a tired dog is a good dog

Monday, August 31, 2009

Tips fwom an Expawt

Bwight and eawly, my kousin Koobuss came in hew bootiful wed convewtible to pick me up and take me to the Buwgh.
My BFF Lacie had owganized a faboolous all giwls day fow us.

Snickers,Sally,Agatha,Tosca,Asta Mawie wewe meeting us at Lacie's to go to a spa and meet wif the wondewful miss Fewgie(my sissie), who will give us hew help in achieving hew pawfect speckled looks. Aftewwawds, we will have a slumbew pawty and giggle the night away.

Koobuss and Asta in Koobie's car-photo by Koobuss

to make Fewgie feel bettew about hewself and hew tendency to dwoop hew pwetty tail, we all pwacticed putting ouw tails between ouw legs to show hew it's OK (Lacie helped coowdinate us)

tails down from left:Snickers,AstaMarie,Asta,Fergie,Sally,Agatha,Koobuss,Tosca, with Lacie coaching

It was a glowious day of massages, hewbal waps,facials, welaxation, talks wif giwlfwiends,soothing hewbal teas and booty tips

Agatha,Lacie,Fergie,Asta and Snickers on red towel

I was hoping to wemedy the last haiwcut I'd gotten whewe my, ummmm, beawdy was shown, but somehow the extensions that The haiwdwessew suggested wewe just not vewy wealistic.

(and BTW who invited that weiwd looking kid ????????????????????????????????????????)

Tanner in weird wig Asta , and Fergie putting on makeup

We discovewed to ouw dismay, that Lacie had invited Tanner to join us(she said she absolutely had to have a date.
It was sposed to be all giwls, but Lacie insisted that Tanner would be a great asset wif his makeup expawteeze)

It tuwns out he had nevew had expewience wif an aiwebwush, although he had convinced us he could give us pawfect speckles like Fewgie's

(make shoow to biggify this and see the mess)

Asta,Lacie,Fergie,Koobuss,Tanner ,Agatha

needless to say, ouw speckles didn't tuwn out anything like Fewgie's, even though she was thewe as a model
(note to self:nevew let the aiwbwush specialist join you in Lacie's special soofing smoofies)
Tannew passed out wif a silly gwin on his face aftew he had made a total shambles of ouw haiw and the whole woom
(I hope the spa has insoowance)

We all went
to take a mud baf and a showew to twy to wash off the disastewous wesults of Tannew's awtistic vision. When we finally came out, Lacie was nowhewe to be seen.

I think she must have fallen asneep while in that mud tub

Fewgie suggested soaking ouw paws in some wose watew..
Tosca liked it so much, she dove wight in

the giwls all looked soft and pink and wefweshed aftewawds

My dawling sissie Fewgie was a little twepidatious about coming fow this twip..all alone...wifout hew sweet bwuvvew Jake to be neaw hew and pwotect hew, but I assoowed hew that twoo giwlfwiends will be thewe fow you and that she would have a wondewful time

latew, at the sumbew pawty, I held Fewgie tight, just like I pwomised hew,
nothing would evew huwt hew again!

( I weceived an uwgent text fwom Fewgie's Moma who couldn't find Jake and was vewy wowwied..
she was wowwied fow nothing..I saw this pictoowe on Lacie's Phone wif a cwiptic message "mission accomplished"
I just knew that bwuvvews wewe behind this....
when Lacie sent the shawfuww(babyStan) to pick up Fewgie in hew puwple stwetch limo,
They snuck Jake into the woomy twunck
I'll just bet thewe is a pockew game somewhewe in this town)

go see Lacie and ask hew what's going on, cause i suwe don't know

smoochie tiwed kisses

Sunday, August 30, 2009

My Bwuvvew Duffy finally listened to me

I have BIG NEWS!

Aftew a whole yeaw (well almost ) of telling my baby bwuvvew Duffy how much fun it is to blog,
he could stand my nagging question, "when awe you going to have a one??????" no longew
He folded
He capitoolated
He made his Mom get him his vewy own blog
I know all of you have seen him hewe and admiwed his gowgeous wed locks and long lean
fis- EEK, so pleez go and welcome him and check out his Bloggie

Me, I'm getting weady fow a wondewful pawty wif a few of my giwlfwiends
We'll take pictoowes and show you toosday
I hope all of you had a glowious weekend!

smoochie kisses

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mommi should'nt go to see cewtain films

Don't let youw pawents go see films that make them eat and dwink too much, cause this might happen:

Last night Mommi and Daddi went to the movies, stopped on the way home fow a glass of wine, then went and bought some bwead and cheese and when they got home ate it all up

(of couwse this was aftew a big dinnew befowe they went)...........................

The next mowning
Mommi woke up and said she had the stwangest dweam

appeawantly, I was at a cooking school in Pawis and Tannew and Joey and I wewe chopping mounds of onions

then Mango twied to sell me some shellfish while Gussie, babyStan, Alfie , Jake and Just Harry loitewed on the stweet

I assembled all the food in my kitchen wif all the coppew pots(yeah shoowe, hehehehe)

and then whipped up a wondewful Buw Blank to go wif the fish I had cooked
I used evewy bowl in the whole place

finally, I invited some fwiends to sample my food on ouw wooftop (which was suwpwisingly twanspawted to an outew buwwuw...at least those guys have a good view of my city, hehehe)

fwiends visible awe Gussie,Eric,Toffee,babyStan,JakeRuby,Lacie,Petey,Wosie and my sissie Fewgie..I'm suwe thewe wewe lots of othews thewe but Mommi couldn't fit them into the pictoowe she was descwibing

Aftew dinnew, I wote all about it on my blog...........

well, when Mommi descwibed all this to me, I wanted to know how come aftew all that food I bought and made, I still feel stawved?
but aftew looking in the miwwow, I decided maybe she was wight, and all this did happen..
I seem to have gained a twememdous amount of weight ovew night.
I'm off to a spa wif some of my giwlfwiends on monday. I hope I'll be back to myself by then.

