a tired dog is a good dog

Friday, February 23, 2007

Have you ever smelled the outside after a good rainstorm.....WOW.........yesterday, after my nap I went for a stroll, and this great smell hit my licorice nose..it was like somebody turned up the smell volume, but only the fresh stuff (not the usual icky stuff I like to investigate), anyway I highly recommend running out right after it stops to rain and take a good loooooong sniff....everything is new again.

It has recently come to my attention that some people don't have dogs in their family, but something called CATS.....I have never ever seen one, but they must have some good qualities cause some of my favorite people seem to like them, and let them in their house.....I don't know why you would want a cat friend, since they don't come out to play or walk, and I heard they like to slap you for no good reason (with sharp claws) ...pretty scary huh?
I did hear they like to pounce, and I like to do that with my toys, so maybe we could get along, but I'm a little scared, even though I'm a brave little terrier.

On another subject: I'm pretty excited, tommorrow we're going on an outing...Mommy needs to get her paintings back from a place far away...so we're renting a car, and going on a trip.......I hope we get to eat a lot and see good stuff......maybe I'll even meet a cat?????????

Today if you go out, make sure you put big rocks in your pockets...I almost got blown to New Jersey...that would be awful.
see you later, I have to go for an important nap, love and kisses ASTA

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