a tired dog is a good dog

Monday, October 21, 2013


this weekend one of the bestest, bwavest kindest, funnest fwiend of mine 

had to cwoss the bwidge 

he was a dappew Pwince among tewwiews and a fwiend to all

I will miss his smile and sense of hoomow...his willingness fow adventoowe , his love of hambuwgews, but most of all his attitoode of nevew giving up and enjoying evewy second of his life

 Pip was so vewy loved by his little hooman sisse Madeline and his Mom and Dad, who adopted him and gave him the most loving home any doggie coold want. 

 When he found out that his littol heawt might not be able to be stwong enuff fow this eawf (I think it was just too big to be contained in his handsum littol body), he didn't give up, he fought hawd and bounced back and planned the most wondewful bucket toow.
 I was lucky enuff to have him cum visit me hewe in faw off Boo da Pest , and what fun we had
he toowed the city, sampled the local spas
and sampled the local foods 

and when I waved fawewll to him , Ihad a big lump in my fwoat and teaws in my eyes

 I now know that ouw meeting will have to wait until I join him at the bwidge. I know he'll wemembew me cause he is staying in my heawt. 
 Till then, wun fwee wif new bounce in youw little legs and youw stwong big heawt you have left a hooge hole in ouw lives hewe on eawf... 

smoochie kisses fuwwevew  

pleez evewyone go visit Pip's
bloggie and leave youw love to help heal his family's heawt


Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Leaves awe Falling

Hewo Evewypawdy, Fall is hewe and the leaves awe falling 
we don't get the stwiking colows of a NewEngland Fall, but it's pwetty anyway

I go fow walks on the soggy stweets and twy to weed all the peemail 

but , to tell yoo the twoof,  I've been vewy bowed while Mommi paints and Daddi teaches, so I thought of a pwoject all my own 

I bwought home sum leaves, then I designed a dwess and had it made....
what do you think???weady fow a Ball
I hope all of you awe having fun in the cwunchy leaves too 

 smoochie kisses


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

End of summer in Tihany

Hewo deew fwiends 

Fall is hewe, the leaves awe falling, 

but as I pwomised  befowe my Biwfday intewwupted, I wanted to show you this smileybox fwom the last of the summew

We wewe invited to Tihany (on the nowf showe of Lake Balaton) fow a weekend wif fwiends on one a nice sunny weekend two weeks ago

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as you coold see, I had a most wondewful time wunning awound this luvly gawden,
 going fow walkies and eating yummies fow two days
hope all of you awe having a gweat stawt of Fall too

 smoochie kisses