Meantime.........................BONE APPETIT!!!!!!!!

and smoochie kisses

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Myrna and Romy at the lake

I , Asta have one mowe thing to show you about ouw lake vacation. I got up one mowning and went to the deck

Look who was giving instwuctions to hew little baby giwl in pwopew tea ettie cat?

Womy was listening wif gweat concentwation to evewy wowd hew mommi said
they have such a sweet and close welationship. Mywna is a faboolous Mommi

Mywna set the table wif hew special pik-nik, wed, polka dotted dishes that she weceived as a wedding gift

they had a lovely bweakfast in the quiet of the mowning

Mywna kissed hew baby giwl and sent hew off to play

I snukked off quietly so that I wouldn't distuwb theiw tendew moment
wheeley smoochies

and smoochie kisses

Monday, August 24, 2009

Wally Melon Coowe

Evew since we came back fwom the lake,Mommi has been sowt of sick
We have plans, and do something, and the next day she's pwactically coma toes
She does not weact well to heat(that's sowt of an undew statement..she wilts and feels like she will have a stwoke ow something aftew going out fow a few minutses)

We've had boowing nights at home saved by one thing
cool ,wefweshing wally melon in bed while watching the box wif the flickewy pictoowes

Ummmmmm, Daddi awe you going to have all that?

I'm sowt of dwooling hewe, hehehehe

I pwomise to sit quietly ow lie down ow whatevew
(I'm twying to hip no ties the wally melon to come to me)


Niammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm as my deaw fwiend Faya says

heavenly Wally Melon

now I can go to sneep

BTW,It was my dawling 1/2 bwuvvew Duffy's Fiwst biwfday while I was away.
I'm so sowwy I wasn't thewe to celebwate wif him, but we've made up fow it since.
I got this bootiful lettew fwom him today.

MY dearEst sissy, ASTa, My mom FINALLY got the pichoos on the PUter so I can send you a FFicial THANk YOU for the wonderful birfday PrEZZies and send the Propriate photografs. I played a lot wif the squid aMINal. And I LOVE the brite yelLOW BAll. Mom doesn't know how to send the VIDEO wif the BAll, but it's real cute!!! LOVe to you, Sissy. THANK YOU. XXXXOOOO DuFfY
Isn't it sweet?
Isn't he a wondewful witew???
I guess spelling ability wuns in the family

This is a pictoowe he sent me wif his squid
He is lean and handsome wif the most bootiful wed haiw on his little head, and magical flipping eaws
He is shaped like my bwuvvew-son-gwandson-nephew SCWUFFY..well we all have the same fathew-gwandfwthew ow something so it figoowes

We awe twying to get awound to visiting all of you. Pleez be patient wif us.
Most of my time is spent weviving Mommi wif wet cloths

smoochie kisses

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The last Day of ouw Vacations

This is the last of my pictoowes fwom my fawowitest vacation.
I keep watching it to twy to wemembew how cool it was.
It's howwibly hot evew since we got home,but when I see me in the lake, I feel happy again


we all said ouw thank yous and goobyes to ouw fwiends at the big house befowe getting in the caw to leave
last minute talks

I'm kind of sad
Mommi gives me scwitchies to twy to cheew me up

thank you Mommi

Ok I guess I'm wesigned to going now

These awe my vewy favowitest photogwaphs in this smileybox..auntie Ginny took them and she has captoowed my innew mewmaid. Hew photogwaphs awe ex quisite! Thank you fow taking them!!!

Click to play this Smilebox scrapbook:
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and this was ouw last day thewe and then ouw wide going to visit my BFF Lacie,babyStan and my bwuvvew-nephew-son Scwuffy
That's whewe my pictoowes stawted a week ago, so now you've seen it all

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sweet dweams and smoochie kisses to all of you

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Toowing Ithaca and mowe swimmies

This was anofew pawfect day in Upstate NewYawk
aftew a mowning swim,we went to toow Ithaca and Cownell Oonivewsity whewe ouw host unkel Billy and aunts Elizabef and Ginny awe fwom owiginally.
Theiw Pawents taught at Cownell when they wewe young. We weally wanted to see theiw hometown

Just pwomise Mommi that I can come back and swim some mowe OK????????????????????

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We had a gweat toow, and saw tons of cool things..they have lots of gowges and watew falls and gawdens and flowews and plants, and umm, some snacks, hehehehehehe

We wewe so lucky,cause ouw new fwiend Lauwen who gave us the toow, just wetiwed fwom being a landscape awchitect fow Cownell and she showed us evewything and we didn't even have to get lost like we oosually do in a new place, hehehehe

we got pwetty hot walking awound Ithaca and stuff, I was vewy happy when we got back and went down to the dock..Hewe's Mommi twying to be all awtsy fawtsy

unkel Billy is full of good stowies and laughtew..
I love him
Dodgew was weady to take his floatie into the watew

Daddy just hung out, watched Mommi and me swimming and listened to unkel Billy

I had anothew spectacoolaw time!
Can you believe how bwave I was on that waft??I asked to go on it a whole bunch mowe times,but Mommi didn't film it all. She was busy just being thewe to make suwe I was OK and nevew unattended.
Don't wowwy. Even though the watew is vewy deep, and it looks like I was alone faw out, I was nevew in any dangew..I had about six "lifeguawds " standing by always weady to gwab me.

It was glowious!

smoochie kisses