOT mean that I like bafs fwom now on)

OK that's enuff Mommi I want to come out now

Don't look at me until I'm dwy pleez

OK, that's bettew

hope all of you awe staying cool
smoochie kisses

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

my most genewous BFF

My most thoughtful and genewous BFF Lacie heawd that Mommi has not been well

what wif hew toof falling out and then the dentist  digging awound in hew head fow the woot and stuffing in some bone and shew not being allowed to evew smoke again and not being able to talk ow eat anything but mooshy fat ning stuff

but hewe I go dee Gwessing again

the point is, Lacie figoowed  she could use some yummies so
she sent a hooge cawwot fow me to make a soop fow Mommi

the cawwot was not vewy willing to get into the soop pan

I made a video of me convincing it

I finally plopped it in wif the dead chicken and cown like Lacie suggested

and set it on the stove
Lacie wanted me to add some cat chop , but that sounded dweadful to me
so I just added peamut buttew and cheese  and livew..I love those things , so i figoowe Mommi will too
and a little watew 

I just know this will make hew lots bettew and as a Peace  duh Wesist Dance
Lacie also sent a bootiful layewed cake
(she pwetasted the fwosting and a shoowes me it's wondewful)

Pleez keep being patient wif my vewy slow  wesponse to all youw pawfect bloggies
Mommi is getting bettew(can talk wif a lisp, and even sowt of eat in public, hehehe..she's dee tewmined to be in good shape fow the DWB weunion in a few weeks)

smoochie kisses

Sunday, June 20, 2010


My Fowmoola fow a pawfect Fathew's day

Get Daddi up and shawe his toast wif him

get Daddi to take you fow a walkie and then to the wun ow the pawk

make him chasey chase you fow cawdio wowkout

go into the puppy pool
then come out and
splash wefweshing watew all ovew Daddi 
bettew yet sit on him while you'we wet and give him big smoochies to maximise the amount of wefweshingness you give him

shawe an ice cweam wif youw Daddi



smoochie kisses

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Cwazy Fans

so all of you know what a cwazy neighbowhood I live in and this satuwday was no exception

Nike set up a big pawty place on the stweet fow evewyone to be able to watch the Wowld Cup game between England and The USA

you had to get youw paw stamped as if you wewe going to a club, hehehe

and thewe was a DJ and Hooge scween TV and many smallew TVs

I finally got into the  pawty place

some gweat fwiends of ouws wewe wif us, they wewe visiting fwom Minny Soda
( the big hoomans used to live in the same building wif us and had two adowable westie doggies but moved in '91and we've missed them and meantime they had two hooman pups -also adowable-and now they have to new doggies, but I digwess again) we still miss them and it was gweat to have a visit!!!!!!

thewe wewe all these hoomans  getting flags painted on vawious pawts of theiw bodies

some wewe weally cwazy

but we wewe getting all inspiwed

Ella got a union jack painted on hew eye(hew Mommi is fwom England)..she looked weally pwetty

I think auntie Linda was tickled by the spway paint, hehehe

Me too me tooooo..I dwagged Mommi and Daddi ovew

the mistew had nevew painted a doggie fowehead, but said "shoowe, I'll be happy to "

meanwhile some hoomans played foosball
and ate some of the fwee foods

bangews, mash and mooshy peas fow England(oh and some baked beans ,but I don't have a pictoowe)

and buwgews and macawoniwifcheeeeese fow  A Mewwy Caw(as my dawling fwiend Ewic would say)

I of couwse tasted evewything aftew I was done

Tah Dah!!!!!!!

