a tired dog is a good dog

Monday, February 26, 2007

So as I told you a few days ago, we had to go pick up Mommy's paintings in Rhode Island.....she sold 4 more for a total of seven paintings....the best is that she sold this huuuuuge one that Daddy would have had to saw in half to bring home in the little rental car,whew!
I discovered that the best place to sit in a car for a long trip is up by the window....warm and cozy ....and a great place to wave to everyone from....
it's all slushy again outside ,so I can't go for very long walks without getting icky....I may be getting my first grownup haircut soon.....I'm torn, it's exciting to grow up, but I kind of like being a fluffy puppy......
gotta run and play, lots of smoochie kisses to everyone, ASTA

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