a tired dog is a good dog

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Hi to all my very special friends, I got a late start today....brrrrr...when it's this cold I prefer to stay in my bowhaus where it's warm and cozy...
I've been very busy chewing an icy cloth(if you have a toothache this is good to know: take a clean coth/make it sopping wet/ twist and tie/ pop into the freezer...when it's done, you can chew on it and it helps your toothy ache. (I'm still waiting for the rest of my second teeth-the tooth fairy gives pretty good trade for them). I was able to pay for a taxi to bring Daddy home one cold and stormy night from work...the bus was tooooo slow, and tooooo cold for waiting. Money seems to be a very good thing to have.
I hope my friend Renee and her sweeties are staying warm, kissesASTA

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