I got on Nike's website wif my mug, hehehehe
you should have seen all the attention I got..the camewas wewe clicking non stop.
"what's the big deal? haven't you evew seen a doggie who's a fan befowe?" sheeesh!

congwatulations to bof teams..it was sooo much fun to watch and woot.
they all played theiw heawts out and tied 1-1
(and wewe vewy good looking , fow hoomans , that is)

I wish you could have all been wif me, 


smoochie kisses

Friday, June 11, 2010

Agatha and Archie's Birthday and Asta'sDill Emma

Hi DeewFwiendses

Today was Agatha and Awchie's Biwfday and of couwse also the fiwst day of the Wowld Cup in Souf Afwica

bof vewy impawtant events, well, maybe the wowld cup is not quite as impawtant as the nudnicks' Biwf, but  it is something to celebwate

as I was walking in my neighbowhood , and saw that evewy little take out place and westauwant had TVs out wif hoomans watching the game between Souf Afwica and Mexico(YEAH Lowenza! YEAH king Toffee and Tammy giwl!)

it occoowed to me, that I could maybe combine the two events

Agatha and Awchie awe vewy athletic(well Aggie is and Awchie is a gweat coach) sooooo
I decided to invite them fow a fwiendly game of soccew befowe feasting on cake and pizza and cake and cheese and peamut buttew  tweats

Natoowally, as soon as we stawted playing, , my BFF Lacie showed up 

Lacie would have had gweat fowm, but she twipped me and kicked the ball into Aggie's middle (I'm not shoowe she appweciated that the celebwation was not about hew)..Awchie kept blowing his Vuhuzela and was sowt of oblivious to the west

It all tuwned out Ok in the end and a wondewful celebwation was had by all

now hewe is my Dill Emma

as you know, I'm a happy- go- lucky fwiendly giwl who loves evewyone

(hewe, come closew so I can give you a smoochie, SMACK!)

and I'm Amewican  wif a Hungawian Mommi(Hungawy  didn't qualify boo hoo) and a Daddi who is Dutch and Swiss and  of couwse I love England, and Fwance and Italy and Mexico and SOUF AFWICA,and Ostwalia!,NewZealand, Japan and my Gwammpa on Mommi's side was cwazy about a mistew named Pele fwom Bwazil and Mommi got to meet his daughter when she lived in ouw building and they wewe bof doing laundwy
(but I digwess)

the point is..I will be wooting fow evewyone..I know it's not the done thing, but thewe it is..I simply can't  woot against anyone

a billion countwies awe in the wowld cup and I have fwiends in a million of them
I want all of them to win, and be happy and I just can't choose who to woot fow..
You can see  MaxMom's blog fow all the pawticipating doggies and the countwies  they wepwesent
on hew spectacoolaw Wowld Cup  Celebwation on Living Life to the Max
make suwe you visit..you won't be disappointed by the sights  and celebwations.

So join me in wishing Agatha and Awchie a wondewful Biwfday!!!!!
and watch the games and have fun 

smoochie kisses

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A hoomungous Visit

So much has happened since I last wote..Sheeesh, I aways want to keep up, and post and visit evewyone, and then  weality in the fowm of Mommi intewfeewes.

She huwt hew eye and  couldn't  help me fow days. Aftew all sowts of stuff wif dogtows and stuff, she is  finally getting bettew, and I can stawt to show you some pictoowes , but I pwobably still won't get awound to all of you like I want to.
Pleez be patient wif me

So hewe is one thing I want to tell you about

MANGO MAMA came to visit me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can you imagine????????
I am so honowed that she made time to come meet me while she  did stuff wif Mango's Gwammie and Gwammpa hewe in NewYawk

she  took some pics of me and I showed hew my tongue(not because I was woode, just cause she had given me a tweat and I was licking my lips)

I watched hew go to the othew woom

and noticed that hew hat smelled awfully good

I twied it on..It's a little too boyish fow me I think

but just look at the absolutely cool  patch it has on it..wif that hoomongously cute Mango's face

I heawd MangoMama coming back and quickly took it off, pwetending to be asneep, hehehe

but I gave it a little smoochie kiss fow Mango and Pee Wee Dextew to get when she got home

I loved Mango Mama..and it wasn't because of all the lovely pwessies( a faboolous squiwwel and a gweat big bad Cuz and a lovely bag of Tweats) that she bwought me and that I can't show you cause Mommi fowgot to take the pictoowes, but because she is the sweetest and has a gweat smile and gives tewwific scwitchies and  lovies.

I hope all of you awe fine, I'll twy to come visit soon
smoochie kisses